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Trump 'Wave of Destruction' Continues With Decision to Disband Climate Panel


Trump 'Wave of Destruction' Continues With Decision to Disband Climate Panel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Even as reports from federal agencies demonstrate that the global climate scenario is becoming increasingly alarming, President Donald Trump has decided to continue the "wave of destruction" his administration is inflicting on the environment—and on the agencies tasked with studying climate change—by disbanding the federal advisory panel for the National Climate Assessment, which was tasked with h


When Mar-A-Lago is overwhelmed and covered by the sea, I only hope Trump et al are staying there with no way out… (A fantasy, of course) Maybe it’s time for all of us on the left to overwhelm our Republican lawmakers with demands that they impeach Trump or else suffer badly in the 2018 elections.


It seems pretty clear that the Trump administration has no regard for human health or maybe even human life. The goal seems to be to wreck the government and not worry about the consequences. It is really a populous movement on the right. People have had it with the government and are in a destructive mood. This fits in with the neo-Nazi agenda. This seems to be something going on mainly in rural America. In metropolitan areas it is hard to perceive any of this that is going on. Mainly people want the government to do more.

Certainly disbanding the climate council is particularly bad news for the world’s hottest city where morning temperatures can surpass 110F.


Did you mean to refer to the right or left? I suppose both sides could be called “populist”.


I meant the right. I think there are populous movements on both sides. The one on the left wants more socialism and the one on the right wants an authoritarian government for a white nationalist state.


" Wave of destruction."

More like the eve of destruction! Trump needs to be frog marched out of our house and committed to an insane asylum before his mental instability destroys us all!


We do live in interesting times !

Here is another type of American - Kate Marvel:


“A clear and present danger,” except to the majority of Republican politicians.
What a surprise.


Wonder who/what has the authority to march Don outta there.


Good question!

The only answer I can come up with, is a coup by the Pentagon, Generals.


That already happened, as Bannon’s ouster shows. As long as Trump is sufficiently pro-war he’ll be able to reside in the WH.
As far as the Climate Panel- as it states in the article, it was approved in 1990 and has only issued 3 reports. So, under 8 years of Bill Clinton, 8 years of George Bush, and 8 years of Barack Obama, it hasn’t really done very much and probably won’t be missed. At least not be anyone serious about making a serious transition to renewable energy. How many people reading this even heard of it’s existence before?


We, the People of the United States of America have the power and the authority.

We just haven’t organized and done it.


The Generals could provide an assist to us, We the People of the United States of America.


That is quite likely, probably the only way.


P.S. Climate, shmimate. Republican politicians (and quite a few Dems) seem to have their own supply of survival staples well in hand.


These Right Wing nut jobs WANT to destroy the planet and all life so that they can bring around the End Times and second coming of the Messiah. News flash! We’re already living in the End Times due to the destruction we’re doing to the planet on a daily basis. And when the End arrives, no Messiah will be here to save us. All of those so-called Evangelical Christians will then FINALLY be raptured as they wished…but not to Heaven but rather right in to the dustbin of Human Extinction…and sadly along with most other life on Earth.


An excellent article! Thank you for posting it.


Sounds good, but look at what usually happens when the military takes over the government. Look at Egypt, for example.
*If the military were actually subservient to We the People as we see in the Constitution, it would work well, but the military is closely tied in with the MICC and Wall Street. That does not comfort me at all.


Someday, the trillionaires will be sitting in front of their vaults, emaciated and gasping for breath as they finally realize you cannot eat, drink, or breathe money.


Well said! Death to them!