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Trump White House Smacks Down Tillerson's Call for Direct Talks With North Korea

Trump White House Smacks Down Tillerson's Call for Direct Talks With North Korea

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Tillerson's suggestion of diplomacy reportedly "alarmed" White House officials, who worried his conciliatory comments would "sow confusion" when compared with the president's more hostile remarks

Rex Tillerson
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The key to turning the above quote into a true statement of fact, is to simply replace all 4 mentions of North Korea to “the United States”.

Note to Donny: Rex is trying to do his job, as a sane person would. You should try it sometime! You are the one “sowing confusion” with your insane tweeting!


Well, as Tillerson said earlier, Trump is a moron. Trump cannot STAND for someone in his cabinet to contradict him with better directions for the administration than Trump has set out. Trump is a jackass as well as a moron.


Trump wants to be a war president. Therefore he is trying to push North Korea into war, which will cost American billions of dollars. Trump is the one that needs a smack down. America currently has a $20 trillion national debt, and most of that has been caused by our fixation on wars on the other side of the planet. Why war? The military industrial complex corporations make huge profits from these wars and preceding each war congress is inundated with a mob of corporate lobbyists with bribe money for legislators to vote for war.


I awake this morning to news, from other sources, that the US is apparently intending to implement a naval blockade of N. Korea. Such a move could prove catastrophic and even lead to nuclear war. This insane bellicosity of the US must cease! Everyone with half a brain knows that N. Korea is developing nuclear weapons for one reason and one reason only: to deter the US invading it. If the US would simply stop invading sovereign nations in violation of international law, nations like N. Korea and Iran would not be developing nuclear weapons at all. But said nations look at the insane war freaks in DC and then they look at the fate of Saddam Hussein and Khaddafi in Libya, and they realize that Washington understands one thing and one thing only: brute power. And, surely they are correct in that assessment, as the USA has become a global predator that spends as much on “defense” annually as the combined military expenditures of the next seven biggest military powers, and the US is the biggest exporter of weapons of war.


Donnie Demento, telling Rex Tillerson how to do his job, when the Orange Chimp doesn’t have a clue of how to do his own, is truly pathetic.

“Real” world leaders are most likely taking bets on when the population of the United States of America revolts, and or, when someone chooses to martyr themselves for the good of the country.


He is a war president, an unsavory one but still he is continuing Bush’s War which Obama also did. The defense industry who creates the unending bombs, humvee’s, tanks, et all, they do not want peace. Plus the likes of Eric Prince who is pushing for more wars for him to get involved in and drain the taxpayers coffers.


According to some news sources the US is pondering a DPRK sea lanes military blockade to which North Koreans have responded that it would be construed as a declaration of war.

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All valid reasons for the impending revolution.


and others in South America and 1950’s removing a democratic elected official in Iran.
US has contempt fro leaders that does not bow down to US mandates to privatized.

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The deep state thinking is that the way out of the Zionists banksters financial woes is war to try and resuscitate the dollar. China is about to begin trading in Yuans for oil and that is the real reason for the wars.

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Let’s all pray that he is the first casualty in his war on sanity.

When Rex called Trump an expletive moron he spoke the truth. But of course most sane people know that, but just the same he said it probably because Trump will not let him do his job.


Trump is the one that needs a smack down. On what grounds? Nixon got impeached for the Watergate break in of the Democratic Party headquarters. But now we have something even worse, the break in of the Democratic Party headquarters by Russians with hacked information going to Trump. That is same general type of event as the Watergate break in which got Nixon impeached, but it is even worse. But our current congress isn’t brave enough to impeach Trump for obviously the same type of issue that is even worse.


Given rhe complete de-coupling of State & White House, given the military presence in the White House ~

Have you any idea if Mueller is set to pounce?

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And what is Trump’s view on North Korea? From my perspective, it is this: Trump will not stop provoking North Korea until either they retaliate or Trump uses a false flag, like the Gulf of Tonkin, to eventually start a war with North Korea.


Yes, and it would be a virtual declaration of war. According to a Guardian article I read this morning, the Trump administration intends to try to get the UN to support such a move. Russia and China are almost certain to veto such a reckless, criminal maneuver. But we are at a very dangerous moment. One can only hope and pray that wiser heads will prevail, if their are any left in the District of Corruption.


He better pounce while he can. I’m afraid his days as Special Prosecutor are numbered.

In the last few weeks I have wondered when will our female legislators become as outraged to the violence against women (and children and men) because of our predatory wars of choice as they are against men accused of sexual misconduct? I am in no way minimizing the issue of sexual misconduct, but I have no respect for anyone who votes for more war and takes bribes from the MIC, the bankers and AIPAC. I find it hypocritical (are you listening Ms.Gillibrand?) because the two are related–power over the vulnerable.

"Still Waiting
A Harvey Weinstein Moment for America’s Wars?
by Andrew Bacevich

What’s puzzling is why that capacity for outrage and demand for accountability doesn’t extend to our now well-established penchant for waging war across much of the planet.
Compare their culpability to that of the high-ranking officials who have presided over or promoted this country’s various military misadventures of the present century. Those wars have, of course, resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and will ultimately cost American taxpayers many trillions of dollars. Nor have those costly military efforts eliminated ‘terrorism,’ as President George W. Bush promised back when today’s G.I.s were still in diapers."

“The story of how our special operators came to be our ‘diplomats’ of choice and the spearhead for American foreign policy and how expanding wars and spreading terror movements were the apparent result of such moves has yet to be told…”


The Pentagon is increasingly operating like the CIA, it’s budget and operations are more and more kept secretive even from congress.

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