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Trump ‘Working Visit’ to Britain Has to be Cancelled After He Outrages All 65 Million Britons


Trump ‘Working Visit’ to Britain Has to be Cancelled After He Outrages All 65 Million Britons

Juan Cole

Scores of members of parliament and London mayor Sadiq Khan, of Muslim heritage, have said that Trump is not welcome in the country.


He is a mad dog, diving the world toward the abyss. He personifies the fatal illness of America. It was already coming, but he has accelerated it, and the brakes are failing! It is looking as though our democracy is passin


(Hit the wrong key…Sorry). To continue: passing the point of no return.


Hats off to the Brits! I have to say though, I’m happier when he’s out of the country. If we can’t find anywhere else on the planet that actually wants a visit from Trump, we could try launching him into space.


In a weird way, I’m glad for Trump. He has ripped the facade off of America’s faux “democracy,” and exposed all of its twisted sick hypocrisy for the world to see. Most of the world saw it before anyway - and most of us on the left, regardless of which wing of the Corporate Party occupied power - but it sickened me to watch the wink-wink-nod-nod dog whistling BS that spewed from official mouths year in and year out, while we hypocritically did the precise opposite. “Land of the free” while locking up more humans than any other nation on earth. “Peace-loving force for good” while launching more wars and having military in more countries than any nation in history. “Democracy” while destroying the Constitution and building a police state the Stasi would have been jealous of. Lecturing other nations on human rights abuses while committing more of them ourselves. Etc, etc, etc.

I love that all of that is now blown wide open and the US under Trump is no longer even bothering to pretend it is anything other than a neo-fascist, racist, hegemonic empire bestriding the world and running roughshod over any- and everyone else it doesn’t feel like playing nice with, ally or enemy alike. Just blatant, in-your-face “we are the masters, fuck everyone else including our own citizens” with a huge middle finger extended for all to see.

I hate it - but at the same time I’m glad of it, if that makes any sense?


Trump is toxic in western European countries. Those countries currently have their own problems with white nationalists as immigrants from the Middle East flooded in. In the US that hate against Muslims is based on lies because Muslims are very well integrated into US society and are doing quit well economically and in other ways. In the Europe the Muslims have not been as well integrated into society and there are real social problems that need to be addressed. A demagogue like Trump can easily whip up hate in the US against any group that doesn’t put Jesus Christ at the center of their beliefs. Whether it is Jews, Muslims, Hindus, secularists, etc, those groups are easy targets for hate in the US. And just being black is enough to become a target of widespread hate. The US is full of hate. Many politicians have been responsible and have avoided using this hate for political advantage and have called for tolerance but an opportunist like Trump who is a racist himself sees it as a way to gain power.


Let’s start a poll right here in the good Ole USA.


I’d be willing to bet we get at least 300 million YES’s.


Your recitation of US hypocrisy is spot-on, if necessarily incomplete, but I don’t see cause for celebration in its newly unapologetic, in-your-face visibility. That, to me, suggests that the .001% is confident in the efficacy of its preparations, and that we had better prepare ourselves as well.


That should settle the reason that the Trumpster isn’t going to Great Britain. We have come to know the Trumpster as a bigoted, misogynistic homophobe, but he is our bigoted, misogynistic homophobe and we hold all the love for him we feel that he deserves.


Dear Fellow sane citizens in the UK. As an American citizen I am begging you - on my knees - please take Donald Trump and do with him whatever strikes your fancy. Just take get him away from my children, our daughters, and all Americans. Lock him up! Give him a new pin-striped suit and a new home, a new boyfriend, and don’t forget the shiny new iron bars. Please, please.


Oh, if only the queen would walk out onto her balcony and hold up a FUCK TRUMP! placard… There’d immediately be a shortage of placards world wide.


The US deserves him for what it has done to the world. But it is so embarrassing.


You can judge a country’s leaders by their willingness to host the Orange Psychopath.


Some places hate Trump so much his hotels are being renamed.

Notice as well this is party due to slow construction and bad financial problems. Adios Trump. The inside of these hotels is an extremely tacky tribute to the worst possible presentation of cheesy opulant wealth. Trump does nothing refined because he is such an insufferable bore and man-child narcissit


So in the US Muslims have been well integrated into society and in Europe they have not? This statement is utter bullocks and it is full of a naive patriotism that is far more harmful than good.

The difference between the US and Europe/Canada is that in your country people have to be American aka adapt or die. In saner countries multiculturalism is respected - the norm. Other countries celebrate difference in the US difference is seem as un-American.

I’d love to know where you got your obviously American bias that Europe has an integration issue.


This atheist says amen to what you say. I bitch about this false thinking that USA government is so great. It was founded on theft and cruelty. It’s time for the real Americans to stand up and kick all these assholes to the curb.


So now Donald Trump and Roy Moore have another thing in common, besides being sexual predators. They have both been banned from certain locations for unacceptable behavior - Roy Moore from a shopping mall and Donald Trump from Great Britain, our former ally.


I would like to see ole Liz give Tdump the old pressed ham salute as he drove by Buckingham!


A ;lot of caring Americans don’t think trump is welcome here in the USA EITHER.


The U.S. nor the rest of the world deserves such a person being in a position where a single button press is what separates our current lives from nuclear Armageddon.