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Trump: "We’re Going to Have to See What Happens"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/25/trump-were-going-have-see-what-happens

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“The future remains unwritten.” It may never be if the media doesn’t see that the 1st Amendment allows them to speak up or be silent at their peril. Don’t they see that they may be the country’s last line of defense?


That’s not what our Constitution demands, you lawless imbecile.

Once again The pussy Dems are on the defensive , waiting and hoping they don’t have to get into a REAL street fight with Bully Boy Don.
He’s telling us point blank what he is going to do and the Dems sit around hoping it’s not true .
Trump WILL contest the election , if and when he finds himself behind in the tally . At that point it will be too late and all Hell will break loose


Trump: “We re going to see what happens” after I consult with Barr to see what is the best way for me to cheat in the next election"!


I enjoyed this article about Beethoven.
I hope you do too.

Back in the 70’s, when Donny Trump was cheating and grifting in the NYC real estate world, a frustrated city official said, “If Donald Trump is ever elected President, he will be the last president. He represents the worst characteristics of our country.”
Lo and behold, We The People elected a true gonif, someone who played a billionaire on a reality TV show. We get the government we deserve. No one, in over 200 years, has challenged why we have an Electoral College. Only one person has been hung for treason, and we weren’t even a country then.
But we’ve had every nut job religion, every side-show Barnum, every snake oil salesman and Wild West Show celebrity to believe in and entertain us. Why should be surprised that our last President is a gonif right up there with P T Barnum.
All the Oligarchs have to do is make sure We The People are amply supplied with all kinds of entertainment and celebrity worship on all the platforms while they finish strip-mining the planet, leaving a blasted wasteland.
In other countries, such a statement would have brought people pouring out into the streets in protest, pitchforks in hand. Belarus and Hong Kong come to mind. Let’s hope C-19 pays 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a visit before November 3rd…


funny(not) this is a variation of the line Obama used when he essentially gave permission to the militarily armed corporate thugs to attack the 1st Nations Peoples at DAPL in support of his climate collapsing energy policy of fracking and pipelines that was being threatened --proposing we “let it play out” as unarmed women and children were gassed and beat repeatedly by what can only be described as a mercenary army in the employ of corporations-----the ones with the business plan that ends with the 6th Great Extinction

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I recall the Supreme Court deciding an election just 20 years ago.
And on election night, it will be Joe Biden yelling “it ain’t over” – yeah, contesting the early results.
As he should.

So why is Trump doing something shady by declaring his intentions?
When politicians and pundits express doubt in the legitimacy of our elections, they have a point.

You need to get it out now! What he is saying is effectively criminal, no?
You cannot trust this Hitler, he is the most loathsome ‘lifeform’ I can imagine or conceive (just imagine if this was a novel!); I cannot begin to say where it begins, every day you read about some ecocide atrocity then another manoeuvre to suppress Democrat Votes.
You cannot put up with this. If Obama had done this, he would have been ousted!
Get the army to remove it now, so he can face his many crimes and go to jail!
The one hope, not much, is that the Queen of England (where I live) would not support Dictatorship and he is supposed to revere her more than ever (but how real is such reverence when he is a narcissist -who have no real emotions that are not completely egotistical)
We know he has lost already, for not enough folk like him. So get rid of it!

TYT reporting the NYT has Trump taxes -----Trump is broke------one of his deductions was $70.000 in hair cuts??? Trump is getting payments from foreign countries as a sitting President??? 13 million from Turkey-----8 million from the Philipines ???