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Trump Warned: 'If You End DACA, We Will Make Your Life Impossible'


Trump Warned: 'If You End DACA, We Will Make Your Life Impossible'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Following reports that President Donald Trump would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as early as Friday, immigrant rights activists and supporters of the program reacted with immediate outrage and promises to oppose the president if he makes such a move.

The end of #DACA would rip apart families, instill fear in communities, make our nation less safe, and hurt our economy.


Yeah! This is how we “make America great again”, you "foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!”?
Has there ever been as malignant, hateful and ignorant a POS as the ginger pig in the WH?
I cannot take much more of his daily destruction of so much, that hurts so many, and neither can our republic…


Identify and boycott the sources of the money and their products. Economic warfare is the only language the elitist oppressors understand. We have the power to do this, but nothing will change if the focus remains on trump.


We, the people who love this country, and detest Trump and his
fascist, white, supremacist, agenda simply cannot allow him to carry out this most racist and egregious deportation of 800,000 Dreamers.

" If you end DACA, we will make your life impossible." Signed, the 5 million who marched onJanuary 21st."
We need to get 50 million people instead of 5 million to sign this ultimatum!


trump is despicable piece of scum

get rid of him

resist, remove

impeach, fire him and his republican cronies


While the Mango Mussolini isn’t smart enough to figure this out, his personal legal team probably is. Rewrite DACA a, to exclude the countries, where the fuehrer probably hires his labor from. Or if it is very diverse. Then expect a YUUUGE, turn over in labor at his properties. Either way, the Orange Anus probably benefits. Win/win for the Trumpster Fire.

I say no more thinly vetted work visas. If you expect me to buy American, you better be hiring American.


Right on. However, to make sound economic choices, We The People, need a lot more detailed information. The burning question for me is: Where is this information going to come from?


One source I have used is the Buycott app for the phone. Excellent once you choose your campaigns, e.g., anti-Palm oil or pro equal pay for women or companies related to Eric Prince or the Kocks (sic). There are lots of campaigns to choose from. Only disadvantage is it takes me one and a half times as long to shop…but my conscience rests better​:+1:t3::joy:

And divest investment funds from companies you know you don’t want to support (as you find out about them), e.g., Monsanto, Bayer, Lockheed, ETP, etc.


Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas may be an Attorney General, but he appears to be one enormous dumb-tard. Almost half of the Lone Star State is Latino.


If we want to overturn Elitism and Capitalism we have to unite and stand against
it non-violently and there are many ways to do that.
Walk away Organized patriarchal religion – based in male-supremacy.
Break the long train of violence connected to animal-eating.
Pull the plug on cable TV.
Understand that we are all LABOR and unite together in our own interests.
We do not require approval of our government nor an actual union nor fees to
work together.


“rip apart families, instill fear in communities, make our nation less safe, and hurt our economy.”

Seems to have been this administrations policy since day one.


You can Google, for example, Koch Industries consumer products and a list will be provided. Don’t buy Brawny paper towels made by Koch; choose a different brand instead.


The problem for DACA people as I understand it is that there is NO path to citizenship for them. Perhaps we should persuade Congress to pass a bill authorizing a legal way for them to acquire citizenship. If Congress refuses or if Trump vetoes the bill, then let all Hell Break Loose!


To Shandaken: You nailed it! We must run the corporate elitists out of business. it is the only way for the public to regain power.


Great information. Thank you.:v:️


He’s working on getting his Nazi certification. Abbott has his.


Good! I hope it helps!

We who think oligarchy or monarchy, much less fascism and Nazism, shouldn’t be what our country is gotta help each other…and stick together!!


:honeybee::honeybee:Please protect us :bug:…make sure you buy only plants & flowers :cherry_blossom::blossom: that are free from neonicotinoid pesticides…:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:…purty pleeezzzzzz!


Does anybody else here think it would be a good idea to start a “Go-Fund-Me” campaign to collect money to erect billboards all across the country that say:





And you can include Monsanto and Nestle too. I refuse to purchase products associated with these companies…like Brawny, Arrowhead Water, Round-up and other products made by Monsanto like Miracle-Gro. There are many products out there that are better, just look for them