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Trumponomics: Batman...or Dracula?

Trumponomics: Batman...or Dracula?

Jim Hightower

It's shocking, I tell you, shocking that some millionaires and billionaires would brazenly lie and cheat in a corrupt nationwide scheme to rig the entrance procedures of top colleges.

As recently reported, these self-entitled elites were gaming the system in order to weasel their undeserving children into prestigious schools, displacing more-qualified students. Where do these privileged grown-ups get the idea that truth and integrity don't matter, that they can just make up facts and bend any rules for their personal advantage?

“Batshit Crazy, Racist, Conman, Cheat.”

The team drumph
“Batman, but by Goofy, Dracula and Scrooge”

Don’t forget the elf, the dead bolt mustache, the pompous eo, the tanked abrams, the deVious at Ed,

Theres not enough room here - so just a link to image search results for Cartoon of trump administration

a fairly broad selection from the political spectrum.

Yes indeedie, humor is alive and well

“Do they think we have sucker wrappers around our heads?” And they will keep thinking that because we have yet to prove them wrong.