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Trumpcare Opponents to Senate Dems: 'Play Hardball. Don't Be Weak'


Trumpcare Opponents to Senate Dems: 'Play Hardball. Don't Be Weak'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Anti-Trump resistance groups are ramping up pressure on Senate Democrats to use all the tactics in their arsenal to resist TrumpCare as Republicans attempt, in secrecy, to hammer out the legislation and rapidly bring it to a vote before the July 4 recess.


This article confuses me! So is the gist of it suggesting that the Dems actually fight the Repubs? Since when? The Dems are quite expert in explaining why they won't fight, that much we all know already but this article is saying that the Dems could fight...that they could play hardball too.

Maybe it was a typo and the author was actually saying that the Dems will play ball with the Repubs like they usually do! That sounds more familiar. Dems talking about Russia when the subject is healthcare is also standard operating procedure for Dems. That game they know how to play. Call it the give way first rather than fight and then give in later when the fight has become that much more difficult. A variant of bait and switch. Instead of fighting now the Dems will talk about fighting later about a totally different fight. Nevertheless, for Dems later always comes later and then later still after that huh? Dems see postponing a political fight (and letting Repubs win) as a victory simply because they were able to postpone fighting the Repubs!


Let's put Single Payer, Medicare for All side-by-side with whatever the GOPers come up with (either Ryancare or McConnellcare), explained in a straight forward manner - in other words, explained not by Fox News or MSM - and see what the American people want.


If the Democrats wanted to be in power they would have followed Bernie Sanders example of collecting money from the public and playing hardball on the side of American citizens. The elections would be theirs. By their actions, the Democratic Party is demonstrating that power would be nice if it somehow happens and more importantly collecting money and blaming everyone and everything for their failures is their true reason for being.


If "don't be weak " means don't take WS bribes, you may be be betting on the wrong horse.

Direct Democracy


and why didn't they start protecting voters rights and gerrymandering since 2000. Our elections here in this country is being thwarted by republicans to their benefits. Let sanction the republican for voter suppression by closing precincts, lesser hours open, and longer lines, cross checking, and other thuggery.

Election tampering here is US is bad which I would say just as bad as Russia tampering, come on democrat. I'm sick and tired of saying that, they don't listen.


hahahaha. trading "trumpcare" for Russian sanctions!

That sounds about right. Ladies and germs, I give you you'r Democratic party! 'Lookin' out for the People since.....Well, Never (TM)'


We must shout down, march forward--it is up to We the People. Pelosi,
Feinstein, et al are sellouts to swindling us out of singlepayer.


"Don't be weak" ?! For loves sake the DINO corporate whore establishment Dem middle name is "weak"!

The only leader of any integrity and gumption is Bernie Sanders - The People's President - and he is forced to play in the stinking corrupt cesspool that is American politics......................


I agree about the gerrymandering. It's like the Dems played their usual game of give in now so as to wage a better fight later which they end up losing anyway. Didn't the Dems see the gerrymandering fiasco coming? Yeah they did and they did nothing about it back then. Too many Dems are conservatives and some are closet republicans at heart! Trump has pushed things very far to the edge and if Dems lose any more than they already have, the Republicans will have Trump write an executive order banning democracy altogether!


For the sake of the country and the people DO NOT BE WEAK.


Which 'venue' will reach a majority of viewers, listeners?....a conundrum at best....