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Trumpism Is Fueled by One Thing: Fear. 12,800 Kids Are Paying a Terrible Price


Trumpism Is Fueled by One Thing: Fear. 12,800 Kids Are Paying a Terrible Price

Will Bunch
It seemed like a typical Tuesday morning last month when Juan Esquivel noticed a helicopter hovering over the East Texas trailer-parts factory where the Mexican native had worked for much of his 23 years in the United States — doing a hard manufacturing job that few Americans are lining up to do, paying taxes to the federal government and building a middle-class life for his wife and two kids in a quiet community called Honey Grove.
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Hitler Has Been Reincarnated.

We the People must stop him.


This stuff was going on before Trump. The entire reason for the Cold War, the Invasion of Vietnam and Panama and Granada and iraq and Afghanistan was based on stoking fear at home to support those policies aborad. Domestically the War on Drugs , the various tough on Crime acts, 9/11 leading to mass surveillance of Citizens all started long before Trump.

Trump is more of the same while expanding to other segments of the society.

Remember the words of Martin Niemöller and on being silent when those first groups targetted in Germany.


what if those running from florence were stopped at the border and their kids taken from them for safekeeping, would we find that funny?

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While fear has always been used to justify and promote the wars of imperialism the global spread of Fear and Hate has escalated to a truly intolerable level.

Control of sovereign nations by world banks along with the migrations due to Wars, lack of food caused by floods and droughts due climate change all fuel this circle of fear and fascistic reign.

In usa,12,800 kids incarcerated in dusty dry triple digit tent cities and hardly anyone talks about this. Not until countrywide hunger hits will the citizens here mobilize because what you do not see and experience is not real.

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Thank you Will Bunch. Thank you for trying to keep this situation front and center. This is important!

Abolish ICE!

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Trumpism Is Fueled by One Thing: Fear.