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Trumped Up Diplomacy in the Middle East


Trumped Up Diplomacy in the Middle East

Richard Falk

In his first overseas trip since moving into the White House, Donald Trump is leaving behind the frustrations, allegations, rumors, and an increasing sense of implosion that seems to be dooming his presidency during its second hundred days. At the same time, a mixture of curiosity and apprehension awaits this new leader wherever he goes making his visit to the Middle East and Europe momentous occasions for the host governments, wide eyed public, and rapacious media. We need to remember that in this era of popular autocrats and surging right-wing populists, Trump is a ‘hero of our time.’


To assert that anything is “dooming his presidency” is premature.

Trump drama is providing the best smokescreen the GOP has ever had to give them the cover to enact their fascist agenda. It takes little imagination to envision four or even eight years of this mode of operation, irrespective of how many special investigations or prosecutors make a curtain call.


Wherever Trump goes (and what he does), I think of him preparing for war. I hope that his visit to the Vatican will bear fruit because with Trump’s diplomacy, peace is withering on the vine.


If not this decade, next decade all these weapon sales will be used against us.

Iran has suffered quite a bit at US meddling and CIA coups and enabling a dictator and providing Saddam chemicals to use against them. Yes, I know they held Americans hostage but what really was it about? Reagan?

One thing I did agree with Trump when he stated something like our hands are not clean. Oh and I do agree with him about media but not for same reasons. Corporate media in Amerika is devastating democracy.


Thank you DN for highlighting this arms deal----its amazing how little coverage this deal gets in corporate media-----they don’t want American’s to understand that the US is the biggest arms dealer in the world—don’t want to highlight what is happening in Yemen. I have also heard that the US will be stationing US troops again in Saudi Arabia -----this was one of the biggest reasons terrorists target the US.------How would we feel if Saudi troops were stationed in the US.

Trump is setting in motion more conflict and more terrorist attacks.

But what is so pathetic—all the lives lost----all the resources used to deal with terrorism—the media hardly mentions these arms deals which play a major role igniting conflict in the region.


Especially with whatever limp dick actions the DNC will do as “resistance”