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Trump, Who Wants to Cut Interior by Billions, 'Gifts' $78,000 to Park Service


Trump, Who Wants to Cut Interior by Billions, 'Gifts' $78,000 to Park Service

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The White House on Monday announced that President Donald Trump would donate the first three months of his salary to the National Park Service, a grand total of $78,333.32. It's just too bad the service is run by the Department of the Interior, whose budget the president wants to slash by $2 billion.

Press secretary Sean Spicer announced the move by handing a check for the donation to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.


Empty gesture from an evil emperor who probably has never visited a national park in his life (Central Park does not count...although I doubt he has ever lowered himself to the plebian level of walking there). Give with one hand and strangle, stab, garrote, and smother with the other.


How low they are falling to make such spectacle of this small and stupid donation. All this is just unbelievable. Am I still tripping on the LSD I took 18 years ago?


If Donnie had his way, the national parks would be sold off to real estate developers.


I'm sure the idea to donate 78K came from Dandy Don's tax accountants. He's probably putting more money in his pocket than what he's donating. Wish I had some spare change and an accountant on speed dial!


How cute. Lets see. 78000 is what percent of Trump's worth, which is about 10000000. Thats 0.0078%. Not bad.


This is the ideal world for the super rich. Cut their taxes lower than needed to fund our national, state and local government services. Then under fan fare of the politicians they have put in place to cut their taxes, they make a pittance of a donation (charity) and get all of the accolades for their "generosity". So many of us in the US are such fools that we sometime think of them in benign terms for their generosity when we should be thinking of our stupidity in allowing the tax system to fall to the point where we need their charity.

Zuckerberg of Facebook did it by donating $75million to San Francisco General Hospital. They renamed the hospital Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. That was even after the public at large approved an $800 million bond for improvements at the hospital. The wealthy - who have excess capital - when they should not - do this kind of stuff and then they get a tax deduction and all kinds of accolades for their generosity. The feudal lords are so kind to the pitiful serfs who can't eve control their government even though the have the vast majority of the people!


He will take this as a donation deduction on taxes so he can get a refund? I thought he said he would send his salary to the Treasury?