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Trump White House Taking 'Marching Orders' from Hundreds of CEOs: Report


Trump White House Taking 'Marching Orders' from Hundreds of CEOs: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has met with at least 190 corporate executives, not including phone calls with heads of banks or his numerous Wall Street appointees, the watchdog group Public Citizen reported Monday in a new analysis.

And since the November election itself, he's met with at least 224.


Maybe Trump doesn't admire Putin as much as he wants to be like Putin who leads the Russian oligarchy as if he were some mafia Don. Oligarcho di tutti Oligarchy? Trump is installing an American version of oligarchy which puts very rich and very powerful people in charge of government as well as business. Putin acts as referee as would oligarch in chief Trump.


The rancor and putrid partnerships are not only on the outside coming in, they are rotting from the inside as well: see cabinet secretary anointments and "advisors."


Think there's a bit of a difference in Putin trying to warn the American public against the
very intensive warmongering by US against Russia and where it could possibly lead --
i.e., WWIII.


This article and another here today about Trump hiring Lobbyists . . .

may actually be repeating the era of LBJ taking cash payoff's in his Executive
Offices, whether VP or President.

And who is left to actually bring justice?


OK. Fine. WE know this. How do we get the rump voters to understand he is not THEIR man?


Good question, think of how many continue to support HRC and Bill . . . !!!

Think of how many continue to support the Dem Party ... !!


Take away their guns, health care, and social security payments.... Oh, I forgot...those are in the works (except for the guns that the"reformed" supporters will need when they storm the WH).


Installing oligarchy? Just being more upfront than previous administrations.


Of course Trump lets corporate CEO's tell him what they want. He already gave billions to his friends like Carl Icahn. Cabinet posts to more friends and supporters. Democracy is not part of the US which is why the GOP is so happy.




But LBJ saw the voting rights bill passed and CETA. We've got nothing like that coming from this one.


Ahh, more to the story: ..."the CEOs are in charge now...". Under a Corporitist state, in addition to what I've said before, the corporations run the show ultimately. It was an obvious one, but this should be the end of the basic parts to a Corporitist government. At this point, there should be more Executive Orders solidifying the Corporitist state. So, no more environmental laws, workers rights, non-male/non-white/non-heterosexual rights, and the local main religion is kept in place simply because it supports the status quo needed to keep people believing we're in a 'Democracy'. Corporate propaganda is obviously pretty persuasive. It's weird to think so many people have fallen for it. Consumerism was developed in the early/mid '80s and has only gotten stronger. Everytime Christmas/Black Friday type situations come about, be sure your local consumer will be there to talk shit about the business they are standing in line to purchase something they cant take to the grave. When spending money makes someone 'feel' better, what are feelings really? How is it that everyone knows that they need to be saving every penny and yet have no savings? What about another crash, or better yet, hyperinflation. The Germans had to be paid twice a day during their hyperinflation period to to keep food in their bellies. Oh well, I guess the Thorn Corporationwas more realistic. Anyone get a chance, go and watch Omen III. Listen to the story and arguments. If I believed in the Christian God, we would all be under the spell of the Antichrist with Christians leading the way. After all, you cant have Christianity without the devil, just like Anton Levey said in the Black Bible.


A president taking marching orders from CEOs is perfectly normal, unfortunately. The problem with the Trump White House is that he's getting his marching orders from CIA and the generals.


Well, duh? The Democrats decided to press the lie about Russia's hacking the election rather than Clinton losing because she's a bad candidate who ran a terrible, losing campaign. Now who are his allies -- the Mike Pence crazier than sh*t crowd. He is in a position where the CIA, the media, and the Democrats are working to get him impeached or assassinated. Who else is he going to turn to?

Look, he's an idiot. His only saving grace is he stopped the coronation and the retaking of the White House by the ultimate neoiiberal, neocon, corporatist Clinton clan. That's worth 4 years of watching the horror show unfold. We will now make it to 2020 without nuclear combat toe-to-toe with the Ruskkies. He may have been reasoned with (possibly, I know I'm stretching a bit) before, but he's fully in the bunker now and his only friends are the Tea Party.

Unfortunately, the media with their corporate masters who are invested in enmity with the Russians because they're invested in the survival of (outdated, useless, and sometimes downright dangerous) NATO for the weapons gravy train that will result from Cold War 2.0. Another round of building MOAB bombs wouldn't hurt them as well.

In any case, I blame the Democrats and their shills and toadies in the American media who brought us Trump (rather than Sanders) and then cheered for the most negative and issue-free Democratic campaign in my lifetime. 40 years of voting for Democrats, until 2016... down the drain. I wish Bernie had been the Green candidate even though I voted Green anyway.


Why should the Dems change? This is wonderful, from most of the adherents' point of view. Trump in the oval office is an incredible fund-raising tool for the DNC and so many other causes that even I hold dear like a woman's right to choose, etc. I expect the Democrats to continue the process of taking bribes, i mean campaign donations, from the banksters, billionaires, and corporations and fielding a similar set of candidates in 2018.

