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Trump Will Win In 2020


A good VP running mate and a release of more of his tax returns would help.


Both claimed to have a secret plan to win a war. Neither actually produced any plan. That is one more thing they had in common.


Wise words from Mencken 97 years ago! And he was right! It happened!


This thing doesn’t belong on Common Dreams.


Oh, let’s do BOTH!


I agree with the author. The Democrats are hoping Mueller’s investigation will take out Trump.
If that doesn’t happen, then what? Where are the Democrats ideas? They have none. Trump will also have the power of being the incumbent which gives him an advantage.


People want to vote for Bernie and Liz, but the neoliberal Dems in control of the party are again pushing lukewarm Wall Street candidates like Biden and Booker. Lose again and they won’t care. With large campaign funds from wealthy donors, their control is set.

We know the system is rigged, but insist on playing their game.

Direct Democracy


This could very well happen as the Democrats of this era have shown a particular propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; particularly when they let themselves be led about like their corporate wing’s poodles.
Until the Democrats get their corporate wing to heel (which is quite unlikely), this will continue.


What strengthens your point is the fact that the US no longer has a draft–but, yes it does have an economic ‘draft’–wars are raging, people are being slaughtered (about one million Iraqis gone, countless more through out the ME and Afghanistan) and where is the ‘peace’ movement aside from Code Pink?


You appear to be suggesting that women of that time were largely indifferent if their male friends, lovers, and brothers were drafted, so long as they themselves were not in the crosshairs. That is highly inconsistent with what I remember of that period. Moreover, the anti-war youth movements back then were mostly founded and led by men, as was the case for the majority of the social movements, even if women did much of the legwork. Second wave feminism, as a movement it its own right, was an outgrowth of the civil rights struggles for other groups, and while it is true that Feminist organizations did not invest much energy into fighting the draft, their opposition to the war and all its killing also took a back seat to their primary focus on women’s issues.

Give credit where credit is due! It wasn’t primarily the draft… it was the dead and dying!

That wasn’t my impression. I remember a lot of signs like “Hell no, we won’t go.” And “End the war Bring the troops home” and “Abolish conscription now”. Yes, there was opposition to the killing, but what gave the youth protest movement its energy was that our youth was being forced to go over and do the killing (and risk getting killed in the process). Ending the draft appears to have been a very effective tool in blunting the war protest movements. Ditto for the move towards proxy wars and drone killings. We are still perpetrating mass and largely indiscriminate killing, and we are still engaged in one of the longest, sprawling, multi-front wars we’ve ever conducted, but so long as our own troops are kept mostly out of harm’s way, the protests generally amount to little more than spasmodic or ineffectual fringe opposition, even on our campuses. They don’t seem to have the breadth, the energy, and most of all the persistence that they had against the Vietnam war, when the hated draft was in effect. So either the draft was a huge factor back then, or people just didn’t care as much about death and dying after the draft was ended.


I couldn’t bring myself to read on after your beginning error but the point I was making was that all of the women in the anti-war movement did not join because they feared being drafted.


Trump will win in 2020 if Bernie Sanders is not elected Demo candidate or run as an independent


Women care a lot about some feminist issues and care little about other feminist issues. Women give importance to equal pay for equal work, violence against women, inadequate maternal and infant care, inadequate health for all, the Lack of Affordable and Competent Child Care, gender discrimination in colleges and work place. Most women give much less attention to military issues or abortion laws except in cases of rape, possibility of maternal death.


Trump will win in 2020 if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not elected demo candidates the President and V President.


Did Nixon have grand juries investigating him? Because that’s a thing.


It’s 2017. I think it’s premature to say what happens.
The various groups adamantly opposing the Trump Adm. are trying to coalesce around the progressive populist economic messages of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. And, the voting and equal rights groups having their battles, as well. My guess is the environmentalist org.s will be sacrificed to the expediency of jobs! jobs! jobs! jobs!
White privilege pandering by both legacy parties always means they get top billing.:wink:

Divided gov’t will certainly be the buzzword phrase in 2020. With gerrymandered Congressional and state districts and hostile federal courts, causing much of that division. If another big bubble in real estate or healthcare bursts, that’ll also factor in 2020 election results. I only really think one certainty, about our future, is a sure solid bet here:
" The battle is over, but the wars go on ".


Because you have a policy against reading anything you deem mistaken? If so, doesn’t that severely restrict your chances of finding out where you are mistaken?

"but the point I was making was that all of the women in the anti-war movement did not join because they feared being drafted.

If that was your point, then your point utterly failed to address–much less counter–the point made by Yunzer–that even the youth resistance to the war was largely motivated by the draft - not concern for Asian people faraway. The draft was a large motivation for the people who formed and led that protest movements, and it was a large motivation for those who joined and followed, even for women and people who qualified for deferments who were not personally at risk of being drafted. If you think young women of that period were capable of being motivated by concern for distant Asian people (in a war that did not directly threaten them), surely they would have been at least as capable of being motivated by concern for all the young men in their lives.


You don’t think Andrew Cuomo could defeat Trump? Banned high-volume horizontal fracking in NYS. Free tuition in all state colleges and universities. Fifteen dollar minimum wage. Set strongest clean energy goals in the country. What have Sanders and Warren accomplished? Okay, Warren got a consumer agency that Trump wants to eliminate.


I think you might have misplaced a reply to someone else’s post. Threaded as a response to mine, it wound up looking like a non sequitur.


That doesn’t seem to matter to folks …