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Trump Widely Rebuked for Remarks About Alleged Election Interference by Russians


I can’t think of anyone else in American history where an American presidential candidate or congressional candidate was so openly connected to a foreign country for support to win election. Especially Russia would be an issue after many years of the cold war between our nations. Then you think of Russia hacking Democratic Party computers and providing hacked information to Trump. That is way over the line for what should be accepted in politics in 2016-2017.


Pay attention to where the financial interests of Trump and gang lie and how the money flows. Without reference to intelligence services, following their own movements, statements, and transactions, there is some substantial appearance of an overlap between Trump & Co. interests and those of far wealthier Russian oligarchs. I think the common interest is money, not politics. With politics as always being the handmaiden of money.


First off, I’m no fan of Trump nor would I ever consider voting for either he or Hillary. Now to the Russian hacking. This is the biggest hoax since Orsen Wells aired the invasion of Earth by Mars. This whole scam was cooked up by a spoiled rich bitch who felt she was entitled to be POTUS by default. She didn’t bother to campaign except as an excuse to rub elbows with her rich friends. She bashed working people by calling them deplorables and pushed the same neoliberal policies that the entire country, with the exception of her rich friends, were voting against. She cheated Bernie out of his rightful nomination then blew his backers off. Last but not least, she was known for being dishonest and corrupt, a warmonger, and cozying up to the neocons. Guess what the result of all this stupidity during an election year was? That’s right, she lost to the most unworthy candidate (other than Hillary herself) in the history of the nation

Rather than learning from her mistakes and accepting responsibility for her loss to Trump, Hillary did as expected and acted like the spoiled, self entitled brat she is. She blamed Bernie Sanders for having the gall to run against her, she blamed the FBI, she blamed Jill Stein, she blamed her being a woman who was discriminated against, and yep she blamed the evil Russians and Vladimir Putin. She and the DNC cooked up this fantasy of Russia hacking the DNC computers. The MSM, NSA and CIA were supporters of Clinton and hated Trump and therefore jumped on the Russia hacked the DNC bandwagon. (the CIA, NSA, and FBI were the only intelligence agencies out of the seventeen she claimed as verifying the hack and the members of those agencies chosen as spokespersons were handpicked because of their anti-Russia stance). There is no evidence so far proving Russia hacked anything. All of the evidence points to a DNC insider that was disgruntled about the primary being rigged against Bernie Sanders so that insider leaked…THE TRUTH!!! Heaven forbid the truth should get out even if Russia did hack the DNC, which they didn’t.

Come on lefties, you’re smarter that to fall for a bunch of propaganda spread by a spoiled, losing brat of a candidate…aren’t you? I though so but there are a lot of you I’m really beginning to wonder about.


Trump is corrupt, has clearly profited from his time in office. I am not arguing he isn’t corrupt or that he isn’t financially connected to Russian interests. People close to him have broken the law, and have a lot of interests in numbed of other countries too. I have no doubt that he has done enough already to threaten his presidency. That doesn’t negate my overall point, but I will leave it at that.


It is increasingly obvious that we have a blooming dictator in the Whitehouse. Who has the courage to destroy this maniac? If this ignorant fool remains in the Whitehouse after Christmas this year I will do my best to insure that NO Republican in my state will be elected to any office EVER again. I swear it.


How long was the list of Democrats in the state who were questioning her “patriotism”?