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Trump Was Wrong About China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/29/trump-was-wrong-about-china

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What is good for China is good for the US. What is good for Russia is good for the US. What is good for Bangladesh is good for the US. What is good for Jeff Bezos, not so much.


“The US must alter course” will be of no value unless the executive and legislative branches heed Representative Bill Pascrell’s (D-NJ) call to prosecute Trump AND his appointees and other enablers post haste.

Launch Nuremberg style trials on January 21 or watch the GOP continue its half century spree of getting away with ever more egregious crimes with each passing year as it gains more power than ever, as the Democratic Party falls into the dust bin of history.


First, let’s stop this false reference of an “historic” six million vote win by Biden. Biden was running against the single worst president in US history, one that had led the nation into a new social dark age, all the while helping to usher in a pandemic that has not only killed 270,000 people, but also crashed the economy. He was impeached. He opened concentration camps for children. He demonstratively lied to the American people 25,000 times. Yet, he only lost an election that featured record turnout, by 6 million votes, or 4%.
It’s not republicans that need to go back to the drawing board, it’s democrats. They need to figure out why Trump, a man running on the worst record ever, and his party who backed him, didn’t go down to an historically ignominious defeat.
And now for China. Trump was right, just in the wrong way. China didn’t become the economic powerhouse they are by stealing American corporate secrets. They became the largest economy in the world by making America dependent on the cheap consumer goods they produce that make America’s flawed capitalist system possible.
If China closed tomorrow Americans would starve by the tens of millions. What’s left of the American middle class lifestyle is made possible by running up debt, and the Chinese.


I fear a repeat of 2009 is on the horizon.
The people that voted for Biden need to make it abundantly clear that if there is no Justice, there will be no peace.
But who am I kidding? We are in for four more years of malaise. Followed by an election that will see a fully disappointed and disillusioned democratic electorate being tossed on the dustbin of history.
If Biden doesn’t punish the criminals in the Trump administration and his enablers in the Republican Party, there won’t be a Democratic Party in 2025.

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I really do not see the US posture against China changing a lot under Biden. They will likely end the racist rhetoric but keep in mind it was President Obama who deemed China the gravest threat to US interests and it was Obama that initiated the “Pivot to Asia” where US Military assets were shifted to the far east.

Biden has already appointed two people to his national security team who have long suggested the US needs to get tougher against China this including Ms Flornouy who indicated the US Military has to upgrade resources in that area so that they can sink the entire Chinese fleet in 3 days.

Duerte of the Philippines has recently indicated he would move from the US as his most important ally to China and would negotiate with China the various territorial claims the two nations have. This is not going to sit well with US Militarists.

Where China was once the largest holder of US treasury bonds , they have since been displaced by Japan and Japan is making noise about boosting their Military so as to deal with China.


Some other differences between then and now. China is becoming more prosperous. The US and Europe are weakened by the virus, which I expect will not be over at the end of 2021.

The major fear from the West is that China’s Belt and Road project will bring peace and prosperity across Asia. What a scary concept for the warmongering West to fathom!!!

Duterte, S. Korea, and Japan will continue to try to cozy up to both the US and China as they always do, by my estimation. East of China are a slew of boundary disputes that all of the area countries are embroiled in.


Unless you’re being sarcastic, I can’t agree. China really is exploiting us, thanks to Capitalism’s and the political class’s indifference to our wellbeing. As Col. Wilkerson said in an interview with Paul Jay at ~TheAnalysis.news (paraphrased): goods manufactured in the US used to last 20 years; the crap made in China might last 20 months—if we’re lucky.

Labor should not be cheap because it typically means people are being oppressed and used. American industry is always on the lookout for that kind of labor so as to reap huge profits. They see it as labor productivity, more goods less cost. The problem average Americans don’t seem to fathom is that cheap labor from abroad in order to get stuff cheap means no decent jobs for them. The big difference between China and the U.S. over recent years is the progress, or lack of, both countries have made. China is moving forward in leaps and bounds while the U.S has developed a “rust belt”. This has made both political parties to find fault with China rather than highlight America’s deficiency and attempt to recover.

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In 2016 Trump’s strategy was to invoke a combo package of resentment politics; both economic and racially-tinged, catered specifically to a white suburban and ex-urban constituency. It worked largely because of the sad peculiarities of The Electoral College. He still lost by 2.8 million votes despite all the organized state voter suppression.
" Demographics are destiny "; an were, even then.
Four years later, in 2020, Trump’s strategy was to increase racial and economic tensions; he also was determined/encouraged meanwhile, to not being able to get out of his own/old ways and just shut up for 2-3 months. His foot was consistently in his mouth on the pandemic and, he couldn’t overcome his party’s failure to get a second recovery package through Congress. ( McConnell wanted judges more than jobs. ) Trump is eventually going to lose by about 6.5 million votes, maybe more. He’s reached his ceiling as far as being a vote-getter, as well. He’s used goods and of declining usefulness to TPTB.
Oh well, Trump & Co. was way off the mark ( as are the Biden Bunch ) in his political tendencies regarding future U.S.- China relations. He was, as you point out, a horrible person and bad POTUS.
Enough was eventually: Enough!!!