I hope a lot face challengers in the Democratic congressional primaries, but I'm not that optimistic. I figure most to expect support because, after all -- where else can thinking people go? I think they're in for a shock in 2018 -- I hope they finally get the message before 2020.


It was JFK's voting rights bill that LBJ got passed.
LBJ also gave us Medicare.

But that has to be compared with the reality of his being one of the major conspirators
in the coup on JFK which also took our people's government.
Even at that time, it was recognized that behind the actual conspirators were fascist
influences which made clear that we did defeat Germany but not fascism/Nazis.
Mae Brussel speaks to that, so does Jack Ruby.
And other researchers today are writing of that reality which is also quite clear to much
of the population watching this rise of the fourth reich.

LBJ had his own private murderer in Malcolm Wallace.
Try the History Channel series "The Guilty Men" which is the final part of the
series "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" which you'll find on YouTube.
See: "LBJ: Mastermind of the JFK assassination" by Nelson and there are many
other books now which reveal the truth about LBJ.

Nixon from our point of view today may look like he moved some liberal legislation.
But he was a very dark force for the right wing and a co-conspirator in the JFK coup.

There hasn't been a liberal president in office since the coup on JFK and our
government has been put totally in the hands of criminals/murderers.

Those in control of our MIC can only be considered insane.

And essentially so was LBJ insane.


Unfortunately, Trump is merely carrying on the tradition of corporate governance in America, dressed up as democracy. But since many don't care/don't know, they continue to mistakenly think that a good ole Republican or Democrat government would make things 'as right as rain'.
The denial of history continues unchallenged by the majority.


The Don and his soldiers.

"We all live in a Mafia neighborhood now".
Dalton Trumbo. "Johnny Got His Gun".

Direct Online Democracy


Certainly campaign contributions are bribes -- but a little different from someone coming
into the VP's or President's office with $50,000 in cash for you.
That's actual criminal activity and LBJ was doing it long before he reached VP or President.

Personally, I expect not to be voting any longer as I think we have to make clear that the
we know the our system of elections has long been rigged --

Believe it or not -- here's Lee Harvey Oswald on that subject as related by George deMorenschildt.
(See: page 532 "The Devil's Chessboard" by Talbot) or . . .

"I am a patsy" -- https://www.amazon.com/I-am-Patsy-George-Mohrenschildt/dp/B00MPNAVEK

In the memoir Oswald comes across as "a budding 1960's radical - and as a man sensitive enough
to recognize the plight of black Americans and native Americans in our white-dominated society and
hardheaded enough to recognize the fundamental flaws of American democracy."
de Morhenschildt supplies a direct quote from Oswald:
"Under dictatorships, people are enslaved but they know it" he told de Mohrenschildt based on his
days in the Soviet Union. "Here the politicians constantly lie to people and they become immune to
these lies because they have the privilege of voting. But voting is rigged and democracy here is a
gigantic profusion of lies and clever brainwashing" Oswald also worried about the FBI's police state
tactics. And he believed that America was turning more "militaristic" as it increasingly interfered in
the internal affairs of other countries."

There are many ways to review the "I am a patsy" memoir which was never published which a search will provide.

Also see: Votescam - The Stealing of America

We've been voting on these hack-able computers for more than 50 years as the first of them began to come in
about 1967 -- and the large computers used by MSM which gave them new powers to call winners and losers
based on 1% or 0% of the votes came in about 1965. Previously they had only been permitted to announce
winners and losers based on actual vote tallies.

You can read the book at the website free -- these were two journalists in Florida in 1967 (one of them having
run for office in that election) who began to look at the very odd and unbelievable results being reported by
these hack-able computers. Germany got rid of these computers and labeled them "Un-Constitutional."
Ireland also junked their computers. We must do the same.

---------- Here's another part of the Oswald story ------------------

Lee Harvey Oswald was CIA as reported by the 1992 JFK Classified Records Act Panel headed up

by Jon Tunheim -- though the public will not get to see the text or hear his actual words as the

History Channel program which provided that information was allegedly destroyed and hasn't

appeared on YouTube, so presumably it really was destroyed. But it appeared on that channel at

the time when the History/Discovery channel was calling itself "The network for the new Millennium"

just before 2000. It began to air in Spring and played a few times over a few weeks and then disappeared.

Evidently former Pres. Jimmy Carter alerted the LBJ family, Bill Moyers, Jerry Ford and a number of

others and the program was confiscated from the network and all copies destroyed.

The findings of the panel, however, were unanimous --

"Oswald was employed by the CIA working on high level assignments

and probably also for the CIA"

As Tunheim spoke those words the TEXT appeared below - TWICE.

Evidently Tunheim reported those findings to some Senate panel around the time
of the Lewinsky scandal and the attempt to impeach Pres. Bill Clinton.