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Trump Widely Rebuked for Remarks About Alleged Election Interference by Russians


Trump Widely Rebuked for Remarks About Alleged Election Interference by Russians

Common Dreams staff

Defying conclusions from U.S. intelligence agencies, Trump says Putin denied meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The Kremlin, meanwhile, says the conversation never even happened.

Putin and Trump


The intelligence of a nation is seemingly inversely proportional to the number of intelligence agencies it deploys.


Scary, I’m agree with the trumpster. I’m really tired of Russia Bad & Amerika Good thingy. Amerika is a terrorist country that creates nothing but death and refugees around the world if the leader of the nation doesn’t follow orders from dc.


There once was a time when progressives were on the receiving end of this type of mind-numbingly juvenile Russophobic red-baiting – and they rightly condemned the right for it. How times have changed.


I’m glad to see that the headline reads “…Alleged Election Interference by Russians.” Only weeks ago, it would have read “…Election Interference by Russia.”

We still have been given no evidence, beyond the claims of our intelligence agencies (organizations of professional liars), that the Russian government “interfered” with our elections.


Even giving Putin the benefit of the doubt, does anyone really think Putin would ever admit meddling in the election?


Who needs the WaPo when you can get the same scripted news for free at commondreams


Neither Trump nor Putin have any credibility. There is no reason to believe almost anything they say. Trump even lies about the weather. He claimed it stopped raining during his inauguration speech but it didn’t, I can’t see Putin lying about the weather so actually Trump probably is the less truthful of the two and Trump lies about crowd size, etc. Putin has his fingerprints all over the election. What is unclear is to what extent he personally directed the interference. It is hard to be sure how many people in Russia or Macedonia took upon themselves to put out fake news or whether it call can all be traced back to Putin. It seems the hacking of the DNC e-mails must have had Putin approval. The fake Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts probably were related to Putin. Do I believe the US intelligence agencies or Trump and Putin? If that is the choice I have to go with the US intelligence agencies. Whether Trump himself was involved in working with the Russians to influence the US election remains unclear.


Hey commondreams. Where are the articles about Uranium One, and the Podesta Gp. crashing down, and Tony indicted? Why didnt you cover the DNC lawsuit? Who bought you?


Out here in the West, it used to be that a man was only as good as his word. For me it still applies. trump’s word? How many documented lies has he told?


For those questioning why the the dems and media are still attacking the resident pea-brain, just ask yourselves why the pea-brain would say such inane things like this in defense of Russia? How does pea-brain benefit from being so friendly towards Putin and Russia? And just so there is no confusion, I am not bashing Russia just simply trying to see things for what they are.


well joe6 pak there is a lot to agree with.


You mean, we shouldn’t take a president, truly the epitome of haughty inherited wealth, who bankrupted four companies, spent a decade-and-a-half scamming contractors and retirees, who clearly misappropriated funds from his own charity for legal counsel and personal use, and who hasn’t done the least bit to subject his finances to any real scrutiny, at his word? I mean, he sure doesn’t seem like a guy who’d agree to do something untoward for a quick buck, like say seating an unregistered foreign agent taking back-door payments from the Russian government as chair of the NSC. Nope, not this guy. He just wants peace and a better world for us all. Glenn Greenwald told me so when I was watching Tucker Carlson the other night.


Just to follow up on this post, Russia may or may not have paid to have political ads on Facebook to influence the election. The bigger point is that the pea-brain’s administration is extremely corrupt like much, perhaps most, of the political and corporate elite in the US and is almost assuredly in bed with the Russian elite in some form or another (or has been in the recent past).


Kudos to Rep. Ted Lieu, who publicly stated that he’s seen enough documents to know that Don is lying.


The NYTimes counted Trump’s number of public lies that could be documented over a period of months.


Russia influencing the election is about as big a point as it gets. It is an attempt to undermine democracy. They are giving support to white nationalist movements in the US and in Europe using the internet and trying to actually interfere with vote counting. Many election officials in various states found evidence of Russia. The are probably trying to understand how votes are counted to interfere in 2018. The social media interference has continued long after the election so they are also attempting to worsen political divisions to weaken countries. Somehow this needs to be countered. That is why Congress is investigating to figure out exactly what Russia is doing to try to find ways to stop it.


You should know that’s all fake, CIA generated propaganda. You see, VIPS put out a memo inspite of internal dissent, based on evidence gathered by anonymous tech bloggers, that proved the DNC emails are “leak.” The memo, while now rejected by numerous of its own signatories, and whose central claims were questioned by an independent consultant the Nation hired to examine it after publishing a pro-leak article that collapsed under examination by non-anonymous tech writers, must be accepted as fact by progressives. If it’s not, that might mean the 2016 peace candidate may have had a role in something untoward. It also might mean good-guy Putin isn’t so good. Those are wrongful things to think and the properly skeptical should focus their skepticism on Hillary Clinton, who is not in the White House now, does not make policy, but who is behind it all.

After Russian Indictments, Sanders Says Trump Must Tell Putin 'We Will Not Allow You to Interfere in Our Democratic Processes'

Defying the US “Intelligence” communities used to be the normal activity of progressives and open minded people. That’s how you know that our current Democratic leadership is so awful.


Who cares if Russia spent a few million dollars and some expert programer time trying to stay out of ww3 with Hillary?

Really. Get a grip.