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Trumponomics: Neocon Neoliberalism Camouflaged with Anti-Globalization Circus


Trumponomics: Neocon Neoliberalism Camouflaged with Anti-Globalization Circus

Thomas Palley

A key element of Trump’s political success has been his masquerade of being pro-worker, which includes posturing as anti-globalization. However, his true economic interest is the exact opposite. That creates conflict between Trump’s political and economic interests. Understanding the calculus of that conflict is critical for understanding and predicting Trump’s economic policy, especially his international economic policy.


"How Trump Succeeded"

Worked one of the Most Successful Cons in American History since Nov. 1963, with Mega-Help from Powerful Interests that he is now Paying Off.


I typed a very long comment yesterday that decided not to post, and in the intervening hours three articles on CD exactly addressed those very same things. Part of that comment was: I've always considered the neocon PNAC agenda put in motion under the pretext of 9/11, as the consolidation to the victors the spoils of the Cold War - the absorption of former Soviet client states into the cartel of US war profiteering and economic dependence.

The convergence of neocon and neoliberal ambitions was laced throughout the 2000 PNAC document through the phrase "the promotion and advancement of US interests and ideals." Sounds lofty until you realize how generic and sinister those words are. Would those be the interests and ideals of the US that helped craft the international treaty against war, or would that be the US of the W administration that said "fuck the Constitution and fuck international law"?


This is a good overview of the convergence of distopian elements that is the current U.S. "swamp." The whole "draining" thing was just part of the hustle.

I would have liked to see a bit more developmental context, such as: Where does $2 billion of free media exposure fit in to this picture? Especially as it pertains to a key point that made me do a double-take:

The Trump narrative is that the US is a victim.


Another economist, Simon Wren-Lewis, posted this the other day: "Narratives are a way people can try to understand things they know little about, and most people know little about economics or politics. Mediamacro is a set of narratives. Project fear is a narrative. The right and the ideologues are very good at selling narratives, and they have a media machine to invent them, road test them and spread them. The left and the realists have none of those things, and are hopeless at it anyway because they know reality is more complex than most narratives."
That says a great deal and points out the difficulty ahead.


As many said vote for the corporate candidate or the other corporate candidate for more of the same.