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Trump: Will We Ever Lock Him Up?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/06/trump-will-we-ever-lock-him


Trump, his wife, his sons, and his daughter, are certain to be jailed when he leaves office. This knowledge, and the knowledge of the physical and sexual assaults his children will experience, is likely adding to his drive to stay in power. The numbers that have voted early make clear that he has already lost the election.


If Biden issues a blanket pardon, my blood will boil.

This “presidents letting fellow presidents off the hook” bullshit has to stop.


I’m starting to anticipate frustration on this score. He could skip out of all charges, state or federal, in a few days here – depending on how much dexamethasone abuse his doctors are willing to overlook or oversee. Herman Cain said he felt just fine until two days before he died.

I doubt there would be any judicial proceedings against a corpse, even an ex-POTUS stiff.


You buried the lede (or lead, your choice).

It’s just silly to think of charging 45 with involuntary manslaughter for his gross negligence. And it would be nothing more than a distraction, mere politics in the general scheme of things. Besides, you omitted the very best (or worst) of the post election transgressions - treason. In the world of the hypothetical, I’ll bet you that would be infinitely easier to prove than manslaughter.

The real crimes are the ones committed prior to the theft of the 2016 election, the ones hopefully waiting in the indictments I’m hoping to see unsealed on January 21st. Money laundering and tax cheating will be what nails him, and I think he knows that. He knows what he’s done, and he’s way too stupid to have covered his tracks that well.



No, he will not be charged or prosecuted. Who is going to charge him? The people who have been empowering him for the last 4 years? Please. To bring charges would expose the complicity of all his enablers, including good old Chuck and Nancy.


Ah-Yup.  IIRC, it was ‘Tax Evasion’, and NOT murder (although he probably ordered several) that put Al Capone in the clink.   What is going to nail Tweetle-Dumb are his multiple crimes related to New York real estate, probably involving both foreign & domestic Organized Crime, violations of N.Y. state law for which neither Pence (if Trump resigns) nor Biden (after he’s voted or thrown out), nor even himself as Presidunce can issue a pardon.


Let him plead innocent due to insanity - then an insane asylum can lock him up with nothing definite on when if ever they will release him without having him die first.


What about the debts to Putin and the rest of the Russian Oligarchs (Mafia) ? Like my father in German always advised me " Gelt regiert die Welt."( Money rules the world) . They are going to want their piece.


Justice can be allowing him to return to his ‘celebrity’, ‘brand’ status and attempt to earn enough money to pay off his known bank loans.
I had thought that the german bank was smart enough to have co-signers. Then son-in-law borrowed 500 to 700 million about 15 months ago from somebody in the middle east.
We can also allow him exile.

If he loses election, expect severe behavior from this gnat.


Trump, Barr, Kushner could face the prospect of being pardoned by Biden-Harris even on the off-chance that Biden can’t persuade his and Obama’s Attorney General and Top Cop Eric Holder to return from feeding at Wall Street’s plushy velvet trough to serve in the new ’reform cabinet.'

Eric Holder, who refused to prosecute any of the bailed out banksters who looted their collapsing corporations awash in malfeasance and fraudulent business models. AG Top Cop Holder who may not have coined but judicially minted the phrase TOO BIG TO FAIL\JAIL granting professional immunity from prosecution to legally liable corporate officers also spared claw-back of the hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars they took as compensation for S & L bail-out under House of Bush in 1990 and trans national Supermarkets of Financial Services under Bush-Cheney-Paulson in 2008. As Citi Group branded itself before going tin cup in hand back to the tax-payers for bail out and whose House of Clinton first term Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin took over $160 million in personal compensation as Chief Counsel to Citi Group during the TROUBLED ASSET RELIEF PROGRAM (TARP) tax-payer bail-out structured by Bush-Cheney Treasury Secretary and former CEO of bailed out trading house turned federally guaranteed ‘bank’ Goldman Sachs namely the venerated not criminally prosecuted for collusion Hank Paulson.

Biden, whose Presidential campaign’s first big expense was hiring Larry Summers to guard the White House gates as Chief Economic Advisor, the high-billing role Conflicted Interest Summers played in the Obama-Biden campaign of 2008-09 and during that expensive to tax-payers first term with a ‘reform cabinet’ locked and stocked with Wall Street’s Apex Predators.

Summers has been the intellectual author of so much of the last 2 financial industry collapses and tax-payer bail-outs spawned during the House of Clinton as second former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. The same Summers who has served his own interests in Public Service and billed every administration’s budget for his consulting services across party lines and as Chief Financial Advisor going back to the Reagan-Bush Morning In America years of deepening Public Debt and Trade Deficits while bullying many a regulator like Commodities Futures Trading Administration’s Top Cop Brooksley Born mercilessly during C-SPAN broadcast congressional hearings when the brave Ms Born tried to express her view that Commodities Trading needed more not less independent regulation and enforcement from the federal government.

That was Biden’s first hire, the big conflicted interest Summers whose personal investment fortune hasn’t come under scrutiny by either of his clients the DNC or RNC for allowing the financial services industry to regulate itself and for bullying regulators and legislators into axing what few regulations weren’t being enforced anyway. Biden’s pardon list would be long if any banksters were being prosecuted. Thanks to past and perhaps next Attorney General Eric Holder this won’t be a very long list. If Bill Blum were ever tapped as an AG Top Cop of financial services that might serve the Public’s Interest but not the Private Interests privileged in our policies over the last 45 years.

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That’s the “foreign” part of “foreign & domestic”.  Once domestic banks realized what a bad risk he was, none of them would lend money to Tweetle-Dumb & Co. but, as undoubtedly directed by “Uncle Vlad”,* DeutscheBank — in spite of its name, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Russian oligarchy — was happy to do so, and they now have the Drümpf-Kushner Crime Family on the hook for more than 400 million in loans. One needn’t look far to understand why Tweetle-Dumb is so subservient to (Ras)Putin . . .

*  In addition to being descended from Gregor Rasputin, Vladimir Putin is named after his great uncle, Transylvania’s notorious ‘Vlad the Impaler’.

Ridiculous article. When does this country ever jail criminality conducted in the Oval Office? If so, Bush I and II, Clinton, and Obama would all now be languishing in jail for the people they have killed overseas.


If Biden says: " we need to heal and unify the country and not look backward." SO WILL MINE!


Tweetle-Dumb has been violating N.Y. State tax, real estate and banking laws for years decades, and with Giuliani no long there to let him off the hook, State law enforcement is closing in:

No Presidunce – not chicken-shit Biden (if elected) nor funny-dementalist “christian” Pence (if Tweetle-Dumb resigns before January 20) nor even Tweetle-Dumb himself – can pardon anyone for a non-Federal crime.  SFAIK, neither the Senate nor the House – neither Schemer nor P’Loser – has any pardon power whatsoever.

Stormy Daniels seems like a lifetime ago.

Le Saboteur d’Orange will lock us all up before we can catch him, I fear.

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