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Trumpcare Is Not the Health Plan We Need (but Neither Is the ACA)


Trumpcare Is Not the Health Plan We Need (but Neither Is the ACA)

Chris Winters

This week, the Senate’s plan to gut the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid was reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office. The verdict is that 22 million more people would lose their health insurance under that plan. Compared to the bill in the House of Representatives, under which 23 million would lose their coverage, at best you could say the Senate version is only 95.8 percent as terrible.


“Close to single payer” is not single payer. Fight for Expanded, Improved Medicare For All!


so glad to see this author, chris winters, admit that ACA is not a healthcare plan either. as another posted recently, “ailing people don’t need insurance, they need healthcare!” i was all ready to give this writer my like vote, but this line gave me pause: “It’s going to be a long road back to a Democratic Congress and White House, but perhaps when we get there, they can finish the job.” during campaign 2008 i bought into obama’s “single payer” political rhetoric. the voters gave him the oval office and a majority democratic party congress. remember "single payer is off the table! well, gang “fool me once shame on YOU! fool me twice shame on ME!” let’s face it, the venal democrats are in bed with big money just like the republicans. there’s a reich article here today that suggests we get ACA back then “progress” toward single payer. yeah, that’s the game plan. we get this obama/romney care plan back and then cheer, “we won! we won!” well, we’ve been fooled again.

a couple of months ago i was in the local medical center’s business offices. i saw a woman seated next to me with her teen aged daughter who held a pair of crutches. “oh, what happened!” i asked. the teen had broken her ankle, but no one in their approved group of doctors was available to respond to this emergency. the frustrated parent hoped to get permission to find help outside the medical group. so much for obama-care! 86% of u.s. citizens want single payer, but the ruling elite say, “no can do–just wait we’ll come up with something in the future!” the only time we have is NOW. tomorrow never comes. it’s always a day away.


Once Medicaid and Medicare are gone crowdfunding will be far less viable than it is today because unemployment will be much higher, hence less money available from the crowd, and there will be more victims seeking crowdfunding, spreading what little money is available among many more victims.

After gutting Medicaid and Medicare the GOP will gut Social Security, further increasing unemployment and drying up what little money remained in the crowd’s hands after Medicaid and Medicare were gutted.


As soon as I hear a Dem equivocating on Medicare for All, I remember why I’m a liberal Independent.

If the D-party thinks I have no where else to go, they haven’t seen my couch on election day.


Actually, this isn’t true. It’s quite simple to make Medicare universal, single payer, coverage for everyone the solution. Just lower the age of Medicare to “inception” and eliminate all deductibles, premiums and co-pays. Not really that hard, just contrary to the economics of our political system where virtually every Congressperson and Senator is on the take by the health care industry. One shouldn’t confuse “contrary to a politician’s economic viewpoint” with “hard.”


It is a flat out crime against the People that a nation as rich as imperialist amerika spends its $ slaughtering for the empire, while its People go without good health care!


People need to view the documentarian youtube called FIX IT. Businesss would be able to stay in business here in the US if Single Payer healthcare were voted in. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce should show it to its members. It is the answer that benefits All, from a business perspective, saving jobs and improving wages, benefits medical professionals and individual citizens. We are wasting time, tax payer monies and valuable resources while the congress plays political games with one another. Enough already. It should not matter which party takes credit. It is about time we get back to parties working together for the common good.


hmm, i can’t find “fix it” do you have a link?