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Trump Was No Fluke: George W. Bush Blazed the Trail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/25/trump-was-no-fluke-george-w-bush-blazed-trail


Mike Lofgren is a former congressional staff member who served on both the House and Senate budget committees.

Well, that would explain the partisan propaganda.

Yes, the idiot son GWB “blazed the trail” for Boss Tweet… as did Barack Obama, when he not only refused to prosecute GWB and company, but continued and expanded upon their ruinous policies.

Funny, how the author selectively omitted those eight years, eh?


I enjoy Mr. Lofgren’s writing and agree with almost everything that he says. His major point about W being the precursor to *45 is indisputable. However, I must point out that in his mentioning of the “bogus” theories about the collapse of the twin towers, he does not even mention the third tower to fall in New York that same day, World Trade Center 7. This building had small fires from debris from the other two towers striking it, and yet it collapsed at free-fall speed, fortunately after everyone had been evacuated from it. A University of Alaska - Fairbanks professor, J. Leroy Hulsey, has investigated and prepared a report demonstrating that the official explanation (fires) for the collapse of WTC 7 cannot explain its complete collapse, and 3,250 architects and engineers (at AE911Truth) have signed a petition calling for a new investigation.

Mr. Lofgren’s point about the conspiracy theories that flourished because of W is correct, but when serious evidence about these theories exists and is brushed aside, this leads to further erosion of trust from the public.


You beat to it.
A Trump presidency would have been impossible had Obama and the democrats put on their Javier hats and chased every last one of the Bush II criminals down and flogged them like mangy dogs.
But we instead looked forward. Forward to a Donald Trump.


No one in congress did more than Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry to enable the

bipartisan agenda which liberals like to pretend was all the fault of the corrupt Bush cabal.

It is no small coincidence that each of them went on to be the democrat’s choice for president

and that they continue to be prominent fixtures of corruption.

Also, Trump is the current representation of Bill Clinton’s, flim flam,

It depends upon what the meaning of the word “Is” is.

All of the presidents since the 1960’s have enabled the private corporate takeover and the

ever-expanding militarism.

The only one who has seriously tried to salvage his reputation is Carter and he was treated like an

embarrassment during the Clintonian reign of carpetbaggery.


I fully agree with you, I was about to make the same point myself. “Conspiracy theory” is a broad, denigrating term that covers both plausible and nonsense alternative explanations to official statements. Governents do lie. There was the phony Gulf of Tonkin incident used to justify the U.S. ramping up the Vietnam war. The daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassodor to the U.S. testified that Iraqi soldiers had taken infants out of incubators and left them to die, in order to steal the incubators. This lie was repeated by president G.H.W. Bush and others as a reason to back Kuwait in the Gulf war. Let’s use our intelligence; some “conspiracy” theories may be true, some are not.


"As Bartlett points out, Bush’s presidency was filled with the same hubris, incomprehension of rational policy, and disdain for any government employee who told the president other than what he wanted to hear. "

  • Lofgren

Funny - that’s exactly what I am reading in H.R. McMaster’s “Dereliction of Duty”.

So LBJ beats them all to it. Take out JFK - and lookee here !


Gulf War 2 was also an orchestrated conspiracy . That they lied to justify that war and that people were calling out those lies even as it was happening . By definition that orchestartion of war as a conspiracy.

This article , in its selective cherry picking out of history is so obviously partisan it entirely worthless. Joe Biden was one of the main proponents of that war On Iraq. The AUMF passed after 9/11 was overwhelmingly bipartisan. Joe Biden boasted he wrote most of the Patriot act after the Murrah Bombing. The DNC welcomed those that plotted the Iraq war to their convention.

The Deomcrats had an equal role in blazing the trail towards trump , this including all of that Russiagate nonsense , the stacking of the deck to have Hilary nominated in 2016 and the documented evidence that the DNC wanted Trump to win on the republican side.


They both were spoiled rich brats. See what you get from that lot.


Long overdue - I am researching the Vietnam War, before and since SP.

