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Trumpian Attacks on Homelessness and California Are Utter and Total Poppycock

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/27/trumpian-attacks-homelessness-and-california-are-utter-and-total-poppycock

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Disappearing the destitute



Didn’t realize anyone actually used that word.
Not only that but it ain’t near as strong as HORSESHIT.

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The difference between a Democrat and a Republican? A Democrat will roll up the window and pretend the homeless aren’t here as they drive around them. A Republican will roll down the window, shout obscenities, then try to run them off the street. Homelessness in this country is the great inconvenient truth of the failure of neoliberalism and our health care system. It exposes Reaganomics for the complete sham that it is.


2% means that 1 of every 50 people on average you see is homeless.

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Great article, and finally a rational discussion of the issue. When you consider homelessness on a global level, the numbers change dramatically, thousands of thousands of people living in refugee camps.(which is a similar form of temporary housing) At our southern border there has been a human line two miles long and thousands more waiting…52% of them are in California where homelessness in many places increased by 17%. (similar demographics all the way to Seattle) Then there are displacements from the wildfires.

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Wonder if that estimate of 7 million includes the caged migrant kids and their parents at the Mexican border, or would that be ANOTHER 7 million???



Welcome aboard A2phil!

Talk about a load of poppycock!
This is supposed to be about truly homeless people. Not someone who spends a few days on their parents couch because they failed to save money for a rainy day.
Many people are homeless for many different reasons. Surprisingly to people like the author of this story, many people WANT to live on the street. They have the means, opportunity, and assistance to get a home… But they don’t.
Some are substance abusers and some are mentally ill, this is true. But the overwhelming majority of these people live like this out of a sense of Independence and/or despisal of authority.
These people make up a significant part of what we call the homeless but should not be counted as homeless for political or economic purposes!
The claim of 7 million homeless is beyond preposterous, regardless.
Lastly, no one blames California for the overall homeless population, but left-wing liberal Democrat leadership has proven time and time again to be the driving factor in and how much numbers. And that’s a fact!

Totally agree! And great article indeed!
We know that millions of our jobs were shipped overseas, right? Well, what replaced them? Nothing. Minimum wage that no one can really live on - not with roof overhead.
How many foreclosed homes during that “bubble burst”? Where did all those families go? The lucky ones were able to move in with parents & hopefully get a fresh start. But many didn’t have that option.
A few got gov’t assist to start over, but way more people needed it than help available. Especially true in light of constant cuts in everything that is a “social service program” – anything to help the less fortunate, those in need, is always where cuts are made! Now, that asswipe living in our White House & running deficit to new highs, is cutting food for millions of poor folks, including children, disabled & elderly! He has said that after re-elected will be going after SSI & Medicare too! That kind of shit over many years is where blame lies for homelessness! Nothing created it more than the wholesale exporting of millions of jobs!
Another $1.5 Trillion tax cut for billionaires who don’t need it, anyone?!?
The top 1/10th of 1% = 0.1% of the wealthiest in America DO NOT need any tax cuts! We need our jobs back & long overdue, big increase in minimum wage!
If the poor don’t get out & VOTE, we will all be forced into slave labor just to feed our families! Working for room & board is tatamount to slavery. That’s Trump’s version of MAGA!

I agree there are many factors also would be environmental degradation, and simply more people than homes. The economic “bubble burst” also meant a transfer of wealth to corporate ownership. Homeowners became home renters and available housing became unaffordable.

Sir, you make a lot of factual statements… are you a researcher? Do you work in providing direct services to individuals experiencing homelessness? Homelessness policy?

Your last paragraph: “…how much numbers.” seems to be missing a word…

Lastly, your statement, “This is supposed to be about truly homeless people. Not someone who spends a few days on their parents couch because they failed to save money for a rainy day.” The ‘person’ sleeping on their parents’ couch would largely not be considered homeless - especially considering that the portion of the article you pulled that from was discussing the definition used the by the US Department of Education - mostly referring to children and youth who ran away from family conflict, abuse within the household, escaping a bad foster care placement, etc. Further, those young people who find themselves in that situation mostly do not have the option of “crashing on their parents’ couches,” and therefore become adults at 18 and to avoid the dangerous and unsafe situations found in adult homelessness shelters, find strangers to crash on the couches of which makes them vulnerable to many other potential dangers. The point is that minors and young adults are often left out of the count because of the categories of homelessness that ARE counted - yet here in DC, that is represented to the world as a count of ALL individuals experiencing homelessness. 7 million is probably actually not far off considering 1 in 10 18-25 year olds (3.5 million) experiences homelessness in a year, and 1 in 30 13-17 year olds (700,000)… read all about it at voicesofyouthcount. org

Signed - a human with lived experience, field experience, policy and research experience.

seeing is believing. if you live here you know CA is suffering deeply