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Trump Widely Rebuked for Remarks About Alleged Election Interference by Russians


Many Trump has inside knowledge of Putin’s guilt or innocence in the election meddling since his campaign is under investigation for collusion with it.
Of course it’s always possible that he’s forgotten the past since threat of impeachment historically results in short term memory loss.


Democrats and deep state players think that by heaping on mountains of BS, they can cover the stench of the bogus DNC inspired Russian server hack story and distract from the fact that the Dem primary was rigged. Now, Democratic leaders and the mainstream media are failing to focus on the very real issues that alienated millions of voters in 2016 as they make the world a more dangerous place. This is as shameful as Trump’s amorality.


“intelligence services” are political - through and through. The two examples you mentioned were just one of many lies told by every President of both parties and their flunkies. None of the elected leadership from the Democratic Party and none of the professional leadership stood up and corrected the record.

How many of these “intelligence services” people resigned and took positive actions to reveal these lies?

Out of the tens of thousands of employees we had very few come forward. Two or three? Maybe four?

In fact - some of the biggest supporters of the lies were Clinton, Biden and the rest of the neo-liberal gang running the Democratic Party. Need we mention the lies that led us into the Yugoslavian mess? Any of the others?


The Republicans as well as the Democrats are blaming the Russians for interfering with the election. The idea that this is something the Democrats cooked up is ridiculous. Congress is holding hearings on this. Why don’t you follow the hearings and try to learn what the Russians did and how they did it. There is sort of an alternative reality going on here in which everything is blamed on the Democrats. It doesn’t fit the facts.


Good thing the US of A doesn’t do the same thing!! Oh that’s right they do & probably to a much greater degree world wide.


Oh, yes. We should all have full confidence in the CIA:

The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime – Sep 22, 2017 – Douglas Valentine – CounterPunch

Oct. 21, 2017


Oh when will we ever learn.
The US Govt/CIA is probably one of the world’s foremost proven organization to interfere with elections in multiple countries, often overthrowing democratically elected officials to put into place a convenient compliant dictator.
Well! Have the chickens have come home to roost? Is it paranoia or the need to keep our minds occupied while many more devious things are occurring in the background. Or both.
What difference does all this make if global warming takes us all out. Let’s get real. We need to respect all peoples and animals and habitats and work together before it is too late. Or maybe it already is and chaos is what is left. I hope not.


i don’t believe anything Pompeo, Trump, or Putin assert.

i certainly don’t see Russia as a key source of what is wrong with the USA.

And i do know the USA has caused far more of the Earth’s trouble than has Russia.

Our focus should be on how we live together, face down ALL the war-mongers and looters of EVERY stripe, and stop the human-caused mass-extinction event that has begun.

We need to see the Earth and humanity holistically; understand the human systems that undermine humanity and ecology; and implement systemic changes that are needed to get humanity in harmony with ecology.

ALL these people are our enemies.


In KGB colonel Putin you trust ? Lovely , progressives used to be about freedom of speech, LGBT rights and free elections. Now they defend KGB operative multi billionaire. (Unless you are typing from Olgino Russian troll factory)


I just donated to CommonDreams.org, and I want my money back.

Frankly, I am livid with the staff of CDO for promoting this neo-McCarthyite garbage. This is twice in a row that I’ve regretted giving money to your organization.

Never again.

[Now, either print my comment here or refund me my money. Or both. Less funding for your site would be ideal, as I don’t want CDO to continue to exist in its current corrupted form. That said, I will very much miss the consistently intelligent and informed conversation in the Comments Section. If only CDO’s editors had half the integrity and sense of CDO’s readers!]


“Absent new evidence based on forensic or documentary proof, we could be looking at a partisan concoction devised in the midst of a bitter general election campaign, a manufactured “scandal” that also has fueled a dangerous New Cold War against Russia; a case of a dirty political “oppo” serving American ruling interests in reestablishing the dominance over Russia that they enjoyed in the 1990s, as well as feeding the voracious budgetary appetite of the Military-Industrial Complex.”

“While the CIA and the Trump administration are listening, the political establishment and mainstream media are pushing back, smearing Bill Binney, a former NSA whistleblower and intelligence professional who was involved with the analysis.” No longer true, Mike Pompeo is going along with the other questionable “intelligence” agencies (did he get his orders from TPTB?).

…and RT needs to register as a foreign agent by tomorrow.


“…emphasizing to reporters that he hopes improve the the United States’ relations with Russian government…”

They were so rushed to get this article up that there was no time to edit it.


Thanks for posting. I’ve tired responding to this new McCarthyism. The spectacle of so called progressives buying into a story without a shred of hard evidence and accusing others who refuse to believe their nonsense as disloyal Putinistas is embarrassing to say the least.


…so go back to fox…


I have been called a troll for not buying into McCarthyism and Clinton’s long record of support for neoliberalism/capitalism and war. Trump’s nefarious dealings with Russia (let the Mueller investigations continue) and election “meddling” are two different things and should not be conflated. Just heard from my cousin’s wife in Sweden (a social democrat), and they not only dislike Trump, but also dislike the McCarthyism (can’t imagine why, and I know they use stronger words than “dislike” to describe the American public).


Why oh why is it so hard for people to make distinctions. After all, making distinctions is a requisite of sound thinking. And so it goes. By the way, name calling is classic McCarthyism, it’s shameful that it happens on this site.


Oh that’s right they do & to a much greater degree world wide.

There, I fixed it for you.


And how many elections in other countries has the US interfered in? Including helping to assassinate Salvador Allende in Chili, and trying repeatedly to kill Fidel Castro.


I’m not denying Russian interference, I just don’t care. Turnabout is fair play and it’s about time US exceptionalism is revealed for what it is: imperial expansion.

I expect to be lied to by Russia, and I also expect to be lied to by my own government. What’s a lefty to do?

I don’t believe anything anymore just because some people in power said it. In fact that’s the very reason for me (and likely many others) to disbelieve “facts” released by our government. If I understand this correctly, we only have unsubstantiated reports from intelligence agencies that a hack occurred rather than a leak. After reading all this stuff, we still don’t know if there was a hack or a leak. Russia hacking is a bigger deal than a leak, and not because of election sanctity, but because if they can hack into our elections, they can also hack into Wall St. and other government computers.


Just more lies, from two of the world’s most pathological liars.