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Trump: Young People 'Almost Immune' to Coronavirus. WHO Chief: 'Young People Can Be Infected' and 'Die'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/trump-young-people-almost-immune-coronavirus-who-chief-young-people-can-be-infected


Who needs science when they have tRUMP ?

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Currently, the U.S. is under a Congress, and a Judiciary, that have are in thrall to an Administration that is so deeply corrupt, that neither party is capable of doing anything constructive. The House, with corporate Democrats in the majority, are loathe to “rock the boat”; the Senate, under the control of a Republican majority, takes a weekend off in the face of various Corona-related relief programs expiring. The (obviously) one-party duopoly in national politics is destroying the fabric of the Republic.The U.S. needs more political choices, not fewer, but the current crop of “ins” has long been loathe do make any constructive changes which would actually favor the body politic at large. Neither party wants to dilute its’ power; by making Congress bigger, more voices would be able to be heard. By taking real, definite action, less crime would be able to infiltrate the Branches of Government, and less nonsense would emanate from D.C.


We know enough about covid-19 to know that we don’t know everything.

Covid-19 can suddenly cause lifetime diabetes in otherwise healthy people. We’ve never seen this before. Covid-19 can cause strokes. Covid-19 can leave you short of breath for the rest of your life.

Apparently you can get the covid more than once in your life. Louisiana was a covid-19 hotspot in April. Then the pandemic backed down in Louisiana. Right now Louisiana is flirting with being the #1 per capita infected state in the country, if Florida just backs down a little bit. “Herd Immunity” is one of those myths, along with the Donald saying that the covid is no worse than the flu.

The biggest myth is that we can’t control the covid pandemic better. We need to stop spreading the covid through central air conditioning units. We already have MERV 13 hospital-grade filter systems on the shelf at Grainger. If we had little very gentle air vents at every restaurant table, diners would be breathing nearly 100% filtered air. Workers still need far more cheap plastic face shields. We probably need way more random testing with fast testing results, just to nip brand new outbreaks in the bud.

Now, as for the young people, I’ve heard that elementary-age kids don’t get the covid quite as much. High school kids get it like the adults do.


The other article I’d posted (eg: chronic heart issues, across the spectrum of: severity, age, co-morbidities) was scarier. But, the asymptomatic/ infectuous kids links from JAMA & NYT, ARE spooky: as faculty, drivers, service & support folks tend to be from more vulnerable, precariate populations?

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/18/health/coronavirus-children-schools.html (read the comments)

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/31/busd-j31.html (many, went to shopping apps or 1099 gigs)

~https://sirota.substack.com/p/news-cuomo-blocks-tax-hikes-on-ny (who will pay for precautions: 105 billionaires?)


~https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/07/31/when-corporate-power-is-your-real-government-corporate-media-is-state-media/ (why we can’t HANDLE the truth)


Trump is full of shit but kids under age 5 ARE pretty close to bulletproof on C19. And kids under age 18 are not far behind. The data says so. From the link below:

“There are many hints and even some data showing that children fare better against the virus on a few levels than adults do. First, only 17 children under the age of 5 nationwide have died of Covid-19, according to data reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as of July 11. That’s a little under a third the number in that age range who have died of the flu this year. And while a multi-system inflammatory syndrome, called MIS-C, affects some children infected with the coronavirus, it is rare and most recover from it.”


Right as everybody agreed things were getting less scary, at least for work-from-home whites in Manhattan; Cuomo was whining his daily equivocation fest, about a mystery spike in older, darker, shelter at home folks in Queens and Brooklyn keeping NYC from partying. Apparently, it never occured to Albany that sick essentials’ kids lived with extended family, packed into apartments unlike those on Friends or Sex in the City where asymptomatic kids & working while sick folks simply died lots less, than terrified seniors. Here’s where the NYT article originated. PhARMA & FIRE Sector stocks were out-trading Zoom, Shopify & Netflix in March.





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Have you seen these articles about small children being very good at spreading the virus?

Coronavirus infected hundreds of children at US summer camp


Small children carry high amounts of virus; safely opening colleges will be a challenge


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And it’s not exactly our “alternative,” lefty nerd blogs, now? Lancet’s been publishing some pretty SPOOKY stuff, lately. Almost, as if somebody’s discovered, if they murder too many workers, there won’t BE sufficient consumers?






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Nope, When Barron goes to public school, that’s when schools should open.

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Not a yardstick I would want to use.

Why not? You think he’d sacrifice his own prodigy?

Maybe not deliberately ( though it’s hard to be sure ). But I don’t see signs of rational thinking in magaman. He does not believe in science or logic. And he knows everything. It’s my feeling that sending children to schools now is not a good idea. I don’t think it wise to follow the leader and go off the cliff.

“Prodigy”. Was that a deliberate use of the word ?

I didn’t mean to imply anything evil or otherwise using the word “prodigy” to reference Trumps child. I agree on the absence of rational thinking with him, but Melania appears to genuinely love her child. I would expect any mother who does love their child, to resist putting them in harms way, and the reason for my above post. And I agree about not sending kids to school now. The story in the links below is strong proof IMO.

(h)ttps://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/report-coronavirus-infected-scores-of-children-and-staff-at georgia-sleep-away-camp/ar-BB17qjUZ?ocid=msedgntp
Washington Post

“Lets Talk About What Georgia Can Teach Teachers…”
Beau of the Fifth Column Platform


I don’t wish ill on anyone. Just don’t think trump sending his son to school means all is well.
About “prodigy” — I thought you used it on purpose. As opposed to “progeny” ???

“Of the 344 campers and staff for whom test results were available, 260 tested positive. Of children ages 6 to 10, over half were infected; 44 percent of those ages 11 to 17 were infected, as were one-third of those ages 18 to 21. Only seven staffers were older than 22, and two of them tested positive.”

This from a YMCA Camp in Georgia. One of those “Brain” states. Wait until several millions of kids go back. Unless we get a national hard lockdown for 3-4 weeks, which would slow it down to manageable levels, it is only going to get worse. These ignorant fools who ignore math and science are willfully killing fellow Americans.

The virus is mutating, but you accurately state, we don’t know everything. The warnings about children are changing with each day.

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Regarding the possible side effects of stroke, shortness of breath, lung disease, heart disease and diabetes after COVID,

I suspect that deaths from these secondary causes are not being attributed to COVID if the person was dismissed from the hospital and/or no longer tested positive for COVID. So possibly death rates are actually higher.

My mistake, progeny is the correct word in this context.

Still, I’d consider a synonym for progeny. Perhaps “spawn.”

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