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Working backwards from your last sentence.
America would not starve, they would wake up to the situation and fix it enough to survive.
China didn’t make America dependent on their cheap labor, corporate America sought it out.
Why did Americans support trump so much? Because Fox, Rush and others have brainwashed a large swath of America into to hate “the other” with race, left leaning politicians, and and fear.

I agree though that Biden did not win a great victory considering the opposition.
No mandate except for a narrow victory.

Trump makes Nixon seem honest, makes G. Bush look smart, and has bullied the rest by being the worst liar in history. Would Donny tell us if he chopped down the cherry tree?


One of the first things Biden should do if we get to 50 senators is to squash the voter suppression game however possible. Punishing voters ability to safely and effectively vote has to be remedied.
Sorry about being off topic.


Donny would tell us if he chopped down the cherry tree and gloat over it and his base would swoon over the idea, maybe make it a meme.


Now citizen trump, is the last person at the party, is drunk, and has to be taken home by people concerned for everyone’s safety.

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In a nutshell!

My post said “What is good for China is good for the US.” It does not assume in any way, shape, or form that existing political structures need to be included in the calculus. I think about the People.


Trump’s “live exercise” against the Chinese economy in Wuhan in mid to late 2019 is what he was wrong about.

The entire planet is paying for it.

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It may be that a lot of people are wrong about China.

Chang’e 5 is at present in lunar orbit (Nov 29), having circularized it with a second burn. In approximately three days time, an attempt to land their sample collection probe in the Mons Rumker area of the huge volcanic plain Oceanus Procellarum (“Ocean of Storms”) should take place, fates willing. With a bit of luck, the ascender will return to dock with the orbiter in a couple of weeks, before the onset of lunar night at the landing site.

Another lander, Chang’e 4 has been on the far side of the Moon for almost a year now, and its rover, Yutu 2, is alive and well by all accounts. Chang’e 4 and Yutu keep in touch with Earth due to another first - there is another satellite in a Halo Orbit around L2, a Largange gravity point, which is always in view of the Earth and the lander and rover.

I am impressed -

Here is a solid hope for the future - the exploration of our near space environment, both robotic and soon - with humans onboard - once more.

Let’s not screw things up like we did last time - Let’s continue. It would be nice if the various space agencies would use compatible docking ports and such - this is a hazardous place, this New Frontier.

In particular: Intelligent, science-based, 21st century public-health standards (as provided by governments such as China to the Chinese, who enjoy nearly total freedom from pandemic restrictions today as a result) benefit the whole world. No service a government might provide could outrank protection from pandemics. China is manifestly superior to USA on that most crucial score. When the virus started there, China had enough experience with previous mistakes to get most things right: Enough to substantially spare the world infectious horrors USA continuously exports today.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/21/2020      24,583      24,583
>  18.  05/23/2020   1,597,531   1,622,114
>  27.  07/25/2020   2,541,778   4,163,892
>  36.  09/26/2020   2,895,195   7,059,087
>  45.  11/28/2020   6,083,910  13,142,997

Well past doubling in the NEW column, we approach doubling of TOTAL cases in only 9 weeks. This is an explosion. US Americans crowding airports are playing with incendiary contagion – with fire. It’s bizarre to me that so much commentary feels oblivious to firm doubts our country can ever recover from Covid. USA is on the fast-track to where handbaskets go, not China.


The clear indication based on Biden’s history and that of his nominees is that an anti-China policy is likely. This would be a disastrous course of action when the overwhelming problem facing our species is climate change, of which the pandemic is one symptom. International cooperation and sharing of information is key to our survival. Had US scientists been working closely with China from the very onset of COVID there is little doubt that the impact of the virus would have been far less.

China is a rising industrial power with something like four times US population. Naturally, their influence will grow and our mania to control the eastern Pacific just as we did in 1945 is not only futile but will interfere with, and may destroy, the chance to collaborate on reducing the impact of climate change. If a suicidal anti-China policy does appear in the new administration, it must be actively opposed by all rational people.

The defeat of Trump has bought mankind a little time and that must be not squandered thinking that Biden of his own free will is going to reverse the disastrous US policies and practices that gave us the madman Trump.