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Trump Wants to Transform Immigrant Communities Into a Permanent, Hyper-Exploited Underclass

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/06/trump-wants-transform-immigrant-communities-permanent-hyper-exploited-underclass

The idea that the American Dream is centralized around the opportunity for anyone to succeed is a threat to the upper crust, who live by the mantra “I’ve got mine, now give me yours.” They’ll take anything: financial security (to induce acquiescence to slave-like labor conditions), family security, potential for upward mobility, and, of course, dignity. It’s is not just directed at “illegal” immigrants but at anyone who can be exploited. The American Dream has been perverted into the American Virus. Parts of the world that have partial immunity to it resist as best they can, but it is quite persistent and brutal. The People of the world must destroy hyper-financialized capitalism before it destroys life on earth as we want to know it. While the war is mostly fought without what is traditionally thought of as violence against the People, we should consider that the forms of violence in Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World are genuine threats to a fulfilling independent life suited to one’s individual potential. Our fight needs to begin in Our Hearts and Minds, those treasures that are uniquely Ours, and should be off limits to Them (the upper crust knob twisters).

It is no coincidence that a profoundly distorted version of “Christianity”, based on the premises of the papal bulls of the 1400s, which had already been twisted by the Roman Emperor Constantine into an aggressive domination model of the life of Christ - has been intentionally and increasingly intensely pumped and bloated since Reagan. To fail to grasp the way that this has shaped the western premises of the MIC dating back to earliest colonization and the genocides is to perpetuate the instruments used in generating tragic societal train wrecks.

By claiming domination based on what one DOES NOT KNOW is a tragic undermining of reality. Read the Papal Bulls and let the premises really sink in. It isn’t very hard, they are chillingly familiar. This is one reason why they are NOT taught and why “ancient” history prior to the US Revolutionary War are dismissed as ‘irrelevant’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagine, the 1823 Monroe Doctrine of constant expansion - manifest destiny - and in the 20th century, the horrors are still not recognized, and are being demanded for implementation. That alone presents a diagnosis of stunning proportions. IT DEFINES the psyche of “American patriotism”. The scale of zombification is perhaps why the topic of ‘zombies’ was ‘marketed’ to force such a broad, extreme meme. Regular folks who have drunk the kool-aid ostensibly look nothing like the movie version, hence no need to acknowledge the distortions or the core instruments of manipulation dragged forward.

That John Bolton having invoked the Monroe Doctrine has fallen into some sort of null-space needs to be a wake-up call. It was a marketing test to see what percentage of the US public could recognize what is going on. Yes, that flag-pole exercise. A major score for the MIC - include Black Warter which now claims to be academi - yuppers, colonize those memes of mind development with weaponry.

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K-Sue Park sez:
“[T]he presence of these individuals may be tolerable or even desirable, as long as they remain compliant with the policy.”

… and remain within the kitchen and housekeeping staff at Chump’s various golf resorts.

It’s what a White Slave Master would do.

He must be sent back.

He doesn’t belong here in this time.

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How about busing to the Hampton’s instead Mr. lily white trumpenstein.
Maybe busing folks from Chicago’s south side to the Evanston area.
We have a segregation president? What’s next, necktie parties?

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Are you sure he doesn’t belong here PB? There sure are a lot like him to keep him company. Besides, they will spin this as something other than racism.

What makes this possible is the machinery and methods set in motion by Robert Rubin and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act brought to power by Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin in 2000. Not since slavery has colonization racism been so cleverly concealed using the ability to make law and print money. Biden - from the great state of Delaware - where corporations are paper to shuffle for profit… “nothing will change”. That racism is so powerful a lever for Trump to divide and conquer is megaphone call to study history!
For comparisons:


I recall reading a book written in the 1880s many years ago called “Isis Unveiled”. While the focus of the book was not the role of the Church in promoting the Dominator model the author spent a good deal of time discussing how Christianity was preverted by the Early Church leaders. It became not about “enlightenment” but about forcing a hierachry on the people via Religion .

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Evidence of raging TDS epidemic. Sad.

Capitalism NEEDS its owner class and when you have an owner class, you have the people that are owned.

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The claim is likely true enough. But immigrant communities are and have been a permanently or at least long-term hyperexploited underclass.