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Trump Was Handed a Major Defeat on Tuesday—And There Will Be More

Trump Was Handed a Major Defeat on Tuesday—And There Will Be More

Mark Weisbrot

With the Democrats having won the House of Representatives, and forecast to gain 37 seats (there are currently 14 uncalled races), there is some confusion about what this means. And there is also some debate over what it might indicate for the future of Trump and his party.

But, but but, Trump declared the midterms to be an incredible victory for him!

Forget impeachment.
The Cabinet needs to invoke the 25th amendment because Trump is clearly delusional.


This Democratic Victory is definitely the beginning of the end of the Fascist Dictator who has been ruling our Country for the last 2 years.

I am finally proud of my fellow Americans again.

Of course the ole Confederate Bigots are still out there praying that their White Supremacist Leader will recover from this devastating loss at the Polls.

But I think the Majority of the population finally realizes that the Man we selected to Lead our Country is a Traitor to the American: Morality, Ethics and Ideals established by the Founders.


I would say that the prictator’s behavior since Tuesday offers more proof that even he realizes his false reign is coming to a justifiably ignominious end – couldn’t happen to a more deserving 2-year-old!

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Just to keep the question of unemployment numbers and the shell game being played to patch holes in OUR ship of state - good to know unless we start to hemorrhage:
Real Unemployment Rate With Calculations
Does the Government Lie About Unemployment?

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Theres always the glamour of military uniforms…

The American people are misinformed, under informed by the lamestreet/mainstreet media that is them that needs to be regulated again and the Sherman Anti Trust law enacted at the same time we get rid of citizens united dark money.

Unemployment and inflation has been under reported and not factually portrayed by legal means on how they each are calculated that keeps each of the figures low. I don’t remember what year the formula was changed but it does not represents the people. We all know for a fact that groceries, electricity, gas, medical et al have gone up considerably more than they report and that is never analyzed in our media.


I’m so glad that my newly elected Democratic congress person, critter, representative is an ex-CIA, military war woman. I look forward to a brilliant future with her voting for more, uh, defense expenditures.


" . . . a major defeat . . . "?!

So long as Pelosi and Schumer are the “leadership” of the “opposition party” Trump is safe.

“More progressive Democrats in the House must be prepared to fight like hell against the Pelosi-Schumer establishment, which will try to make them quiescent and go along with corporate priorities.”


The malignant, narcissistic, criminal living in the White House had better expect many more huge disappointments in what remains of his life.

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I’m astonished at the volume of “trump lost!” articles this week by people who simply know better. this is one of the most stable patterns of American politics. Historically, Trump did better than normal in containing his losses, by expanding his lead in the Senate.

This was an absolutely boring, predictable and typical election in every sense of the term. There was no “crisis”, no great “historical moment”. That was all propagandistic bullshit.

The only losers in the election are the people who lose every election: us.

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I don’t think this national nightmare is over just because the Democrats won the House despite extensive gerrymandering in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio but it does mean the Republicans will not have two more years of total control of the federal government and continue this lurch to fascism unimpeded. Actually, the success of the Democrats is more evident at the state level than the federal level with a lot of major gains in legislatures and in governor positions and that will translate into fairer redistricting in 2021. But even though the Democrats gained it is very concerning that the rural and metropolitan areas continue to grow apart politically. In rural areas most people seem to favor a patriarchal society and domination by whites. In the metropolitan areas most people favor equality and see diversity as a strength. Most people in the rural areas seem to have been drawn into a fictional world as portrayed by Fox News, Trump, etc where that facts are manufactured, In the metropolitan areas for most people truth matters and fact checking is important. Of further concern is hate crimes are on the rise and hate groups continue to have success recruiting on the internet. We don’t even know if Trump supporters will peacefully accept the result of Trump loss in 2020 if that happens or will Trump himself. It is normal for the party out of power in the White House to win seats in the House in the midterm election but in this case I think it was mostly a rejection of Trump and white supremacy and fascism and these are still far from normal times.

Brana knows of what I speak since he’s a sociologist. Thanks for posting Dore btw. The brother always puts up a good fight. ANd he pretty much nailed it.

“Blue Wave” is nothing but another marketing campaign of hot air.

Corporations win again.

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