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Trump Willing to Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Americans in Effort to Win Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/trump-willing-kill-hundreds-thousands-americans-effort-win-election


Juan, good writing.
Dr. Acton in Columbus Ohio saved thousands of lives.
Then, armed guys show up in front of her house.
Texas has 1,200 rest homes that will very soon be empty due to C-19 deaths there.
Employees not wearing masks in some of those cash cows.

Both political parties are too blame for lame public health at every level,
County, state and CDC itself is plagued with scandals over the past 30 years.


If you have been tested and and you are negative, I would conclude you don’t need to wear a mask.
But the tests are not definitive.
So you are never really sure if you are truly carrying the infection.

How long does it take to be infected when you are out and about?
How long after you have been infected can you spread the infection?

Wear the mask stupid! What an asshole leader (if you can call him that) we have in this country. No mask, no entry, no mask, no just get away from me. Vote them all out now! Peace


All you need to do is say it isn’t so and then it isn’t so. Or say it is so and then it is so. Even though reality is the complete opposite. It works flawlessly on Trump’s cult. Reality is whatever you say it is. Some call it gaslighting and Trump has mastered the art of it among those who simply cannot think for themselves. To be fair many so-called liberals fall for the same shit from their side as well. Red and Blue will fuck with you.

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His idiot “followers” deserve to get sick and die. Maybe since a lot are evangelicals, that he can cure them kinda like a modern day fat, “blond” haired jesus.


This is frustrating to me, too. If you look on the covid-19 maps Kansas where I live is always shown to have a low incidence of the virus, but most counties here have tested less than 4% of their populations so the data is terribly misleading. In the “ignorance is bliss” town where I reside very few people wear masks and/or practice social distancing, including the physical therapy center I went to where I was going to get PT (I’ve since canceled this). There is only one store in town - a thrift store run by the Mennonite Church - that makes you wear a mask and use hand sanitizer if you shop there. Even though I wear a mask in public it’s still scary to go out amongst all the unprotected and careless people.

I hate to say it, but the best we can hope for is that most of the people that get infected will be the trump supporters so we don’t have to deal with these terrible people who are making life difficult for everyone else any more. Maybe when the herd is done being culled we’ll end up with a kinder gentler population.


Unfortunately if his following are so stupid and ignorant enough to listen to the President and do his bidding, then honestly they deserve what they get!


Having a brain doesn’t necessarily mean one uses it.

Just look at how 95% of the voting electorate always votes to keep the same two parties politicians in power.

I’m in favor of it so long as they are all his supporters. Lock them up together at his rallies.

“Our healthcare system” is the fault of both parties, last I looked.

Why dont we fix that?

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Last I looked the penalty for stupidity wasn’t death. Republicans are being manipulated but Democrats are too, just in different ways.

Both are pretty dangerous, actually. maybe a million of us have died early of conditions that shouldn’t have killed us just because our healthcare system is rigged. It couldnt have been rigged and kept that way for 25 years unless both parties were cooperating to keep it that way.

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It’s called INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-people have been warned—I really think we should have followed the Sweedish method-----because of what we are doing we could make this virus a regular thing----they are saying the virus will stay until about 70% have been infected-----the whole world has been infected--------and really it is the US that would have stopped this thing-------but we have two broken political parties and a govermnt that is falling apart-----

The USA Today had an article about the meat shortage being rigged so these food corporations could get special favors.

I just read that the meat industry has some huge amount of meat in cold storage, so they have no need to have people risk their lives the way they are.

If you go to Europe, its so different, many of us have never lived outside of the constant threat of healthcare disaster, so we have no idea what its like to have a normal life.

What they have done is create a system like it was in the Communist countries of Eastern Europe where one comment could ruin peoples lives. here one small illness can and often does cause a chain of disasters in somebodys life leading to bankruptcy, homelessness, death.

At least a million Americans have literally lost their lives because of this system who would not have in the other rich countries that have functional healthcare systems. I really hope the people who have created this mess and who perpetuate it are brought to justice, thats all I can say.


The problem is many of his “idiot followers” will NOT get sick and die BUT they will infect many, many others and cause the death of those who are vulnerable to the virus because of age, infirmity, co-morbidity, etc. THAT IS THE PROBLEM with the idiot followers of the IDIOT-IN-CHIEF: Bunker Baby, Trump

As long as 95% keep the corporate parties in Washington DC, this will never happen.

Sorry to be blunt but look at the last 50+ years results.

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Of course they get sick, like other people do. Lots of Trump supporters who have railed against social distancing, lockdowns, etc, have disregarded them, and then predictably gotten sick. At the beginning of the epidemic I saw a lot of those stories, typically showing people in tears who had been in news stories a few weeks earlier disregarding common sense. Thats still happening however its no longer newsworthy unless its really an egregious case.

The problem is the high number of asymptomatic but contagious people. For the level of infection to go down everybody has to observe a higher level of caution, under the assumption that some fairly high percentage have the illness but just dont know it.

But if people ignore that need, we’ll have fairly high amounts of illness all around the country until it burns its way through most of the population. Which may not even offer them immunity for long. We frankly dont know.

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I don’t think people will be at all happy campers once they start having to train their replacements. At that point, the same people who are in charge will likely create a multiplicity of fake progressive sounding (or extreme right wing) parties but all of them will be captured too, and by the same underlying people, you can bet on it, thats what they do. Nothing can be successful now in the US unless its been co-opted. The powers that be would not allow it. So in that respect its basically a lot like totalitarianism. The essential element of democracy is the people actually being able to vote for and effectuate change. Without that ability to actually change things that are economic - not just political, and not just superficial, (it has not been that way since the mid to late 90s) its not democracy, and so it cant steer society out of disasters. It can only steer us into them.

I was really surprised to see this story on the front page of USA today-----and pork has been the biggest export to------China--------???