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Trumpeting Scorn: The Darkest Political Speech in US History


Trumpeting Scorn: The Darkest Political Speech in US History

Christopher Brauchli

“O! what a deal of scorn looks beautiful
In the contempt and anger of his lip.”
— Shakespeare, Twelfth Night


With this past election many of us have discovered that there is a gullible America out there that the media did not seem to know about. Trump just feeds them lie after lie about the US and they just eat it up. Their cerebral cortices must be on autopilot or something. Trump's lies are so easy to see through that he is a joke in many places. It is all kind of perplexing.


But there is no discontinuity when constitutional lawyer Obama drones without due process ?

Trump is a discontinuity - a symbol of an already broken system.

Expect more.

At Mar a Lago - his get away - immigrant workers are reportedly paid eleven dollars and change per hour (Ian Brown folio, Globe & Mail - from a couple of weeks ago).

Didn't Hillary want to "nuke Iran" ?

Then there's George W. - how many US and International laws did he and his crew launch into the dustbin of history ?

Then there's slick Willy - he took me in too.

I felt for James Carter - who at least kept breeder reactors out of the US - and put solar panels on the roof of the White House - soon to be removed by the astrologer Ronald Reagan.

Here in Canada, Trudeau and friends are doing backflips to curry favor with Trump - it is so sickening I can barely breathe.

In this article, a Harvard lawyer is miffed.

Maybe a little crimp in his lifestyle will occur - but I doubt it.

Right now I don't know what's coming - except change.

And that is exactly what the genius of the common man has produced - without the help of one progressive as far as I can see.

Progressive - isn't that kind of similar to self-congratulatory American exceptionalism ?

Build the Keystone XL - it will juice temporarily the economy of Alberta, and make Rachel Notley happy.

But you know what - nature bats last - and if you think Trump is dangerous - wait a bit.

I'll cite Abe Lincoln in closing - maybe you remember Abe - like you go to Church - but you sure don't walk the talk.

"As I would not be a slave - so I would not be a master.
This expresses my idea of democracy.
Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference -
is no democracy."


Arguably the darkest days in US history will be the next 4 years unless something changes radically and citizens demand it from politicians from both parties. I don;t expect such change from either party tho, not those in power or those supposedly different from trump regime darkness. The Dem establishment are the other side of the same corrupt coin and cannot be trusted to represent the people either - that is abundantly clear! The "opposition party" is largely responsible for the rise of trump&co - in this nightmare up to their necks!
Only Sanders and a few others represent the way forward toward change....................united we stand, divided we fall.................


Remember Phil Rockstroh ?

He used to write articles for Common Dreams.

Now he has his own website - and posts on facebook.

I'm not on facebook, so I'll have to copy and paste a short bit my wife sent me.

We should immediately stop this nonsense of calling this a progressive news-site.

The name Common Dreams is sufficient.

Here is Phil's intro:

"Do you require visual evidence of why your cutie-pie pink-cap uprising is yet another exercise in faux left futility, of why, as was the case with Comrade Sanders sham insurgency, you incurable sufferers of toxic innocence are being gamed once again?"

Rockstroh believes the Democratic Party is beyond fixing - as do I.

For what it's worth, I feel the same way about the parties in Canada.

I am egalitarian - tribal.

So are we all - it's genetic.

Right now the tribal entities are called countries.

Perhaps in a distant future. if there is a future, there will be a world tribe.

But now - immediate survival is the imperative.

We in the western democracies have left the weakest members to fend for themselves. Worse - humiliated them in deed and action.

Get a grip - leave no one behind.

Trump too will pass - perhaps sooner than we expect.

But to be replaced by what ?

That is the question.

OCCUPY learned the hard way that you need a plan beyond protest.

That's OK - the hard way is the only way.

But you do have to learn from your mistakes.


We must maintain some unity of purpose to smash the beast - but how? not by being tribal. The R'Cons are beyond redemption, the Dem party hacks will not change because they feed at the same trough, but we must have some political focus (party machine) to rally around & change the status quo as It seems unlikely there will be any other national mechanism except the current corrupt electoral process to begin the long road to real change - just begin. I don't have the answers, but for the referenced Phil Rockstroh (I don't F-B either) to demean "cutie-pie" activist political symbols is divisive contempt more representative of the right, and does not unify us at all - what's his plan?. Cheap "Faux-Left" and "comrade Sanders" comments are BS & often seem intentional planted garbage, not the way to unify/organize to fight the trump regime or the larger beast! I have criticized the "real left" for wanting to sprint before we can crawl - I see no gain in tearing down before we have built anything - mass public demonstrations are a way to fight - are a unifying and energizing force and MAY lead to real change...............

