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Trump Won’t Say It, But We Will: White Terror in Charlottesville


Trump Won’t Say It, But We Will: White Terror in Charlottesville

Richard Eskow

Her name was Heather Heyer. She was marching for justice in Charlottesville when she was killed by a white racist. Say her name.

His name was Timothy Caughman. He was walking down the street in New York City when he was killed by a white racist. Say his name.


The Republican Congress can start by backing up their words by starting impeachment proceedings against the terrorist and chief. They won’t, of course, because their words are just posturing. Not that they don’t mean the words, they just won’t do anything to back them up. Words are easy; deeds more difficult.


Great article Eskow. How much the scions of a racist, hateful, and white supremacist plague that added to and bolstered such a large part of the US population which so loathed the greedy and mendacious queen of the Democratic Party that they voted for a wrenched, equally narcissistic, and sorry excuse for a human being as our reigning president. It turns my stomach.


If it’s terrorism to use a vehicle as a weapon against innocents or protesters or anyone in Nice. Berlin, Columbus, Stockholm, London and elsewhere, it’s terrorism to do the same thing in Charlottesville! This attack IS domestic vehicular terrorism!

The failure of the racist-in-chief to even understand the situation (as usual) or denounce it as terrorism and criminal racism, is part of the attack - his repeated provocations and calling for violence makes trump and his handlers complicit to murder!

One cannot shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre OR provoke violence that leads to murder or assault and not be held complicit and accountable!

If you’re not outraged, you’re NOT paying attention!


Every African American understands White Terror in their Neighborhood (Cops),


every Afghan, Iraqi, Yemenite etc.understands White Terror in their Home Countries (US),


every Native American understands White Terror as they sit in the small scrap of THEIR Native Country that has been grudgingly left THEM.

…and the Palestinians?


How ironic that the Electoral College gave us exactly the type of president that it was supposed to “protect” us from, by negating the popular vote.


It turns MY stomach to have those who disagree with a woman who, at worst is “just another politician;” at best a highly experienced and qualified pubic figure, to the bloated, morally disgusting piece of garbage now sitting in the Oval Office is truly disgusting. Villainizing those with whom we disagree to the benefit of a truly destructive individual is what has become wrong with our system.


Well the provocateur - inciter-in-chief finally spoke the words demanded of any leader worth the term that others likely wrote down for him - He clearly wouldn’t be trusted to speak himself or even write the words himself…far too dysfunctional and un-filtered.

“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” Trump said from the White House. - too bad he has no clue what those words really mean or how people are affected by the violence of hatred, racism, and bigotry.

“those who cause violence” (in the name of racism) must include those who incite (cause) violence as well as what was left unsaid, those who commit violence…I suppose…“those who cause violence” must by definition include the ginger chimp who has openly and repeatedly called for, and supported violence, including by racist elements.

When racist or mental police commit acts of violence and brutality against the people, and kill with impunity, is that part of what “we hold dear” as well? Given the record of police violence/brutality and unjustifiable murders across the US, should they be included under “those who cause violence in its (racism’s) name are criminals and thugs”? the ginger fake-prez also left out the term “terrorism”, which was predictable, given how he uses that term…and the US employs it…“Its Not Fascism When We Do It!”


The DNC gave us this President.


“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans,” Trump said from the White House.

Whoop-di-fucking-doo. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much to finally discover that the president of the United States knows how to read.


And of course so was the “revolutionary” war fought for the same reason. Isn’t it time the South understand they LOST the war? Time to repeal the electoral college and forge a new nation of true equality. This is what we owe black and native peoples. It was and still is their blood that has been shed and the soil belongs to the indigenes.


May your howl be heard far and wide.


It is high time for the anti-racists and people of good will to mount a National General Strike to be followed by total, Gandhian non cooperation.


Huge numbers of people DID NOT vote.


Trump said he renounced the violence and so on, “INCLUDING the KKK, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis.” Carefully worded to put the onus on the counter protesters and not on his base.


The DNC gave us this President.


No Richard, this is the thing we won’t say ourselves: Our President is himself, a white supremacist and a fascist. He doesn’t just align or defend these organizations. He is part and parcel to them. Years ago he was calling for the death penalty for the Central Park five AFTER it had been discovered that the Central Park jogger had been killed by another man. He raged against Obama’s legitimacy and kept alive the fiction that Obama wasn’t born in America. Steve Bannon, a white nationalist, is his chief strategist. When are you in the media going to stop dancing around the issue and face up to who Donald Trump really is because as we speak the DOJ is collecting information on who has visited anti-Trump web sites, the Kobach commission is working to eliminate millions of legitimate voters from the voting rolls, and Ajait Pai is handing over the majority of TV stations to a Right Wing Sinclair group. Are we all going to be shocked and amazed when President Trump announces that he’s suspending the 2020 elections because of too much voter fraud? Wake up. Charlotteville is the opening salvo of a man who wants to be a dictator and 50% of Republicans are willing to support his efforts to do so. Many of them carry automatic weapons.