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Trumped by Putin


Trumped by Putin

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

It is very likely now that Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States on Jan. 20, in no small part because of the direct intervention in and manipulation of the American electoral process by Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strongman who rose to power as a ruthless agent of the KGB, the former Soviet Union’s secret police.


Et tu, Moyers?


There are so many things wrong with this article, that one does not know where to start critiquing it.
Maybe that's why there aren't any comments yet!


Even Moyers is pushing this Kool-Aide. Figure something very bad is going to happen. Not sure what.


Typically silly commenters to start things out. Moyers touches on a lot of important stuff. The main thing he leaves out is the real possibility of foreign leaders blackmailing the man without morals: Trump. Even if that does not happen (we will likely never know), foreigners do have serious leverage on Trump over his business interests.


More troubling to me is that apparently tens of millions of Americans apparently want an authoritarian government. What information came to the public as a result of the Russians there had to be a receptive audience. For more than two decades the Republicans have conditioned the American people to believe that the Clintons are scandal ridden. In almost every case there was no basis to the scandals but now whenever Hillary Clinton sneezes it is a scandal because people believe she is hiding something. For some reason millions of Americans find it of great concern if Hillary Clinton strays even slightly from the truth yet these people have no problem with Donald Trump spitting out a barrage of lies. I am not sure what is going on. Perhaps since Hillary Clinton represents democracy and all these people are unhappy about what democracy brings they are looking for any flaw in her to be extremely serious. And since Trump is the type of authoritarian leader they respect that they are willing to overlook his continual blatant lies. If Putin did what is claimed it revealed even further what a divided country this is and if this means not all of us are willing to follow the US Constitution then in fact we have nothing in common at all.


It's sad to see Bill Moyers putting his name to this piece, best characterized as MSM boilerplate. One can infer from this piece that the writers are securely ensconced in the MSM cocoon, because anyone familiar with the excellent work of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Robert Parry, the reasoned writings and commentary of Prof. Stephen Cohen, Ambasador Curry, and many others, would never arrive at such conclusions. It is especially disconcerting to see Bill Moyers joining with the MSM judas goats leading the rest of us to a possible nuclear abattoir.


Unbelievable garbage coming from Moyers.

There is plenty of evidence that the US has subverted elections and elected leaders in Central and South America over the years--but this does not deserve mention. Unsubstantiated scare mongering such as Moyers indulges in, plays to the lowest instincts of brainwashed Americans--and helps ensure that the lower, paranoid instincts will ultimately be the last ones standing in this crumbling empire. Shame on you Moyers.


I'm trying to get the point of this article - Moyers seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. He admits that we have worked hard to influence the elections of other countries. that the evidence is circumstantial and not particularly compelling (not to mention that no one is telling us what that 'evidence' is) that blaming the Russians is convenient for HRC and that Repugs (and Dems, though he doesn't mention that) have been attempting to suppress the vote for years. At the same time, he wants us to believe and be upset by the implications of what has 'supposedly' happened.


It sounds to me like he's saying 'this may not be true, but act as though it is'.

WMDs anybody?

Very disappointing work from a normally excellent source.


How about you name a former President that you believe actually lives up to your "moral" standard? That is, whose policy decisions have never been leveraged or shaped by some powerful interest, nation, or group?


War with Russia, China and Iran?


Shameful, just shameful! When Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar in the back and Caesar said to his friend Brutus: " You too"! That is exactly how I feel about this article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship.


thats exactly what I was going to type!


don't forget that all of the leaks (whether "hacked" or more likely leaked) were true...


What a show! Even I never thought I'd live to see such a comic tragedy. Here's my take. A genuine clown and grifter is about to become president. The esteemed Bill Moyers suggests, yes then backpedals, but suggests that someone should do something about the grifter. The CIA backed lesser-of-two-monsters is waiting is the wings of the theater hoping to jump onstage if her minions orchestrate some kind of electoral coup d'tat. The entire money stream media is screaming "Putin did it". In the meantime, Our Qaeda is losing in Syria and Obama is sending more them weapons. Almost forgot; climate change is happening faster than anyone predicted and there is effectively no global leadership on the issue.
I ask you, what is a po old Uncle Po to do?



Edit, I meant Ambassador Craig Murray, not Curry.


Boy, if the timely release of tidbits of truth is "an attack on our very democracy. It’s an attack on who we are as a people". Then what would he say about the fixing of our computerized voting machines by our own partisan hacks? That would be just TOO much. So I guess thats why they don't want to investigate at all...


I think catsma's comment nailed it!


Mr Moyers, do you believe Saddam Hussein had WMDS and was working on building Nuclear Weapons?

I point to to this article about Mr Moyers and his Critique of the New York Times for joining in the march to war by reporting anonoymous leaks by Intelligence officials.

Why does he not apply the same standards for journalism here?


How would Donald Trump act differently if her were a Mole for, or being Blackmailed by, Putin?
Roger Stone and Rudy G. both bragged about it happening, on media, before the Wikileaks began putting the hacked information out there. A Russian Operative being made president of the US, over Hillary, with Hillary and Obama fully cognizant of it, would be the perfect revenge for Putin to inflict.
it is obvious by the Trolls supporting Putin, that this article hit the mark. Good Job.