Occupy was a powerful force that R's & D's both tried to kill-off, both being servants of vast wealth in few hands, but Occupy succeeded in its purpose for the most part - now we have rule by the ginger pig and his overt service to corrupt greed-driven wealth and contempt for the 99% and all else, but we must still fight or die........dividing us is not the way................


V -

I was just talking this over with my wife.

We wish the world were just - perhaps orderly - rational. And so we wish we were not divided - or seek to end the divisions.

I am just about to watch "Blackhawk Down", and then I intend to watch "Sole Survivor", about the SEALs in Afghanistan.

JFK wanted peace so badly - he encouraged the making of the movie "Seven Days in May" - he felt the danger - and he was not wrong.

Abe too was assassinated - the divisions have always been real - what I call tribal. No need to quibble over words - we are what we are - no matter the label - and as the opening line in Blackhawk Down says:

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." (Plato)

So we do strive for peace, and order - all the while preparing for war - as it has always been, apparently.

To the point - how best to fight for a habitable planet ?

It is as clear as a bell what the immediate future promises - the Dakota Access Pipeline and the XL will probably go ahead.

I am very martial, I admit - but I am also very good at science.

The natural world is coming unglued - and at an accelerating pace.

Climate change, overpopulation, crashing biodiversity - you know the littany...

It will bite us - hard - and it will become more and more obvious to all - and I do mean all.

So my family and I - "strive - to survive".

It is a very good way to stay grounded and real.

I discovered this the hard way - naturally !

For me, an egalitarian who detests even the mention of class - any class, including the middle - there is only one kind of protest, one kind of leadership - example.

Self-examine - like a Navy SEAL in training.

Where is your heart ?

Find it - and follow it.

We are all more than a little dazed by the events now unfolding, I would think.

Here is where you need a center.

My purpose here on Common Dreams is to engage in a democratic virtual council fire meeting.

Everyone can say their piece - something good will come of this.

I am just trying as hard as I can not to beat around the bush - to avoid the easy answer -

It is essential to win this one.


Thanks for a very thoughtful post/reply - it is essential to "win" this one, or we all will pay for the insanity ruling our world.

I too strive to survive, in lifestyle and self-reliance - to try to make a difference locally and in the wider world for a habitable planet - a healthy, sustainable, Mother Earth - Gaia.

I am a country-boy and take as little as possible - my heart is with the Earth and creatures of the Earth - a healthy Earth - I "live simply so that others may simply live", as used to be said, but we must also fight and unify to "win" against those who do not care about anything or anyone but themselves now more than ever.

Concern and dedication to the Common Good are now displaced by grotesque consumption and quest for personal wealth and power, the gratification of ego and self-interest above all else.

Blackhawk Down is a great Ridley Scott film but too dark for me today - I suggest the Scott films "Kingdom of Heaven" and his "Robin Hood" - both great films of clear message and hope - and after them "Cloud Atlas".

Keep the faith - see you in the streets.


V -

Blackhawk is a dark movie.

Thanks for the suggestions - tough sledding.


I meant to catch Trump's speech, but I had to take out the garbage, or something. On the broader picture, I think we now enter the inevitable next phase, where the rich do to the middle class essentially what the middle class already did to the poor.

We see large protests, and we assume that they remain compliant with all rules and restrictions. There were similar protests when Obama was elected, and as long as everyone behaves and reports back to work on time, it's fine. We can't actually revolt or resist, and we know it. The US shut down/shipped out a huge share of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. There aren't jobs for all, and we have no mercy on those who are left out. Few people can risk losing their jobs by actually resisting. "Stating opinions" and "resisting" are two different things.

There are over 300 million Americans. For the past 30-some years, much work went into systematically splitting us apart, pitting is against each other by class, race, and ideology.


No, it is not perplexing. Germany 1932 and 1933.


Trump's tweets shown that he is a man driven primarily by impulse. He is also a psychopath, as I understand the word.

One wrong impulse and them there red buttons are gonna get pressed. He would be a great study for those who study how the brain works and map and measure brain activity under various conditions.


Give me Trump, before the screeching left any day. With Clinton, there was no chance of anything improving. She offered more of the same.