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Trump's a Racist—But We Knew That. Now What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/19/trumps-racist-we-knew-now-what


Atcheson seems to accept as gospel that Brand D wants to win the White House and Senate, as well as holding or increasing its majority in the House, in 2020. I’m not so sure, and my skepticism is based on the front-runner status (if polls can be believed) of Status Quo Joe Biden.

If he’s the nominee, the no-shows, as in 2016, will outnumber the voters, giving us another 4 years of nihilistic narcissism, and Brand D “leadership” will blame everybody but themselves; privately, however, they’ll congratulate themselves for keeping their friends in the donor class safe from the dreaded “socialist” Bernie Sanders and his ravening hordes of swarthy welfare bums.

Has there ever been a time in this country’s history when a third party was more desperately needed?


The ’ Ugly American ’ rides again.

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“Behold the man who conceived a great desire to be king of the Romans and master of the entire world, and accomplished this. Whoever says that this desire was honourable is a madman, since he approves of the death of the laws and liberty, and considers their hideous and repulsive suppression glorious.

—Cicero, On Duties 3.83

It looks like he’s describing Emperor Trumpicus Bonespuricus.


You’re absolutely right. Schumer, for one, is perfectly happy with Trump in the White House. Trump moved the embassy, which Schumer wanted and didn’t get from other Presidents. Schumer fast-tracked confirmation of dozens of Trump’s judicial nominees. Schumer welcomes Manchin into the D caucus despite Manchin’s pro-Trump voting record. The rest of the caucus just goes along.
Democrats do not want to win, and if they did, they would screw up like Obama did in his first two years so that the Reps could return to power.
When was the last time that the Dems did something for the people? Medicare, 1965.


The no-shows didn’t outnumber the registered voters who voted in 2016, though. About 54% of registered voters cast ballots. So your premise is wrong.
And, even Nader & Chomsky said HRC would of been much better than any alternatives, including the Libertarian and GP candidates.
Mr. Acheson’s column deserves a more nuanced and accurate critique than the bogus one you offer here. It’s right up there with Trump’s " fake news " pronouncements, actually.

What should we do? How about if Pelosi hands him a bullhorn? That’l stop it. Sure it will…

That’s just speculation about a hypothetical, and not worth the paper it’s not written on.

That means that 46% were no-shows, which means that “None of the Above” beat both Rottenhams, with about 27.5%, and Twump, with about 26.5%. Nothing fake about it.


'Nader…said… HRC… ’

That’s interesting. Source?

In Oregon’s automatic voter registration schema, about 10% of folks decline the option to register. And, we get 70% turnout, often times. So, 70-54 =s 16% over-participation minus 46%-16% =s 30% minus 10% who refuse to even register=s 20% of your dressed up premise. Less than both main contestants actually received in 2016.
Which is still b.s. because you’re intent wasn’t to enlighten but to gaslight and, staying on the light side, to bring more heat than sun to Mr. Acheson’s points. Your slip showed, here. Maybe a dress rehearsal is in order.

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I don’t link for the same reason that badgers don’t live in trees, but they can climb some of them.
All I really know is that it takes a mighty big dog to weigh a 100 pounds.

Your Nader premise is wrong. Hillary didn’t win. So how the hell could she have been better?


Not sure what your definition of winning is. Trump’s kind, possibly?
3 million less votes? Using racially biased, caprious local laws and nullification of legal provincial ballots? Moving voting sights in minority neighborhoods with little formal notice?
Etc, Etc, Etc,…Sooooo American, arent we?
Are you now on their team, too

Hi bhglennie:
The corporate dems are bad enough, but I really wonder about all these voting machines that are privately owned. They are very suspicious to me— and the next neo America president might be like Sparta taking over the Athenians---- : (


Wait, you’re leaving out Russia.

The saddest thing is that, if Trump loses, the Dems (lead by the corporate machine) will find themselves vindicated and will not deviate from their playbook one iota. They have not learned a thing from 2016. And that is our ruin.


— If they push THEIR agenda on the party and the nation, they will, as in 2016, be acting as TRAITORS … to the nation, to real democracy.

Effectively, THEY, as close friends of banks & big business, have become … our ENEMIES. Not at all funny, but true.

Russiagate is a non-starter. You need to read Consotium News on this Deep State false flag, etc., etc.
May I suggest less reading (into) of Better Homes & Gardens and more reading (into) of Propaganda For Dummies by Professor Irwin Corey.