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Trumpcare Is Wrong For You. It’s A Toxic Prescription For Health Care


Trumpcare Is Wrong For You. It’s A Toxic Prescription For Health Care

Isaiah Poole

As medicine for our health care system, it’s worse than a placebo. It will do active harm to millions of people, particularly low-income people and seniors. It cuts taxes for the wealthy and corporations and dangles paltry tax credits to working people. It leaves consumers facing higher health care prices and will force many of them to forgo needed care.

This is the toxic prescription that the Trump administration and the Republican Congress wants to give the American public in place of the Affordable Care Act.


digby also notes "And there is a tax break for insurance companies that pay their CEOs more than $500,000 per year."


From the perspective of a single payer advocate, never shy about discussing the pluses and minuses of the ACA, note that the ACA has resulted in an 80% reduction in the cost of hospitals treating uninsured patients for which they never get paid.

Prior to the ACA many hospitals, especially in underserved rural areas, were going out of business. With Trumpcare and even more so when Speaker Ryan's gutting of Social Security and Medicare is executed, you will see more hospitals closing their doors than ever. This will especially impact rural areas where there is currently only one hospital.


That $2000 to $4000 will pay a couple months of an individual policy - next to useless. And does it even apply even if there is not tax liability?


I believe that it does, but you're right that it's basically useless.


Note that the penalty for not having continuous coverage is now a 30% increase in the premium -- this is a bonus to the insurance company, not a fine paid to the government. Gee, I wonder what the incentives for insurance companies will be like to make sure people pull this trigger? You can bet lots of people who are on the edge of violating the continuous coverage rule will run into bureaucratic slowdowns to make sure they have to pay this insurance company bonus.


To avoid the 30% penalty, many Murkins will simply never buy insurance and will just show up in emergency rooms when they need treatment, never paying for that service, of course. This will result in more hospitals, especially in rural areas, going out of business.


There are more urgent care centers popping up hopefully keeping people out of hospitals just for the flu. Also preventative care is key of course like proper diet, exercise, outdoor time, no smoking drinking etc. This is very upsetting however. One out of every five kids in the US lives in poverty. That's what we need to address.