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Trump Whines the Kurds Didn't Help Us In Normandy and We Are Doomed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/09/trump-whines-kurds-didnt-help-us-normandy-and-we-are-doomed

I learned last night on msnbc that t___p has a ton of money tied into Turkey, he did this for recep. He turned his back on a friend so someone could bomb the shit outta one of our friends. This is known as a being Traitor. This POS is a clear and present danger to the world at large, when will we wake up and lock him up? He is sick, mean, cruel and violently ugly. He does not deserve to be free to walk the halls of the White House or any street in America.


Can we at least acknowledge that the Kurds are guilty of ignoring the long and sordid history of being brutally betrayed by the US? That everyone (except them, apparently) saw this coming?

And just how long are 10,000 ISIS prisoners, most of them family members of fighters, going to rot in “prison?”

And in how many more conflicts will both sides be fighting with arms from Uncle Sam?


I would caution you to remember that MSDNC spent two years revealing one Russiagate “bombshell” after another, only to see Rachel Maddow openly weeping on screen when every bombshell turned out to be a nothing burger.

So I’ll ask this. If a Democratic Secretary of State negotiated a relocation of all Kurdish fighting forces to 30 kilometers from the Turkish border so that the Turks could send a couple million Syrian refugees back to Syria, would you have supported it?


Rachel Maddow suggested that Trump called the Ukraine to find dirt on the Bidens after being ordered to by Russia. Next up no doubt the Russians ordered Trump to abandon the Kurds.

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There was a meeting 3 days prior with Putin, Recep and I don’t recall the other one with a turban on his head, sorry but yes, shit runs down hill. I’m sure orders came from on high.

There are of course other outlets reporting the same story.

for a more in depth look…


Tipping points.
The walls are closing in.
Breaking news.
The beginning of the end.



Rachel’s got to keep her ratings up.

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I watch CNN and FoxNews here and there to help keep me honest.

One key takeaway: There is always breaking news.

And if the d-party needs someone to distract from their pronounced lack of actual policies…to promote centrism for the sheer corporate sake of it…to provide every reason for why Hillary lost except the truth…Ladies and Gentle, put your hands together for Rachel!

Hi SkepticTank__—wow this “turning point” seems to go in continuous circles, and “the walls are closing in,” except there appears to be a magic escape hatch----and he’s ,“finished,” except he still repeats the same awful stuff and he’s still here!

This has been going n since 2017, so a person does kind of wonder about all those news people repeating the same stuff. Although he does seem to lack any brain power, and only casts aspersions on everyone and everything---------- someone said it’s Ground Hog Day everyday with Trump and he gets to start everything all over again. It does seem that way----like maybe we’re living in a Satre play ,"No Exit, " and we’re all dead and don’t know yet it! : 0

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Thanks for taking one for the team, Skep. You’ve got a stronger stomach than I.


Ya know, maybe folks might consider that putting American soldiers into Syria in the first place was a mistake???

I think he has a point. Where were the Kurds at Gettysburg, hmm? Further research shows they weren’t at the Battles of Lexington and Concord or any other of the Revolutionary War battles. Some allies, these Kurds!

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Great, apt line!

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The US were " neutral " for the first 3 years of WW II selling to the Allies, Nazis and Japan. It was only after Japan attacked Hawaii did the US declared war on Japan and a the next week against Germany.
When Europe and the US divided up the Middle East after WW I, setting boundaries for their colonies, the Kurdish people were deliberately not declared a colony but divided up and put into 3 other countries. To this day the Western powers still refuse to declare the Kurds a separate country and allow the genocide against them by Turkey.