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Trumpcare Truth: A Gift to the 1% and a Kick to the Sick and Poor


Trumpcare Truth: A Gift to the 1% and a Kick to the Sick and Poor

Robert Reich

The Senate’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act is not a healthcare bill. It’s a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, paid for by a dramatic reduction in healthcare funding for approximately 23 million poor, disabled, and working middle class Americans.

America’s wealthiest taxpayers (earning more than $200,000 a year, $250,000 for couples) would get a tax cut totaling $346 billion over 10 years, representing what they save from no longer financing healthcare for lower-income Americans.


The GOP knows that legislation identified as “tax reform” will be a lightning rod, seeing how most Murkins know that for forty years “tax reform” has been bipartisan code for increasing taxes on the 99% to cut taxes for the 1%.

This TrumpDon’tCare legislation will not just cut Medicaid. I also defunds Medicare, giving Paul Ryan the ammo he has been seeking (since showing up in DC) to gut Medicare and Social Security.

TrumpDon’tCare will also accelerate the devastation of rural economies as rural hospitals, which often have the biggest payrolls of any employer in their respective counties, are shut down.


Being a thinking person, a few things bother me about this “Trumpcare” bill. When Obama tried to pass his bill, there was so much negative hullaballoo about it that one would think it was the worse healthcare bill ever devised. But then, after it was initiated and people had the chance to figure out what it meant, all the noise died down. Yes, there were many who still complained about its unaffordability, but now all of a sudden, people are fighting to retain Obamacare and poo poo-ing Trumpcare?! I thought most people hated Obamacare?

I’m thinking that both Obamacare and Trumpcare are devised to promote profits for the health care industry. We should be fighting for Universal/Nationalized healthcare…for everyone! Including the elderly! Get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Disability Ins., all of it. Institute National healthcare for all! Sounds simple to me. Of course, then there is the problem of what to do with all those healthcare company workers? More lost jobs! Perhaps some of those health insurance workers could manage the books for all the new clinics that pop up around the country. The healthcare industry big wigs–well they could go sell car insurance! Oh no! Wait a minute! Then we won’t be able to afford car insurance!


When are “we” going to ever stop using the oxymoronic “Trumpcare”?


“If enacted, it would be the largest single transfer of wealth to the rich from the middle class and poor in American history, this disgrace proposed when the nation’s rich own more of the nation’s wealth and receive the highest percent of American income since the Robber Barons of the late nineteenth century.”

“The Senate bill appears to retain the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies for poorer Americans. But starting in 2020, the subsidies would no longer be available for many of the working poor who now receive them, nor for anyone who’s not eligible for Medicaid.”

“Another illusion: The bill seems to keep the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. But the expansion is phased out, starting in 2021. The core of the bill – where its biggest savings come from – is a huge reduction in Medicaid, America’s healthcare program for the poor, elderly, and disabled.”

Thanks Mister Robert Reich for the finely worded explanation of who’s being sold down the river.
Impeach Trump and other bastards in the GOP.


If we want to breathe life into the Democrats, we have to begin by getting rid of the disease, the neoliberals that have taken over the host. They won’t go gently into the night. Progressive Democrats must run against the Neoliberal Democrats that nobody likes. Even with the help of the MSM, neoliberal Dems and Republiclowns should be easy to beat. Bernie showed it can be done.

No Wall Street bribes!

Direct Democracy


Trump promised not to touch medicaid----Trump promised healthcare for all,cheaper than the ACA. Yet he seems to be doing a major tax cut for his buddies at the top at the expense of the poor. Why isn’t the media all over this-----WHY ISN’T THE MEDIA ASKING TRUMP WHY HE LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Because Trump lies all the time the media just set the bar so low they don’t care? Or could it be the Masters of the politicians and the media want this major tax cut for the rich to pass.

I have been listening to some of the democrats,Senators and Gov–and a theme runs through out --the rich really don’t want this tax cut???REALLY! Then how did this 800B tax cut for those over $200,000 get in this bill? It must be some mistake maybe.

Its interesting when legislation helps the rich and wall street it can be pushed through in days(the wall street bail out)but when its legislation to help the common people it needs to go to hearings and committees and get watered down to nothing.