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Trumping Disbelief


Trumping Disbelief

Randall Amster

The results of the election provide ample reason to try and avoid the reality of President Trump, and wanting to push this debilitating campaign cycle into the dustbin would be an understandable reaction. It could make us feel better than having to confront the inevitability of the titanic changes in the offing.


The nation dodged a bullet when the Bush/Clinton dynasties were defeated.
Unfortunately in doing so, the nation then stepped on a land mine.


Unless the DNC kicks its corporate money addiction don't be surprised if they try to run Chelsea in the 2020 primary.

Many colonists did not want to break with Britain during the American Revolution and their descendents continue to be enamored with royalty.


Mr. Amster,
Did you SEE all those red states during the election? It seems that the way forward, out of this Trumpian dystopia, will be a possible civil war! There are people out there who actually adhere to the ideas of Trump. They WANT that reality! So, when you say we must organize, and I believe you are correct, we must consider that half the population will likely be against us.

This is uncanny! I just received an email from CD...in it, a man from Pennsylvania reminded us that his neighbors are not the enemy. They were beyond angry with the establishment and used a vote for Trump to send a message. Now, they will have to face the reality of Trump the same way we will.

I pray this is true. The way forward is to unite as citizens of this country, not to allow division to pit us against each other.


The Bush dynasty is alive and well, reincarnated in the body of Donald Trump. The Bush cabal will now guide the newest stalking horse through the gates of hell.


Here's my short list of the Neo-Liberal's candidates in 2020. I'll have to come back and see how accurate I was then.

Corey Booker
Andrew Cuomo
Ed Rendell
Rahm Emmanuel (I know, I know, a disaster; he's hated more by the left than HRC, but the Neo-Liberals haven't learned a thing.)
Claire McCaskill
Jennifer Granholm

On the other hand the "Great Hope" of the Berniecrats will be Elizabeth Warren.


Some great hope. Unlike Bernie, Warren won't even need a "talk" by Obama or Clinton to throw her support to whatever neocon is running against her. She was a former republican after all.


I would just add

Invest in your principles

Not in personalities


I agree with Philip, the Bush dynasty is alive and well. To put it more accurately, the Deep State is alive and well. They pulled off assassinations and "terrorist" attacks in the past and now they have pulled off a real "coup" with Trump. Those who were mystified by how wrong the polls were just have to follow the money: Sheldon Adelson waited like a shark until he smelled blood in the water and pumped $60 million into Trump's war chest, the FBI dangled juicy tidbits about Hillary before the MSM, and as election night unfolded... massive voter suppression and vote flipping in the battleground states unreported by the MSM. The Deep State is fully in control. We live in dark times. Our Constitution and civil liberties are under attack. Black swans, they will be aflyin'.


She's not my great hope. But I still think that the so called progressives in the Democratic Party who advocated for Bernie to run will now begin advocating for her in 2020.


Perhaps, although if rumors are to be believed the DNC are already planning to run Tim Kaine or Michelle Obama for 2020...:weary: