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Trump Will Let Nation Know About Election Rigging Once He Sees Who Wins


Trump Will Let Nation Know About Election Rigging Once He Sees Who Wins

Jon Queally, staff writer

Asked directly and repeatedly during Wednesday night's debate, Donald Trump refused to say whether or not he will accept the election day results if he loses to Hillary Clinton on November 8th.


This ludicrous cipher well portrays the mentality of his party. Good thing for The Owners (the Clintons included) that we the (chuckle) people are never allowed more than two parties.


Then we can really celebrate with the likely coronation of Queen Hillary...


I agree the election is rigged, no doubt about it! It is rigged against Bernie and Jill!


Indeed. It is annoying that this is the right thing said by the wrong person and for the wrong reasons.


I love Wallace bringing up the concept of the "...peaceful transfer of power", while the Elephant in the Room of Nov. 22, 1963 still remains.


The corporate elite media is reeling-How can Trump question the ruling of the elite----Donald you are suppose to give the usual canned answer.

Trump is right -it is fixed---anyone watching this election knows it is fixed.

The corporate media gave us 24hrs of non-stop Trump-----they ignored Sanders----the corporate media created this outcome. Any real conservative or progressive who cares about this country should be pissed. The people of this country need to take back the media-----break up the ownership of these media corporations!


Down a diarrhea chaser and the puke won't taste so shitty coming up. Ah, nothing like the smell of election fraud as the nationwide aroma of our polling places.


Let's just forget about Burned Us Sanders. He bailed on us long before the primary was finished when he did not contest the obvious and blatant election fraud by Hillary and the DNC.


Asking the elite to surrender the media is kinda like asking Imelda Marcos to give up her shoes.


If anyone truly thinks something is rigged, why would they without question accept the results? That "peaceful transfer of power" (should) assume the election is/was fair. He should have said it depends what the definition of "accept" is, or "will" is. The question is stupid and annoying; it reminds me of when the media continuously asked Bernie if he would endorse HRC "if" she wins the nomination, months before the end of the primary, and he was berated for his refusal to (then).

We all know it's rigged and I have to say I agree with Trump that she shouldn't be allowed to run.

They are both a disgrace.

Vote Stein.


Well, now I am sure. Trump is trying to lose the election. Nothing else has worked. His poll numbers just kept going up after all the hatred spewing from his mouth and the sexual allegations. He's thinking "this will throw the election for sure"! He's a fool and a buffoon. How so many people were fooled by this charlatan is beyond me.


Because the alternative is just as bad.

Stein/Baraka 2016


I was 15 when JFK was murdered. I was in World History class when I found out. I tuned to the young lady behind me, because I knew she was a Republican, and asked: "Do you think LBJ had a hand in it?" Because she knew my parents were liberal Democratic activists and big time Kennedy supporters over native son LBJ she just smiled. To this day that was the most well played and beautiful No Comment I have "heard".


The point is that real conservatives and progressives should want to break up this corporate media monopoly. And don't be fooled by alt media----this election is a clear example how a few media corporations control the direction of an election. I hear about breaking up the banks----but never hear about breaking up these mega media corporations---even from the alt media.


Glad I already voted for Jill Stein.


They are both criminals. Trump is just another consummate upper(?) crust con artist. While Hillary is just a common street criminal with a law degree. Trump hires lawyers to keep him out of prison. Hillary hires lawyers and blackmails people to keep her out of prison. Thick as thieves a.k.a. politicians!


I have attempted to advocate on this site for many years that againstits of the progressive variety start a campaign against the big six media companies but up till now nobody has been much interested,

Big Media are the weak links in the Powers That Be because the only thing they have to sell is access to consumer attention. They have no inventory to unload before making new stuff. Attacked in sufficient numbers, they will pretend to cave then have to live up to what they are saying. Communicating agitators would have to stay on them, of course. We know all too well that if were up to them, cigarette commercials would be back and plentiful. Alcohol advertiding us sneaking back in. When I was was young and callow, a mention of vaginas on TV would have been unthinkable. Now they're a whole advertising genre.

My idea is start a major idea and opinion assault, a publicity war on the Big Media companies: emails, voicemails, home made videos, blogs, letters to the editors, those "we want to hear what you think" talkback things they have going, posters, flyers the whole home communication do-it-ourselves tools they have provided us in hopes we will make money somehow for them. I think that there are people on "our side" who could produce effective creative counter propaganda and GE, News Corp, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner, and CBS are big fat targets that are highly visible and deserve to be mercilessly attacked and blamed for everything that is wrong,

The tools to do this are there, in use every day, but not well aimed yet. Media moguls can be made to run scared but only if hundreds of thousands of millions go after them. The point isn't to convince the public, it to scare the executives by hitting them with the same opinions that get posted in places like this.


Yes, and I wonder where the Tea Party went. Remember them? The seeming cascade of tea partiers all over the media only <eight years ago, the ones that would occasionally spew exactly what Trump keeps spittling, that xenophobic racist response to Obama's symbolic melanin usurpation, where are they now? Split between Johnson and Trump or doubling down on their survivalist shelters?


Which would be possibly a good thing. Time to get rid of the electoral "college" and consider a more Parliamentary model where coalitions could be formed. I like the Social/Green/Not crazy Libertarians myself