Just trying to understand. In doing so - I am hoping to understand the present.

“Dereliction of Duty” is quite the book. McMasters has another book out, up to the minute “Battlegrounds”, about now and the future prospects of empire.

It’s fine to say ‘this is the way it should be’, as long as one understands the way it actually is.

Most interesting thing I’ve learned from “Dereliction of Duty” - that it was the head of the CIA, John McCone, who resigned in frustration after advising Lyndon Johnson in writing and in voice that:

unless the president made a clear choice between a negotiated settlement and a decisive expansion of the war, the United States would incur an “ever-increasing commitment of U.S. personnel without materially improving the chance of victory.” (ca April, 1965)

  • p. 257. “Dereliction of Duty”, softcover edition.

I am as yet not sure what I am seeing here - but there is indeed something to see, if I can just persist in this investigation. And all of it will apply equally to the present.


Agreed, Mr Lofgren obviously has not looked thoroughly into the matter and the article in Scientific American trots out a ridiculous theorist to make more sound analysis look bad. In fact the “conspiracy theories” since that tragedy are almost entirely the work of highly trained technical people, forensic firemen, architects, engineers, and pilots. I was suspicious from the beginning when the identities of the hijackers were immediately announced; which in itself raised a whole host of questions about how much the government knew to begin with.

There is also a pilots for truth website made up of professional pilots, “We do not accept the 9/11 Commission Report – a Commission admittedly “set up to fail” according to the Chairman himself, nor “hypothesis” as a satisfactory explanation for the continued gross violation(s) of the United States Constitution being committed by Government agencies, and the sacrifice every American has made and continue to make – some more than others.”

One of the many obvious discrepancies pilots bring up is that the collision speeds cited were way beyond what the airframe of those planes could withstand at sea level without breaking up.

Then there is the question, why did NORAD stand down?


My pardon, and small matter, please forgive me. Do you mean Javert hats? I’m confused about who Javier is…

Lofgren was a Republican.

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Lofgren assigns blame to GWB for 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, ISIS, and Syria.

Bush certainly served as a great stooge, but stooge he was, for the USA “foreign policy establishment” which had long been dedicated to controlling access to oil, and has long held the synergistic commitment to the “interests” of our “strategic ally” Israel. Lofgren omits to mention PNAC and the Neocons, of which Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and numerous other Bush administration “strategists” were members.

Blame for the USA’s boondoggle wars in the “Middle East” cannot be placed at the feet of one incompetent boob who never should have been President.



There is also the fact that the Fire Chiefs of the precincts that attended the buildings on 9/11 signed joint statements indicating that they believe explosives used and their foremen reported those explosions. I suppose they too are somehow buying into tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

Here is the thing.

By definition the OFFICIAL version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory. Those that accept that version as fact are the ones who believe in “far fetched conspiracies” (As soon as I saw the report of a unamed passerby finding the partially burned passport of one of the hi-jackers in the rubble, i knew the whole thing a crock. FBI Agent Dan Coleman claimed the passport was passed to him by an unknown person who then ran away))


This will be a decidedly mixed review, rebuttals first, applause next.

Mr. Lofgren gravely weakens his essay by refusing to acknowledge the Democratic (sic) Party’s active collaboration in the events that “set our country on a downward spiral that continues to this day.”

But that spiral began not with Bush II but with the Democrats’ cowardly surrender to the coup of 22 November 1963.

Nor does Me. Lofgren acknowledge it was the Democrat and Christian theocrat Carter who endorsed the ChristoNazi war against femaleness by approving the Hyde Amendment in 1977.

He likewise omits the fact it was Carter – not Ronnie the Nazi – who began the war to exterminate “surplus” Working Families by maliciously initiating the Neoliberal policies that are now murdering the entire non-aristocratic population.

Bottom line, the Democrats are no less guilty than the Republicans in Neoliberalism’s definitive proofs of its ultimate Nazi identity – our Masters’ cunningly slow-motion campaign of genocidal extermination of “surplus” working families.

