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Trump Was Right Before He Was Wrong: NATO Should Be Obsolete

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/02/trump-was-right-he-was-wrong-nato-should-be-obsolete


We’re all still waiting for the Peace Dividend that was to come to us after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Just some things I thought of while reading each point that Medea uses to show that NATO is a mess:

<Macron wants so much to be Napoleon:D
<There’s no way that I believe the propaganda about western allies fighting ISIS.
<The U.S. exceptionals/imperialists feeling threatened by China’s growing economy/influence is just corporate war propaganda. For the corporatists to continue their endless-profits absurdity they’ll want a billion consumers and propaganda sponges in the U.S. They’ve already started putting out the idea that population decrease is bad.
<The “Crimean invasion”, of course, is a complete lie. There was no invasion or annexation of Crimea. But to an imperialist, recognizing treaties and having a referendum is an invasion and annexation.
<Reading about the zionist propaganda directed at Corbyn in the UK makes me hope that he wins:)
<Good! I hope they do close that base in Scotland.
<Yep, Trump’s an asshole. And no, I don’t believe that the French and British are fighting ISIS in Syria.
<I’ve nothing here.
<There’s no way I believe that the U.S. regime gives a hoot about laws, treaties, agreements, etc., no matter what article is cited.


If we really wanted to see a more peaceful world, we would dissolve NATO and transfer much of the military might of the contributing countries – and others – to a democratically reorganized United Nations. The resulting, legitimately international military force would be deployable only when a super-majority of nations authorizes it. But that would be an ideal world. Instead, a Cold War relic has been deployed willy-nilly to bring destruction to nation after nation. Violating the promises of U.S. presidents engaged in diplomacy, serving one faction alone, NATO has destabilized the globe and brought humanity to the precipice of a third World War.


Here is an off the wall anti USA rant but I do not know the author. NATO = protecting the russian peoples from the german attacks. Brexit and EU also come into play with any NATO evaluation, discussion.


Ending the U.S. alliance with NATO ( the North Atlantic Terror Organization) is one of the very few things that I agree on politically with Trump.


Yes, you and Medea make a good point–as idiotic as he is, Trump does say a few things that are right and good. Terminating NATO and establishing peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with Russia are two of them.


The purpose of expanding NATO is only partly to bully Russia and the rest of the world. The immediate, practical benefit (for the military industrial complex) is that 2% of GDP is then expended on U.S. weapons systems, because our weapons systems are the ones with which they have to integrate. So – bonanza!!! So, no, they aren’t going to end NATO.


Another thing that I agree with Trump ( but not the SAME way he means it) is FAKE NEWS!


NATO when founded had two purposes; to "contain the USSR, and to ensure wars ultimately depending on the US would be fought on the far side of the Atlantic moat, reserving the US for strategic responses, MAD. It worked and it continues to work in spite of US abuses. Yes, I would recommend defending Estonia as I would recommend defending Finland and all the other Baltic peoples, Scandinavia, England, Germany etc, et.al. I would recommend defending Korea and Japan, the Pacific Rim lands and ASEAN for no other reason than we said we would and it serves the US well to honor its commitments.

NATO should have been disbanded the same time as the Warsaw pact of the communist countries was disbanded. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, NATO wasn’t supposed to expand with a deal made with the Clinton admin. He reneged on the deal almost immediately and now NATO is on Russia’s doorstep. Such is the validity of any US govt deal or treaty; worthless. This is a nation of imperialist psychopaths.


Trump will occasionally get something right.

Always being wrong requires perfect knowledge of what is right.

We can thank Bill Clinton for screwing that up for us. He was the one that first started pushing NATO into countries that border Russia. I don’t remember what Bush did, but Obama accelerated the process big time. Starting with his violent coup in Ukraine. Trump has made a deal with Poland and might be or is working on installing a missile defense system there. I’m surprised that Putin hasn’t reacted yet.


Thanks for the link, but I don’t think I agree with it:)

NATO is one of the masterpieces of American imperialism. Dont think for a nano second that it will cease to exist. It is a profitable way for the US MIC to arm their 'allies to the teeth even if their populace is against it. There are a few hundred American nuclear missiles positioned on German soil and resisters in the 70’s were forcefully removed from train tracks by authorities…

Perhaps the author is Russian.
An overboard anti american, anti israel attitude by an angry, upset person.
Looking back to April through August 1945, we sure made a lot of mistakes in Europe at the end of the actual fighting. But we did at least have a plan and people to carry out the refugee efforts of food, transportation, medical. But we should have actually helped rebuild Russia also. Stalin would have accepted and the cold war would not have occurred.

Today, in London, we are continuing the ‘in your face’ pentagon policy.

Perhaps, but I’m not sure that coddling Russia is the solution.

NATO: yes, begone! As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is all over the world now/ It became a horror when they went to Haiti, and NATO soldiers truly did shit on the waters and kill so many people. Haiti is NO WHERE near the North Atlantic. The world is small and getting smaller----we don’t need any group trying to take over the world—especially any group associated with America—and besides there is that raging CLIMATE CRISIS----- have they forgotten??? : (

Absolutely correct, Sharon.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.