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Trump Won Because Democratic Party Failed Working People, Says Sanders


Trump Won Because Democratic Party Failed Working People, Says Sanders

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Adding his voice to the chorus of condemnation heaped on the Democratic Party in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday attributed the Republican win to the failure of the liberal elite to represent working people.


I agree completely with Senator Sanders.

If the Democratic Party doesn't reform itself, it may be time to found a new party.
The Dems also need to choose a new name. They're not democratic,there was nothing democratic about the way the primary and DNC convention were conducted.
The party elite thought that since they were rolling in money,(the $ raised by Hillary), of course they would win. Money is everything to the DNC elite (and their corporate overlords). They did not respect nor listen to the voices and concerns of their own people in their party. They demonstrated the same disdain for their party base as the Republicans did for theirs.


Bernie has hit upon the great tragedy of this election: because of the candidate the Democratic Party chose to run, and a campaign that focused largely on Trump's unsuitability for office, millions of independent and other voters in the heartland of this country felt neglected by the party that was supposed to be their champion. As a result, a historic opportunity to shift the country to the left via Bernie's campaign for democratic socialism has been lost, and the electorate is now perceived as having shifted to the right (even though that is not the case and Hillary won the popular vote).

It is the urgent task of the progressive movement and the left wing of the Democratic Party, and Bernie Sanders, to reach out to, inspire, and recapture those millions of voters in 2018 and 2020. That Bernie is saying this so early demonstrates that he has known this result was possible all along.


I just watched the following video from Political Revolution TV (worth watching) and took these main points.

1) By 2018 it should have become clear whether Trump can deliver the jobs he's promised to the millions of working class Americans who voted for him. If he succeeds, more power to him. However it is extremely unlikely he will. Thus the midterm elections will likely be an excellent opportunity to put more progresssives in the House, maybe in the Senate too.

2) In the meantime progressives should cultivate agendas and relationships that crossover into Trump's base. After all Trump's message to working class people was very much like Bernie's, after you strip away the bombast, racism, etc - the core message being Americans need work and America needs a lot of work done.

3) The Democratic Leadership has been shown to be corrupt and inept, making real change within the Democratic Party possible. Keith Ellison for DNC chair!

18 Reasons why Trump's Win is Good - According to my Dad...


Ain't nothing good about Trump's win, except we'll realize how different his administration will be from the horrible, sellout, Obama administration, let alone that of Killary's. I mean, here's what we have to look forward to

I maintain a lot of folks are going to realize that normalcy under Obama wasn't so bad.


Bernie was their last chance with me. I've left for the Greens, to build them into the viable left party. I say we peel off the progressive politicians from there who have been denigrated and dismissed by them and get them to run as Greens, since they already have known names and can get the Green Party over 5% of the vote in a lot of states, for regular ballot access and federal funding.


Sanders is right. Also, he is more likely to run in 2020 with Trump as President than he would have with Clinton as President. It is likely that if Clinton had won, he would not have run for President again.


I watched the linked video, but I think most of the silver lining depend on Trump keeping his campaign promises, and the election remembering it, which I doubt both.


"Owning Class" is too kind.

i prefer to call it the "Looting Class."


Outstanding! I hope Bernie's around in 2020, and, if not, I hope we can find another candidate as dynamic as he is. So far, I don't see any.

Bernie's support of Hillary was the right move to try to block Trump. Anybody can see that now. He was absolutely right about how terrible Trump is and will be. The problem, as always, was Hillary, who held on to both a public and a private position on every issue. Working people knew she would go back to supporting the TPP as her leaked email showed that she would.


You will never get it.

It is the DNC and the Clinton campaign -- and the looting class that owns them ever since the Clintonite DLC sold the party to it -- that bear primary blame for the victory of Trump in this election.

You will endlessly echo the delusional chorus that blames anyone and anything except that.

Yes there are other contributing factors. But the only way the Democrats can move forward in a useful way is to own its own responsibility for selling out the masses of people.

EDIT: My apology, i replied before i read the post you were replying to, and before i absorbed the full meaning of your post. It's more my knee-jerk, knowing how you posted here during the run-up to November 8.


LongFisher, NO, "the title of this article does not even partially 'say it all'".

The only accurate and complete title should be, "Trump Won Because Democratic Party Fucked Working People" --- and Sanders perhaps inadvertently helped the DNC (by failing to do TWO things that could have Won the Election for the people of our former country and the world):

  1. Sanders could have taken the advice that "he was not going to get through this thing and win unless he spoke-out against the Empire" --- which he was advised by me in May 2015 at Governor's Inn in Rochester NH. And if Bernie had "been a real socialist" and "spoken out about the Empire" he "coulda been a contender" and won even as an effin Democrat.

  2. Sanders also could have won, even after Clinton and the DNC shoved him out, IF, and only IF, he had taken Jill up on her amazingly magnanimous offer to take the presidential slot on the Green ticket ----- in which case, Bernie as the Green Presidential candidate would have polled well over 15%, and probably well into the mid 20s%, which would mean that he could NOT have been excluded from the Presidential national TV debates (even though they are run/monopolized by the private corporate ersatz non-Federal Election Corporation FEC) and that means that Bernie could have easily 'wiped the effin floor' with both the rougher-talking neocon 'R' Vichy Party's egomaniac sociopath, 'il Donald' fascist Trumpster Dumpster, and with the smoother-lying neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy Party's "Empress-in-waiting" and certified War Hawk, Killary Klinton.