While it is true our Masters are not (yet) killing us in death camps, it is also true they are exterminating us, firstly, by gradual elimination of the social services upon which we depend for survival and, secondly, by weaponizing Covid19 into a 21st Century substitute for Zyklon B.

And the fact we are not responding to these campaigns of mass murderer with massive resistance is proof of the (fatal) extent to which the United States has not only become Moron Nation but also a nation of craven cowards.

(Never mind the Discus-prohibited links that would substantiate everything I just said; anybody with the proverbial lick-of-sense knows the obvious truth of these assertions.)

On the positive side, Mr. Lofgren’s implicit characterization of the 9/11 attacks as another Reichstag Fire – i.e., an atrocity allowed (if not actually perpetrated) by the Bush II regime – are also obviously true and long overdue.

I am particularly taken by his analogy between 9/11 and the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand in 1914. Just as the latter led to World War I – which with proper historical perspective should be regarded as Europe’s voluntary (hence deliberate) rejection of the Renaissance and reversion to what has since proven itself to be a high-tech Dark Age – so did the former begin the ecogenocidal apocalypse of anything resembling our preconceived notions of “modern” civilization.

These positive elements are excellent points I would have liked to have seen developed in much further detail, as some of the comment-thread contributors are (laudably) doing.

Were I Mr. Lofgren’s editor I would respond much as I have in the foregoing. Were I grading his essay, I would give him an F for his factual omissions and an A for his analysis of 9/11’s impact on subsequent history, hence an overall grade of C…


Trump is a clown and a truly terrible, incompetent President, but GW Bush is an actual monster and a fool. Interesting that they are both Republican!

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Thanks for adding this. Prof. Lance DeHaven-Smith makes essentially the same point about official theories also being conspiracy theories in his book “Conspiracy Theory in America.” He also labels those who try to explain away strong circumstantial evidence as believers in “coincidence theories.”

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@LindaChicago @BillinDubuque @SuspiraDeProfundis @Peder @eshu21

OK - just finished the 1997 book by H.R. McMaster “Dereliction of Duty” this morning, and so I am reporting back to all who showed an interest.

  1. Worth the read
  2. A soda-straw view of events, with deliberate and unwavering concentration on a short period of time, from just before JFK’s assassination thru late summer 1965 - primarily in Washington DC, and primarily through the archived correspondence of the principal civilian advisors to LBJ, and the Joints Chiefs of Staff, and the head(s) of the CIA.
  3. This seems appropriate to McMaster’s conclusion, i.e., that the Vietnam disaster was entirely found in these realms listed above.

However - I am not satisfied.

Here is a sound-bite sized overview of Vietnam which is well worth the short time required to view its seven brief insights:


I would like to give a brief summary - to clear my mind.

Vietnam was a colony of the French Empire prior to WW II. It might be worthwhile remembering that many empires and would be empires were the norm in the century prior to WW II.

During WW II - Japan invaded Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh led the resistance.

The French attempted a return after WW II -the Vietminh resistance defeated them in 1954, leading to the Treaty of Geneva which split the country in two - a communist North & a capitalist south.

Then came Eisenhower and the American Empire, which JFK inherited. The removal of the largely peasant villagers from their traditional fields and way of life and then the use of Agent Orange and Napalm did not enamor this population to their new advisors.

Nor did the apparently very corrupt capitalist South Vietnamese faux government.

In short - hearts and minds were decidedly on the side of communism long before America sent active combat troops in, as opposed to advisors.

The only resignation on the American side was the head of the CIA at the time, John McCone. Reading between the lines - I would think he was the one person most aware of the actual circumstances which I have outlined above.

All in all - business as usual - lying, deceit, avoidance of the Constitution by almost everyone, perhaps excepting Greene, commandant of the US Marine Corps, and even he compromised.

If Smedley Butler was correct in his critique - this goes back much farther than even Vietnam.

But you know what ?

No one ever touches on - not even slightly - why JFK was taken out, and later his brother.

Assassination - followed by complete and utter defeat twelve years later.

How different things might have turned out we will never know.