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Trump Was Born on Third Base


Trump Was Born on Third Base

Chuck Collins

Donald Trump was born on third base, but claims he hit a triple.

Throughout history, we’ve had many “born on third base” presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney, George W. Bush and now Trump. These politicians trumpet their business acumen, but reveal little about their privileged head starts.

This twisted narrative is dangerously misleading.


The advantages of being white and affluent really start in the womb. Better nourishment for the mother and better medical care during pregnancy. A little later comes the best pre-schools. The the best private schools or best public schools, And the advantages of tutoring all the way through school. Then costly preparation courses for the SAT or ACT. The advantages of being able to gain admittance to the Ivy League or equivalent schools are overwhelming. We have an entire culture which assures these advantages. This is basically the upper middle class culture in America which largely is found in up-scale suburbs. The super rich are in a class by themselves. The best colleges and universities mean the best education or at perceived best education which may be more important in the job market and the best chance for good connections. All this doesn't mean people without these advantages cannot be very successful but it does tilt the playing field and we need to work toward leveling that playing field as much as possible.


Sounds like a good read. I'm intrigued by the observation on higher education, especially now that fraudulent online universities are collapsing, leaving their (typically poorer) students with massive debt, destroyed credit scores, and non-transferable credit. Contrast this with the GI bill which returned 7 dollars for each dollar spent on the program by allowing soldiers to get an education and get into higher paying jobs.


How rich is rich enough? The question never asked.

Why should the 99% pay taxes at all when some of the oligarchy's excess wealth could supply all our life needs?


Direct Democracy


Thank-you Chuck Collins. Education, education, education! While Nationalizing Health Care, and Nationalizing Pharmaceuticals are very important. Lets Nationalize University Education as well, and level that playing field; so, everyone can enjoy prosperity.


What Chuck Collins described has been known as privilege ... a special advantage, immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all. Though the advantages of privilege have nearly always existed, they are augmented under monopoly and oligopoly capitalism.

The widespread knowledgeable difference today, rather than a century ago, is the actual factual content and volume of information that is available to the masses via the Internet.

I find it extremely disheartening that a large portion of the electorate actually believes that a "person of privilege" has the ability to understand the struggles and desires of the working class.

How can a person of privilege truly represent the working class? Answer: He or she can't ... and won't!

“Just as you cannot see, at pleasure, with your ears and you cannot, at will, hear with your eyes so too you cannot make the state act in the interests of the working people."

Rudolph Rocker


Well just look at the other major rep and dem candidates for president. Either born rich or career politicians who didn't work a day in their lives.


Like Dubya, Trump was born with a silver foot in his mouth.


I'm beginning to doubt if Donald Trump actually wants to win this election. The whole thing has begun to smack of a 'fixed fight" or one of those WWF "wrestling" matches where one participant has been clearly assigned the role of the villain who fights dirty, revels as the crowd goes "boo," seems to be winning but then, at the last minute, the "hero" wrestler turns it around and pins the villain character and pulls off a last moment win to the cheers of the crowd. The cartoonish villainous loser stomps out of the ring making contemptuous gestures at the crowd and the winning opponent, promising to fix his wagon next time to build up anticipatory suspense to amp up the ratings for a rematch. As if the election is being produced by Vince McMahon.

That now seems to be the story that we're being sold to the people. I don't think this election is the least bit real. I don't know what would motivate The Donald to accept the role of candidate joke -- maybe his tax troubles are worse than we've been lead to believe and they've promised to have the IRS let him off the hook if he plays the political fool with enough brio to endure a Hillary win.


Indeed, how much of anything is enough?