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Trump Would 'Chew Him Up and Spit Him Out,' Bernie Sanders Warns of Bloomberg Following Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/21/trump-would-chew-him-and-spit-him-out-bernie-sanders-warns-bloomberg-following


Bloomberg does have enough money to easily purchase delegates at second convention ballot in Milwaukee.

Wondering why democratic party is not working hard to get people registered to vote. Waiting a few more months insures Trump gets re-elected.

Five more years of trumpo and we will have to build bridges for homeless to shelter under!!


It’s very simple. The DNC will not promote a voter registration drive anywhere until AFTER the primaries are over. The last thing in the world they want now is more independent and liberal voters taking part in their primaries, as it would lead to a progressive landslide for Sanders.
No, they will wait until at least mid summer. And if Bloomberg manages to purchase the nomination, there will be no voter registration drive at all.
The Clintonite run Democratic Party still will not admit that it wasn’t the evil Russkies, or Wikileaks, or Martians that caused the great debacle of 2016. It would kill the DNC to admit that it was a concentrated and well organized voter suppression and gerrymandering campaign in key swing states that caused them to lose all three houses 4 years ago, a campaign I might add that continues today in the form of voter purges.
This could be a pivotal year not only for America, but the hapless Democratic Party as well. We could literally see a candidate lose the popular vote by some 5 to 7 million votes, and still win the electoral college.


Bernie is correct on both counts. There is no amount of Fear, shame, guilt or ‘obligation’ that the DNC can generate that push any of the 3-B’s or Warren over the top (K is a nonevent). They are all selling various forms of status Quo by various means of “Pragmatic Triangulated Incrementalism”. It won’t sell. And Trump will win. And as many here have speculated, we aren’t sure that winning is the DNC goal anymore.


The economy is rigged and we should begin supporting our police and soldiers with a living wage along with everyone else.

Chicago rookie police with high school diploma only, starts at $78,000 per year plus a pension that is overly generous. Enlisted army sergeant with two children gets food stamps.


Actually, the Democrats (as well as each campaign on its own) are working quite a lot on voter registration initiatives. Stacey Abrams’ group “Fair Fight” has been particularly energetic in this regard. Here is an article on their efforts in Texas as an example: ttps://abcnews.go.com/Politics/texas-democrats-launch-largest-voter-registration-campaign-hobble/story?id=68150180


Thank you.
I knew Stacey is active.
The idea put forth by BigB above does not permit enough time to contact our young peoples to get them interested, active in local, county, state and federal affairs. DNC does not have the loot in the boot to pay the wages of organizers.

Our high school civics teachers sure ain’t gettin the ‘citizenship’ message across.

We do absolutely need hundreds of thousands of young people registered in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan to name a few - to overcome the trump vote AND third party votes (MIch.) that Hilary threw away in 2016.

Hoping we all survive the second ballot at the Milwaukee convention.

An idea would be to contact the League of Women Voters as they do voter registration across the nation. Where I live I was able to get them to come to a local food shelf (pantry/bank).


I have made several donations to Fair Fight as their efforts are commendable to my mind. When all else fails–demonstrations, voting–we need to remember we are facing two existential threats and are all on the ropes and act accordingly and use Mahatma Gandhi as the example: Total, non cooperation.


Bravo Bernie. Tellin’ it like it is.


Bernie was toying with Gloria Vanderbilt’s son… as the audience was just waiting for Sanders to chew him up and spit him out.


Bernie is right about Bloomberg. Little Mike isn’t even a mouthful for Rump, and he has a big mouth.


I will vote for any candidate running against Trump (even, god forbid, Biden) EXCEPT Bloomberg. I would write in Sanders. His selection would be a slap in the face of progressives, telling us again that they can count on our votes because we have no other choice. Maybe a national pledge? Don’t know how that could happen.


So the army sergeant with two kids and food stamps gets hired into Chicago police at 78K/year

$78,000/year = 6500/month

$6500 less fed, state and misc local taxes = $4,500/month

$4500/mo less $2500 house payment, property tax and insurance = 2,000

$2000/mo less $400 car payments and insurance = $1600/mo

$400/week for food, heat, gasoline, clothes and lots of fun shopping

Around 1986, a college ROTC fella was offered a Chicago PD job as an under cover. I said no, don’t take that. Too dangerous.
Desert Storm, 3rd ID, 7th regt cottonbalers went through at point of VII corp. Soon after, Fellas died of brain cancer, kidney failure, and now Parkinson’s disease. Still dying off. They had gas masks but the filter canisters never got to the guys until seven days later. Armor battle at Medina Ridge. Actual footage available at youtube. Mustard gas and other.

About 2007, riding south on train from Wrigley field after game, all standing. Plainsclothes police LT. asked me if he could recruit this big guy, who had his two very young sons along. I advised no, he was already gov.t military.

By now, it is very obvious that my advice was totally wrong, every time.

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IMHO Bloomberg isn’t running for POTUS, he’s running to stifle Sanders after the rest failed. All the money he’s spending is insurance against future wealth taxes, a wise investment on his part. I expect him to turn over his delegates at a brokered convention to a DNC approved candidate, or step-down to VP with Hillary in charge. The answers to the last question at the NV. debate was the “tell” on this subject. Never forget the DNC pledge - “A Democrat for life”, to receive the dem nomination for President, also the last ditch effort to steal the nomination from Sanders, when all else fails.

I’ve been away for awhile, so if this topic has already been discussed, forgive me.

Where does one find an ethical job as a wage slave in a capitalist growth machine that is set on killing all warm blooded life on Earth as quickly as possible?

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Along very similar lines and in fact equally important, teachers those dedicated responsible people who work hard to educate youth very often are severely underpaid and sometimes take a second job to pay the bills.

Campaign for better pay for teachers and better schools for our youth. Education is the key for change.


If one watched the latest from Chris Matthews, that guy is now repeating right wing talking points stating that in promising Medicare for all to all Americans Bernie Sanders is trying to buy the election.

Is there a stupider man on Television?