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Trump, Who "Can't Be Bought," Rewards Big Donors With Cabinet Roles


Trump, Who "Can't Be Bought," Rewards Big Donors With Cabinet Roles

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Dozens of President-elect Donald Trump's biggest donors are now being considered for administration positions, and the amount of financial supporters who ended up in his cabinet is "unparalleled in modern presidential history," Politico reported on Tuesday.


We know that Politicians lie, and that Obama had to be an eye opener for most people, reneging on the Hope and Change we voted for him to deliver.

But this guy...

Twice in a row, only now it's another American Contingent that will (hopefully) have its eyes opened.

Eventually, maybe, we Citizens can wrest control of the Government, that we pay for, and have it, finally, work for OUR benefit.


"Twice in a row" is remarkable understatement when we consider that the last POTUS who delivered anywhere close to the "as promised" was Jimmy Carter who left DC nearly four decades ago.


I am shocked, absolutely shocked, that there is corruption in Washington.

I think that there are going to be a lot of disappointed Trump voters when they realize that they have been duped... again.


The hero of pay to play!


This guy is a well known artist. Most of his statements have been found by fact checkers to be lies. If people didn't know they were getting a scam artist what in the world were they doing during the election. Although it should be noted Trump did not scam the voters on everything. He seems to be carrying out his promises on white nationalism. He is attacking the media as one would expect a fascist to do. He claimed that climate change is a hoax and so far what he had done seems to reflect that. So it appears his biggest scam was being anti-establishment. It turns out he is part of the establishment which based on years of giving money to establishment politicians and ripping off people with small businesses like contractors voters should have suspected all along.


To D.T., this has nothing to do with being bought and corruption; it is the art of the deal, just good business.


Dem's know well how this one feels. But Trump was and is a consummate liar. Republicans should have guessed he would do the switch once in office. It was much more obvious than it was with Obama.
The sooner everyone realizes politicians, for the most part, are bought, the sooner we can all come together around the changes needed to really take back our country.


Trump is the bad karma for the red states who are run by the Grand Old Plantation white wealthy supremacist men just like in the past. The bigotry Trump spewed was programmed by Bannon at Breitbart. Just like Germany in the 1930's they needed a diversion from the suffering of the people to take power. Now they will need some event like a 9-11 to strip civil rights. This time the bad karma of the US is well known globally. Trump terrifies them just like he terrifies me. Wait for the big boom. It will hit the Trumpers like everyone else even if Trump elite "pay to play" start it. Republicans have set this up with decades of FOX, bigotry and refusal to support US laws with honesty, ethics, integrity and concern for people before loot...


Oh dear - Obama left us with bad case of Clap(per) syndrome and now we're looking at suffering through an executive case of the DTs.


"We're looking at suffering through an executive case of delirium tremens". Which is the definition of a person that is an alcoholic and a person of automatic instability; Trump may not be an alcoholic; but Trump is definitely unstable!


is this really a surprise to anyone? it was painfully obvious from day one that this asshole was completlly full of shit, He is the epitomy of all that is wrong with america, he is part of the one percent, to be surprised that this is the path he has taken is absurd, anyone with a quarter brain could see that he was saying whatever he felt at the time was to his advantage, he was and is the most obvious of snakeoil salesman, a charlatan, hoodwinker and liar of epic proportions. He has no intention of making america great, only thing he is looking toward is pimping the trump name in anyway he can to enrich himself period. His ego is to huge to leave room for anything other than his own greed and self centeredness. He is dangerous because he trully lacks moralls or scruples, and cares onlly for the allmighty dollar, and has said on severall ocasions he "can do whatever he wants"....and he is just getting started.....look at the witchunts his team are coming out with, this is going to be a disaster , and this meallymouthed lying degenerate is becoming more unbearable by the minute,and more powerfull, you really done it this time america....way to go, you are screwed big time with this moron calling the shots......and it was obvious from day one when he announced his candidacy. When are you going to realize your so called democracy has been hijacked by thugs in expensive suits that will spew any amount of bullshit to achieve there end. This election cycle was pathetic in everyway possible, and now you are stuck with the most pathetic of posers as president, just mindblowing .


Simple con man. Unfortunately, his supporters were too stupid the see what most of the rest of considered the obvious. Can't fix stupid....


Honestly don't think Trump supporters will be disillusioned by his "pay to play" appointments, they'll just see it as good business practice. Those who slavishly worship at the altar of capitalism and wealth accumulation turn the worst miscreants into their personal heroes, so Trump will continue to get their approval. I mean, birds of a feather, right? Rich or poor, the mentality is the same. Some are just more successful at realizing their ambitions.


"Amway heiress Betsy DeVos, nominee for education secretary", this should concern evryone. Its nice that we might stop using former CIA, OR FBI idiots, but another corporitist.


I reject any kind of sweeping classification of any identity group of people as "stupid" as, effectively, a kind of racism. But the preferred "progressive" meme - that the Trump voters throughout the vast US interior were justifiably frustrated at the capitalist system but voted for Trump out of a misunderstanding about Trump, or just out or anger, is equally repugnant in its condescension.

My preferred interpretation is that for a number of reasons, mostly related to the media generated popular culture, most USAns outside of the major cities are deep believers in the "conservative" (actually classically liberal) philosophy of "free markets" and dog-eat-dog, every-man-for-himself-ism. It is almost as if the objectivism of Ayn Rand spread across the US interior like an airborne virus - even though few people actually read her books or even know who she was. So, the Trump voters knew exactly what they were doing and voted for Trump because he represents the Randian "superman" - the totally self-serving power-grabbing self-confident Homo economicus which a large portion of the US populace - of all economic classes, deeply admire.

So, this talk of lending a sympathetic ear to Trump voters (most of whom were not poor - most of the genuinely poor didn't vote at all) and getting them to join us and support our objectives is nonsense. Trump voters are vehemently oppose our (i.e. socialist or social-democratic) objectives!

Instead, we need to organize ourselves AND the large number of non-voting poor - which constitutes a majority of the population. We should also stop treating Trump voters with such condescension and instead treat them with the respect for their intelligence that is appropriate toward a powerful enemy.


Exactly. I amplified on this a bit below. Recall that Ayn Rand's hero was a psychopathic kidnapper-killer.


I don't remember ANYONE claiming that Trump would talk Populist and govern Corporatist, BEFORE the Election.

All I can remember reading, or hearing, was that he was Crazy... a Loose Cannon... Thin Skinned... Vindictive...Not Really a Billionaire...Actually a Poor Businessman...ad nauseum.


Because, after Bernie was Neutralized, it ceased to be about ISSUES as the Duopoly and their Captured Media worked overtime, to successfully keep a huge number of us DISTRACTED with PERSONALITY BULLSHIT, right up until Election Day.


Big Money buys politicians. So what else is new? Yet we adhere to our corrupt system as it fools us for the umpteenth time. It's the patriotic thing and our forefathers could do no wrong. Insanity.

Online Direct Democracy


I did. Over and over again here. And not only corporatist - but full-on plutocratic fascist. I tried to explain that what was important was the cabinet picks, and advisers and their strong allies in congress - and of course the Republican convention platform. Anyone who followed the news closely knew the kind of people who would be in his cabinet, his policy views on energy, the environment and the military and Israel - and of course the content of the Republican platform, by early August.

I got savagely attacked here for pointing these things out. A number of the worst left-crypto-Trumpist attackers apparently got banned - but strangely, weren't banned until November 9th!