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Trump Was Right To Hope He’d Lose


Trump Was Right To Hope He’d Lose

Eugene Robinson

Somebody tell me how we survive three more years of this oppressive, exhausting show.

President Trump at the White House on Thursday. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)


Trump taking credit for the safety of the airline industry world wide is telling us something.


One thing we can do is elect enough Democrats to gain control of the House and Senate. If people do not like what is going on they can vote for something different than Republican control. But even if we do survive the next three years we will still be faced with growing movement of right wing extremism that was mainly responsible for electing Trump. The white supremacists who want a white nation more like the US quite a few decades ago, the white militias who are armed and believe that the level of law enforcement is the country sheriff, the alt-right internet trolls who don’t care at all about human decency, equality, or justice and gang up to harass those who disagree with them. Many of these people can be violent and some advocate elimination of those they hate. Trump or no Trump this is what we will have to contend with.


I bet the Main Stream Media in this country wants to see trump in office for another 3 years. Why talk about things like health care for everyone or Climate Change when there is a new scandal everyday from our so called president. As one of the major channel news executives said during the primaries, “Trump may be bad for the country, but he’s great for our ratings”.


How exactly will electing more Democrats to the House and Senate bring an end to war and Empire and Corporate Rule? Currently it is a fight to get nominated any left-leaning Democrats who might remember and possibly fight for at least 3 of Roosevelt’s four freedoms (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear). Democratic President Bill Clinton was well placed after the Soviet Union broke up to make progress towards a Peace Dividend. We did not get this dividend. Tell us what progress Barak Obama made in dismantling the Military-Industrial State and ending war? Tell us how much progress he made in working towards the four freedoms and in getting a Peace Dividend for us citizens. (we are not customers).

Traditionally the Democrats have “talked left during the elections” and then afterwards governed mostly from the right. Sadly the Democrats do not seem to be able to even remember how to do the “talk left” anymore. I am not alone in wanting an end to war and an end to the Empire and an end to the oppressive Corporate Rule that ignores the will of the People and trashes our Earth. Your leaders panic even at the mere thought of talking that far “left”, never mind being serious about implementing the needed changes. From where I sit it seems that the progressives are being purged from almost all positions of influence in the Democratic Party. If I help elect more Democrats then in effect I will be supporting continued war, a continuation of the Empire, and a continuation of Corporate Rule. Please Sir, no more.


You’ve got it all wrong. Incompetence, imbecility – these are the best attributes we can hope for. We don’t want organized, disciplined, coherent, purposeful. That would only facilitate the entire right-wing agenda the Republicans want to pass. Pence is nothing is not organized, disciplined, coherent, purposeful – and very right wing. In this situation the child-king Trump is our best hope. For the moment.


I agree. The Reps and the Dems are so tainted with the money behind them and have been for decades now. Why can’t you come up with another party like we do here in Australia? Why don’t you have a greens party getting 5 to 10% of the vote like other countries. Small parties like these keep the main two fro going full corporate.


That he is a bloody narcissist.


The only exception I would point out is possibly his inciting tweets to North Korea. Like it or not words have consequences and Trump is flinging them like a mad archer shooting arrows everywhere from a tower.


Trump’s own words:

“Fire and Fury, like the world has never seen before.”

After Michael Wolff’s book and Mr. Muellers indictments, the top of Trump’s head will explode in Fire and Fury like the world has never seen before.



You are addressing a broken record in Lrx. Don’t expect a lot in return.


The point of electing Democrats is to try to limit Trump’s extreme right wing agenda which to me is aiming for an authoritarian state in white people have total dominance and could result in deporting or actually killing those who do not fit in. He is also destroying science in America and the results can only be bad for human health and who knows what else. Electing Democrats will not stop wars, although it could make a nuclear first strike by Trump less likely and eliminate the possibility of a war with Iran. Ending the corporate rule stuff will not come from electing Democrats, that will only come from a strong movement to get the corporate money out of politics. Enough people have to demand that politicians make that a high priority for that to happen. So if you don’t want to live in an authoritarian state, which is what the people who form Trump’s political base actually want to live in, I think the best thing do is vote for Democrats.


I just hope the guy who holds the nuclear football will be far away from Trump when he does.


trump was so obviously unqualified for anything other than reality tv. and yet the republicans elected him and are acting as if he is normal. how can so many people do something so stupid? is it enough to be racist to act as if trump is normal?


If the Democrats would chose to represent the people and make changes to reign in the power of the corporations, and commit themselves to reigning in the military industrial complex, and commit themselves to ending the incessant wars, and commit themselves to reigning in homeland security, and commit themselves to supporting and promoting the International Declaration of Human Rights, and commit themselves to a host of other issues that they well know that the people want and need, then do you honestly think that many Republicans would remain sitting in the House and Senate for long? The Democrats continue to refuse to represent us, they continue to push the neoLiberal agenda. The Democrats have the ability to reverse the slide to authoritarianism because if they represent the rights and needs of the people we will support them. Instead they tell us that we, the people must support them and swallow their neoLiberal agenda with its incessant wars and empire and the resulting loss of our rights and freedoms because, you see, the GOP is so much worse. It seems to me that in doing this the Democrats are in effect choosing authoritarianism because they offer us almost nothing. If that is what the Democrats are going to continue to do then it is time for them to get out of our way because there is no reason for us to elect them.


no it is not enough to be racist, you have to have a gigantic sense of entitlement, think you are better than everyone else, be greedy in the extreme, and not give a shit about the law of the land, and i would guess zero empathy for those less fortunate, and be able to lie with a smile.


Yes, I know. Lrx is intelligent enough but of late his comments have been somewhat tired and sloppy. I would like to see him use more defensible arguments and rely less on “rope a dope”. Sometimes responding is too tempting.


Cheers to you! When I visited Australia in 2013, I was highly impressed with how well their government seemed to be there for the purpose of helping its citizens, not so much waging a class war on them as is being done here in the US for 40+ years! And that was back when you Aussie’s had that Ass Hat of a PM! Oh how I wish our folks had more of the down under mentality!

I’m a Green, but believe the party here is less than 2% of the voting public. Inexplicable why people keep playing the rigged 2 party game!


The current greek tragic comedy of an administration reminds me of The Producers a film in which the production had to fail to realize a profit for the creators. In both cases the reality of a hit was disastrous.


that’s the way i see it. this line from robinson’s piece tells me he’s against trump but relishes the rewards of empire.

“But that is not an acceptable risk for the world’s greatest economic and military power to run.”