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Trump Will Be Evicted, but Trumpism Lives On

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/trump-will-be-evicted-trumpism-lives

Yes, Trumpism lives on and the ousted Trump is the martyr for the movement.

But, there’s too much talk among progressive, about how to find a pathway in the DemocraticTM Party and Biden’s Presidency. It’s a waste of time. Biden has revealed his governing style by the manner in which he has selected his appointments. He has rejected transparency and has rejected democratic inclusion of progressives in the decision making process. Biden, and the DemocraticTM Party, will push forth policies that are somewhere between neoliberalist and Keynesian capitalism. With respect to foreign policy, Biden has not mentioned ending forever wars, he has not mentioned ending the Drone Slaughter program, he has not mentioned ending development of new weapons systems, he has not mentioned closing Guantanamo. Biden has also remained silent on Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Clearly Biden, and the will continue to promote an imperialist war mongering foreign policy and a hostile stance on whistle blowers.

As the DemocraticTM Party’s plutocrat friendly, warmongering platform is being established, those vying for Trump 2.0 are attacking the Democrat’s from the left. For example, commenting on Biden’s picks, Senator Josh Hawley tweeeted:

What a group of corporatists and war enthusiasts - and BigTech sellouts -
Josh Hawley (_https://twitter.com/HawleyMO/status/1331244244170911750)

Fascists of the last century, built their movements on appeals to the disenfranchised working class. We need to build progressives grassroots movements to ensure that we don’t see a smarter, more effective Trump 2.0 in 2024.


We should refrain from calling it ‘Trumpism’. His ideology is plain old Fascism. Do not permit this psychopath to cash in on another foul brand he wants to create…


The Democratic Party dominated when it served the masses

Bill Clinton threw those lower down the social hierarchy under the bus, saying they had nowhere to go. Well, he was wrong on that and people came out from under the bus understandably to vote for the alternative, so Republicans power grew culminating with Trump.

Biden, a life-long corporatist seems strongly opposed to reversing the Clinton mindset of catering more to the top and near-top.

The coming result is foreseeable.


Unless Biden launches Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice, it won’t matter what the rest of the Democrats’ agenda is as the GOP continues its half century crime spree sans consequences, thereby becoming more powerful than ever.

washington, jefferson were trumpettes!

obama, bush come to mind?