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Trump Will Have Vast Powers. He Can Thank Democrats for Them


Trump Will Have Vast Powers. He Can Thank Democrats for Them.

Glenn Greenwald

Liberals are understandably panicked about what Donald Trump can carry out. “We have a president-elect with authoritarian tendencies assuming a presidency that has never been more powerful ,” Franklin Foer wrote this past week in Slate.


The central theme embodied in Mr. Greenwald's essay is that those who swore to uphold the Constitution are, in fact, utterly devoid of principles. Washington is a miasma of self-interest above all things, where power and influence replace any notion of true governance, and where money speaks louder than the suffering of billions. Now we have president Drumpf, a fraudulent, malevolent huckster, the very embodiment of D.C. and those devoid of principle have handed him the powers of an unrestrained king. Mr. Greenwald raises the very alarms that so many here at CD have been shouting for years. Herr Drumpf now possesses the power to "disappear" you, me or anyone at his whim and without recourse for any reason whatsoever. We are all "security threats", and our disappearances will remain shrouded in secrecy protected by the president's assertion of national security. The veneer of Constitutional governance has been stripped away. We live in a technologically advanced banana republic. Our very existence depends on no more than the whim of a madman.


Glen Greenwald, You are so right! We have been duped and royally screwed all the way down the line, by our own government, for decades! It doesn't matter which political party is in the White House, our government seems intent on destruction.

I say this as a call to peace: We need to unite as one people. Forget red and blue states. Forget Republican or Democrat. We are human beings who must come together and save our country and planet...period. How will we do it? Stay tuned.


Greenwald is always spot on. As he pointed out, Obama turned and ran from his campaign promises to limit the power of the president and even expanded some areas we had elected him to change.
All the crying and gnashing of teeth being done now by dem elites is disgusting and two year oldish.
Comey didn't cause Clinton to lose, her and Obama handled that nicely. In their hubris they assumed we believed the BS they have spewed for the last eight years. Well, most didn't and for the very reasons Greenwald has so clearly pointed out. They duped themselves and sad as it is this had to happen to make any difference at all. America always comes together to fight the Republicans but have always given the dems a pass. Been saying it for years. They deserve this and they deserve to become irrelevant.


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Hard to believe the Washington Post would publish this. Anyone see it there, or did they just accept its submission so they could keep it away from other publications?


It is wonderful to have Greenwald still out there writing copy. In this case, I think there's something to add.

Despite the duplicity and hypocrisy that Greenwald points out here, he seems to wish to retain here some association between Democrat and liberal and the tradition of human rights and Constitutional protections that we have associated with them through at least the last part of the 20th century and into the 21st.

There has certainly been some reason for that association. However, the fact that it was primarily Democratic politicians who set up these vast powers should make us fairly certain that the reasons for those associations have expired. Although Sanders' run showed that there remain or remained many Democrats within the rank and file who retain such ideas and I do not mean to impose any set of ideas on any individuals here, party officials have ceased to be a voice for underclasses and have made the party a front for international bankers and their military and paramilitary and grey and black market allies.

The best refutation of the idea that the executive should wield such power is not that Donald Trump has it--though that would sure be bad enough for me--but that even people who talk about defending minorities and gender minorities and women should in so many cases be so blind to the expanding horror of its abuse--which, yes, I do see every reason to believe will expand again under Trump, though I would love to be wrong.

If has been the Democratic Party line that it has been practical to allow Clinton and Obama to collude with the DNC and large media corporations to railroad the nomination--although that has been far from agreed upon by habitual Democratic voters, as the results have showed. The reason given for that, and I am pretty sure that it was a sincere one among many Democrats, has been the offenses of Republicans.

Of course, the Republicans defend their offenses pretty much the same way. We are all worried about the other authoritarians. So are they. We are right to be worried. So are they:

There is no group so enlightened that it may be allowed such power because the existence of that power as an option motivates its use.


She now leads by over 600,000 votes. But progressives don't think much of voters.


It must be kinda nice to live in a world where electing Trump or Clinton is 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.


Liars and damn liars.

That's the political menu, for the most part, offered to the American public.


Maybe if we all come together and engage in mindless babble.


You just described the perfect leader for the Fourth Reich. It has happened here!


God you are an idiot. An article about how the Democrats, your Democrats, you, sold out the country and enabled a Trump presidency. You, and your Democrats, paved the road to a Trump presidency.

You are so blind to the plank in your own eye.


Really? Why didn't the Dems get rid of the electoral college then? That's what gave the win to Trump.


Really? Maybe it's nice sleeping through it.


Glenn Greenwald likes to lob bombs from the sidelines. He, Reich, and Frank have books to sell and followerships to build. He got what he wanted, a Trump win. Now he can live with the results, in Brazil or wherever it is that he lives.


You and yours are thoroughly shameless in your smears. No, YOU and YOUR DEMOCRATS got what YOU created.


Why didn't Democrats amend the constitution to get rid of the electoral college? Why didn't Democrats pass Medicare for all even though Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman, and a number of red state Democrats wouldn't even allow a public option? Why aren't Democrats speaking to the real needs of rural voters even though it was because of those constituencies that Medicare and/or the public option was not in the the bill? Why do progressives then call Democrats sell outs that represent those constituencies when legislation expanding Medicaid was a big lift for them and likely cost them the House? Why is it for all their disagreements, conservatives see the big picture and vote consistently, while progressives continually mount high horses, spout lists of grievances unconnected to legislative realities, and condemn everyone with a slightly less puritanical thought than themselves as a neoliberal or shill?


Clearly, the talking points have come down from the DNC / Clinton campaign / Correct The Record etc.:

Smear anyone who points to the ROT at the HEART of the Democratic establishment. Call them "Trump supporters."


Oh, yes, surely that would be because writing and publishing commentary about established political institutions is a wonderful way to make easy money without any special need for insight, talent, or work. And it has always been risk-free, no? Voltaire, Mandelstam, Orwell, Assange, Greenwald--what a racket!


My guess is that 10% or less of Americans really care about this. People want to feel safe from assorted boogie men. I don't even know exactly what I think about all this.