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Trump Will Have Vast Powers. He Can Thank Democrats for Them


People are easily frightened.

Trump has no more power than any president since JFK, who was going to change things and was ELIMINATED.

Trump is the system - nothing has changed save it is now more honest - more visible - an absolutely corrupt system from top to bottom.


Democracy is not a business. Democracy is FAMILY and People over profits.


I'd love it if Reich and Frank would quit their tenured positions to get out and organize and connect in the way that they claim Democrats aren't. It'd be great! Living near and working in red country, I'm sure local folks would love their involvement. Oh, and maybe Greenwald will get active and start pursuing legal approaches to ensure transparency in the coming Trump administration. Let's see these clear-eyed fellows out on the landscape doing good!


And the Trump apologists arguing from the left, even now, are saying, don't worry, because Trump will save us from WWIII, because he and Putin exchanged a few nice comments.

Meanwhile of course, and long before the election, Trump had named, anti-Russian, Super Neocon former CIA director James Woolsey to be his main foreign policy advisor, and to help him formulate that promised military buildup.

So many on the left ignored the very obvious and real danger of this obvious psychopath having these extraordinary powers to mete out his own personal notions of "justice" against his personal enemies, at his own whim.

News conferences should be quite entertaining in a very scary sardonic sense, when this jerk is relishing his strongman persona. I mean, can you imagine the dreams of power this megalomaniac has?

No doubt you have had such visions, but the leftists who actually defended this jerk, and in fact, STILL ARE. Not so likely.


You are deluded, fantasizing that the Deep State would see Trump as a threat.

Also, your complete dismissal that Trump inherits the Presidency at a time of unprecedented powers is pathetic, saying that he has no more power than JFK did. You are kidding us right?

Rather, you seem to miss the very real possibility, that Trump is here to invert the inverted totalitarian State, much sooner.

More honest? What the cluck are you talking about???????

You argue that Trump has any interest in transparency. Oh yes, you argue, Trump has now unveiled the corruption.

What an insane argument.


Believe you missed the mark.

My vote was Green, the Greater Good, Not the Lesser Evil . . . either one of them . . . ergo, my intended point, Oblio


How can we escape the electoral circus when we recognize that the system is rigged but continue to work within it?

Direct Democracy


I know, I know. If only 61,000,000 people had voted with you! If the world were DIFFERENT, it would be much better! If only empire had only been on the ballot! Not silly little things like racism, bigotry, torture, etc.

But empire was not and will not be on any ballot. You want to end empire your course needs to be genuinely revolutionary, and that isn't The Green Party or messing around in politics that are trying to deal with those little issues.


Too bad the Clinton campaign got LESS SUPPORT from Latinos than the Obama campaign did. Against the vile Trump. More Latinos voted for TRUMP than voted for ROMNEY. Too bad the CLINTON CAMPAIGN was so weak, awful, horrific, and stupid, that it spent its entire funds and rhetoric on insulting Trump supporters, instead of actually laying out a COMPELLING VISION for the USA. And too bad YOU are so STUPID that you cannot COMPREHEND what an AWFUL and STUPID campaign YOUR Democrats ran, and what an awful record YOUR Democrats have in selling out the masses of US voters and their families and communities over the past three decades, instead of actually FIGHTING for decency in the USA.


We are dangerously on the same page. This can not continue. I'll try to fix it.

Many still think of empire and "foreign policy" in 1960s terms. It is no longer mainly a matter of military adventures and coups. America itself is enwebbed in an empire that has little to do with its own borders or the borders of others. Or it's own economy, if such can be said to exist. It is not a policy.

I can be accused of being small or too incremental in my views, but I despise the futility of throwing rotten tomatoes at such an edifice. If posters here have something more effective in mind I haven't seen evidence of it.


I called Clintons campaign god awful back in August, for many of the reasons you yell about. None of which excuses a failure to fight the election of Trump and empowerment of aggressive racism. Enjoy your nyaah, nyaah moment though.


You are the person on these threads doing nothing but "Nyah nyah nyah." i'm enjoying NOTHING about this horrific situation that YOU and YOURS have created.


Actually there ARE Trump supporters on the left, still apologizing for this jerk. Making completely inane and baseless arguments in support of the notion that somehow he represented some sure thing of a lesser evil.

Oh yes, the guy who promised to build a wall, round up Mexicans, ban Muslims, legalize torture, and all of the rest of it.

There are those on the left who dissembled, and dismissed the obvious dangerous fascism that his campaign represented.

When I argued against those apologizing for Clinton, the correct the record types, I of course was accused of being a Trump supporter. Imagine that!

But the sorry fact is, Trump is an out and out fascist, who will now inherit the powers that the Obama Administration so effectively codified into law.

But, now the meme is, well at least Trump is an open and honest fascist!

Insanity reigns.



Take note, I have, post election, defended against criticisms those who voted for Stein, as an act of good conscience.

I have argued, that the true blame for the rise of Trump should rest with the post DLC New Democrats, and ultimately Clinton/DNC's crushing of populist message of Sanders, leaving the FAKE populist Trump standing.


There are. But the meme that is being disseminated from Dem apologists is that ANYONE who points at the responsibility that the Democratic establishment shares, is a Trump supporter.


We post here with the desire to help, and share information that other Progressives and like minded people, in common cause, should have and may not.

Why not come to this Forum with respect for the rest of us, who participate honorably, and try to contribute positively.

You know, stand on your own two feet?

Why behave only as a Parasite?


Me and mine being the rest of the United States? Okay. Still sounds like nyaah, nyaah. The world is so much larger than this site. I actually accept that.


I'm not one of those. I only call out the dissembling for Trump, and have scores of anti-Clinton comments to prove that I aint no Clinton supporter.

The blindness of so many on the left, as to the magnitude of what we are in for, is stunning.


Trump is not the fault of the Democrats. This is far larger than that. He is Americas creation, not some laboratory monster made by hidden forces.


You are correct.

The hidden forces read like a sordid history. One could start with, the most relevant history, being the formation of the DLC, and the New Democrats that aligned itself with the already existing oligarchy participated in by Republicans.

You are correct, much of this is not hidden, but well documented.

Clinton/DNC through their alliances in the MSM propped up Trump and crushed Sanders.

Thanks wikileaks for that evidence.