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TrumpCare 3.0: GOP's Zombie Healthcare Plan Keeps Getting Worse


TrumpCare 3.0: GOP's Zombie Healthcare Plan Keeps Getting Worse

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

It's "red alert" time on healthcare, according to one observer, amid reports that some congressional Republicans think they have a deal—and it's even worse than the last one (which was itself crueler than its predecessor).


These new healthcare proposals all sound toxic, but remember, this is how the US system has basically been operating for many, many years. Many sane countries view the US system even under Obamacare to be cruel and unbelievable.


Under Trumpdon'tcare, insurance companies will charge fifty and sixty somethings (many of whom voted for Trump) five times what they charge 30 year olds, compared to Obamacare's three times limit, effectively pushing older Murkins out of the insurance market. More than 90% of sixty year olds have medical history that puts them into the pre-existing condition box that will make them uninsurable at any price.

Trumpdon'tcare also cuts $350 billion from Medicare to make Paul Ryan's dream of bankrupting Medicare come true, ending that program and throwing Murkins over age 65 into the open market that will insure very few of them.

If Obamacare is tantamount to suffering from a cold, Trumpdon'tcare will be tanatmount to suffering from pneumonia.

Time to change the name of Washington DC to Washington DP, the DP meaning DEATH PANEL.?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_Caucus. Just in case someone wanted to know.


"CNN reported Wednesday that some members of the Trump administration are hoping for a win on healthcare before the president reaches his 100-day milestone."

I would love for these idiots to define what a "win" is. Will a bill that is deeply unpopular, that will take away the healthcare of millions of people (which they don't give a damn about, but voters will), that increases waste and fraud in the system, and one that will likely lead to his party being wiped out, be considered a "win"? To put it in sports terms, it's like a basketball team that is down by 30 points hits a three at the buzzer, which results in them losing by 27 points.

"Of course, the need to give Trump a fake achievement to tout is also an urgent matter, so who knows what they'll do."

So, back a horrible, unpopular bill that could result in those reps getting voted out in order to give a historically unpopular president an "achievement", which is a deeply unpopular and destructive bill? LOL! What a joke this political system is.


Ray, I like 'TrumpDon'tCare' as a description of the Republicans Care system, however, perhaps a better name tag, taking account of the actual lack of care in their 3.0 version, should be, 'ZombieCare.'


yes but .... just where is that list of sane countries ?


Every one of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland), The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, etc. to start. Here is an excellent source: http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/issue-briefs/2015/oct/us-health-care-from-a-global-perspective (with only 13 countries for comparison)

Yet we spend more on defense that many of these nations spend in their entirety. It is all about the zeigist of the people in other nations who care more about their fellow human beings and are willing to pay more to ensure their well-being/welfare from the cradle to the grave. In the US, it is all about making a profit and "rugged individualism" (St Raygun)..."I got mine" and that is all that counts.


After the last time "Trumpcare" was defeated, and the Democrats were taking their victory laps, I pointed out to someone that it was the so-called "Freedom Caucus" that defeated the horrible plan to kick millions off their insurance, and not the outpouring of rage from liberals, whose protestations will never sway the opinion of a single Republican. Needless to say, I was scoffed at and told that "the people" had spoken and had soundly defeated Trump and Ryan, and to deny that just showed how out of touch I am with the real power in this country, that of "We, the People."

Well, here is the new plan, worse than the old plan. "We, the People" said it wasn't good enough and so they made it worse, because they are so afraid of our 'power,' right?

The only way to defeat this stuff is to vote. Vote in massive numbers, vote for people with a social conscience, and vote every single time there is an election. If you can't see that staying home and "refusing to participate in the corrupt system" only makes the system more corrupt, then we are truly doomed.


The words "trump" and "care" do not belong in the same sentence let alone conjoined at the p and c.