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#Trumpcare and the Successful Campaign to Punish the Poor


#Trumpcare and the Successful Campaign to Punish the Poor

Ezra Rosser

As the Senate takes up health care reform, it is important to highlight the ways in which the Affordable Care Act differs from unpopular welfare programs. Republican politicians are using the health care debates as an opportunity to continue their long war against the poor, but what worked when attacking welfare is unlikely to play equally well when it comes to health care. Even though the suggestion by Rep.


A good point, I think - the right wing attacks on Obamacare used the same anti-Washington/anti-poor/implicitly racist 'stop wasting taxpayer money on the undeserving poor' rhetoric as was used for 'welfare reform.' But that it may not work like 'welfare reform' did because it takes benefits from middle class people, not just the poor.

Hence Republicans risk reprisals of a middle class that votes more than the poor, including some of the Republican base.

However, the article leaves out prob's w/ACA that made it unpopular - high deductibles that make it function as 'disaster insurance' for many; and resentment at paying for healthcare directly and getting fined if you didn't pay - vs. a single payer plan that took healthcare costs out of taxes.

I don't doubt the Republican plan will hurt people if it passes, but we have to see the real problems w/Obama's expensive, mandatory private insurance solution to grasp why Republicans could mobilize right wing opinion against it.


We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich


You gotta understand incentives. If we just make being poor more like hell, while using our resources instead to provide more comforts for the rich, more people will choose to be rich.

Besides, we know that poor people won't work hard unless their stomachs are empty, and that rich people just can't create jobs if they have to pay taxes. And that having health care makes people choose unhealthy lifestyles.