So Bernie had TWO, TWO, TWO ways to win this fucking scam of a (s)election!!!!

However, as John Belushi famously said on the old SNL skit ----- "But Nooooo"

Bernie wouldn't expand his gutless, incomplete, and phony two-word sound-bite campaign slogan, "Political Revolution" (although missing an ‘object’) —- “against what?
Against WTF? Bernie” —- although it was partially focused on firing a; loud, sustained, public, but peaceful “Shout (not shot) heard around the world”, which “coulda been a contender” if Bernie had completed the non-violent progressive ‘action sentence’ to ignite a Second American “Political Revolution against Empire” —- this time against this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has ‘captured’, controls, and merely ‘poses’ as our formerly proud and sometimes progressive ‘experiment in democracy’.

I hate to be a Paine, Bernie, but, “Give me Liberty from Empire, or Give me Death”

No cigar, Bernie baby.


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Sanders is a Clinton SELLOUT!
"The lesser of the two evils" is also a sellout phrase parroted by non thinkers.
Hindsight is 20/20 and excuses are just that! EXCUSES!
Half America has hope and a vision. The other half is hopelessly blind and full of excuses.


Many of us on this site knew we couldn't go through 4 more years of Clinton and the neoliberal group that had taken over the Democratic party. This is the tonic to the illness. They would have never changed a thing and she would have had us in a war with Russia.
Sadly this was the only way to wake the party up to the fact that they are no longer valuable to the people that vote.
There will be pain. They will try to go balls to the wall on what the Republicans love but if enough of us stay involved we can make a difference.
A party that represents people and planet over profit is the key. We either build it or find it, but we need a strong movement that will fight for right.


Oh .. don't get me wrong .. I'm prepared for a horror show ..

So .. the question of "what to do" arises .. and from an electoral standpoint I like (1) preparing for 2018 and (2) taking the leadership of the Democratic Party away from the corporatists.

Until and unless the populist left (progressives) and the populist right can come to terms with one another this nation is going to continue to seeth and boil. We must find common ground apart from the "Two Major Parties" who delight in dividing us among ourselves, keeping the elites in power.


Exactly. Instead of attacking the Republican candidates and party, we should focus on fixing the Democratic Party so it no longer runs neoliberal candidates. The first thing I would focus on is eliminating "super delegates."


When you back the most corrupt politician in History, you end up with no credibility. So sad for him.


Hey no worries at all. The fact is, Clinton had clear issues. For me, she was preferable to Trump because Republican control of government was just too dangerous. I felt like too many on here were dismissive of what that would, and now, does mean.

That all being said, we have to think about 2018. Whether Democrat, independent, whatever, we need to get people elected down ballot that represent progressive interests. It's going to be tough, and we've all got our pet issues, but in the end showing up to vote matters most.


While there are many causes for the defeat, there is one gigantic one that has been ignored. That is the failure of both Democrats and Clinton, but esp. Democrats other than Clinton, to answer the two primary Republican campaign arguments: her supposed email transgressions and the supposed jobs-loss phenomenon. Neither of these GOP charges hold water but voters were never given good, clean reasons why those 'arguments' are not valid criticisms.

In other words, once again the R's were allowed to very cheaply and effectively frame the two things which cost HRC the most. To counter the arguments (given above) one has to understand what is wrong with them and work the response down to easy-to-grasp, nearly sound-bite levels. This can always be done by smart people. Yet it was NOT done at all! In fact, many Democrats still actually believe the incorrect GOP charges!

The emails: the answer is that if that server had any importance whatsoever, its use would have been observed absolutely immediately and have been required to be withdrawn. The NSA and the FBI would've seen it immediately when it was used -- the server being impossible to hide. All criticism of it would never arise if it had any serious implications. Instead ... it ran for a long time, sustaining hundreds of thousands of emails. If it could be hacked to any disadvantage to the nation, clearly the national security apparatus would have been the first to see that.

Hilary needed tough-minded D's to come to assistance in arguing that the Trumped up charges of 'corruption' were at best political demagogery dating back 20 years or more. One would use the stupid birther debacle as a case in point of how the GOP embraces the slimiest methods in politics.

The second issue of jobs-loss has its origin not in Obama or HRC's tenure, but in the stultifying zeal of corporatism, firmly supported by Republican ideals. This cold've been argued very effectively, and hammered home with repeated -- I mean REPEATED -- reference!

The argument is that it has been American companies, not the Democrats and not Hilary, that has sent huge numbers of their products to China for manufacturing. It has been American business models and business plans that have maximized their profits by seeking cheaper labor -- this was NOT done by the Democratic party. The trade deals were pushed through Congress mainly by the GOP. Environmentalism has created more good jobs and more revenue than it has caused the loss of them. Work it out -- then work it down to easy to grasp levels, and repeat, and REPEAT it.

The general argument is based on identifying who actually must be held accountable for job loss alongside the view that yes, jobs disappear and new jobs arise, and only with a cooperative Congress can the government take job creation action. The 2008 and 2012 Congress set total obstruction as its sole operating principle.

thank you! and EFF ... let's go out and win!


We shall soon see. I havent forgotten just how bad W was. I hope Trump is better than that.