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Trump's Administration Poised to Be Wealthiest in Modern US History

Trump's Administration Poised to Be Wealthiest in Modern US History

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Despite his populist appeals, President-elect Donald Trump is putting together the wealthiest administration in modern U.S. history, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Hmmm… first lesson: Trump defines “the establishment” as a place; a geographical political residence (he will soon inhabit) as opposed to being the locus for the extreme wealth, which has since Citizens United diddled the puppet strings on those inhabitants of said swamp, and the floodgates of which he is now opening.

This is an ‘establishment’ that has only begun to see the writing on the wall and it is working hard to take the language that is appearing before them to steal the memes. What’s worse, its accustomed to doing one of two things when faced with public recognition of its ‘plausible (sic) deniability’: sleight of hand vanishing act; false flags; scapegoating; accusing opponents of precisely its own practices.

Maintain integrity, love community and engage, explore and support coops, take the time to love and imagine.


I dont think anyone expected this to turn out any different…except the poor saps that voted for him. But one way or another, this aint over yet. He has 8 years to destroy the people that voted for him and for the rest of us to say, ‘for shame, for shame’. Ill make a bet that he will be compared to Reagan in the next two years. Through deregulation and corporitism, he will be most admired.


Government + business = fascism


If you haven’t read Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile by Paul Manning, give it a look see.


“Anticipating the defeat of the Third Reich, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information. An organizational genius and the real power behind Hitler, Bormann, known as the “Brown Eminence”, successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a “Reich in Exile” in the years following the war. With remnants of the SS as an enforcement arm, former Gestapo chief General Heinrich Mueller as security director, the 750 corporations as a base of economic power and the willing silence and cooperation of the Western Allies, Bormann guided his organization to a position of consummate power.”


True, America has always been an inverted totalitarian regime and covertly fascist, but now with Trump and his plutocratic, neo fascist cabinet it is now overtly fascist.


That’s OK. The orange monster will probably get this country blown off the face of the map anyway, so in the final analysis, it probably won’t really matter much. The dead are always equally dead…

You would think that Trump would appoint people from his “world.” What did everyone expect, the Swarthmore faculty? Even insiders run as outsiders. Trump could even be considered a “Beltway” insider given that fact that he has given large sums of money to Washington politicians to try to get favorable legislation. And he is certainly a financial world insider being the “King of Debt.” But Trump knew there are millions of suckers in the US who would fall for his populism rhetoric. Anyone in big business knows about all the suckers out there. And certainly a clue to what Trump is really about is that he ran as a Republican rather than a Democrat even though he used to claim he was a Democrat and had given money to Democrats as late as the 2008 election. Who protects business better than Republicans? Who tries to reduce tax rates for the rich better than Republicans? Who attempts to get rid of regulations on business better than Republicans? The bottom line is that when people voted for Trump they voted for a Republican and got one. Maybe they should not have any gripes about the rich people that Trump appoints after all.

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The only metric by which Trump could ever be considered an outsider is that he never held elected office, a superficial metric indeed, but wholly suited to an electorate that disdains facts and is addicted to soundbites.

Beyond that, among 2016 primary candidates in all parties, only the Clintons had as deep roots as Trump in the establishment.

Tommy Douglas’ Mouseland speech, (1944) hit the nail on the head and nothing has changed after all this time.

Swarthmore faculty…LMAO! This is one spectacular comment and I thank you!:joy:

Articles such as this one are starting to frustrate me. Trump has never shown us anything but sleaze, because that’s all he knows and that’s what he is. So he is making sleazy appointments, because birds of a feather flock together. Only a real backwoods rube with zero education would have thought otherwise. The fact that the orange mango has really scraped the bottom of the barrel is a little startling. I told my husband that in my opinion, he is dismantling the government, by appointing people whose sole purpose is to destroy the agencies they have put in charge of. We might have Trump for more than 8 years if he turns it into a totalitarian regime.

And T-dump promised to work for the “disaffected middle class” and displaced workers…AHHHAHHHAHHAHHHAAAHHHAAA. Yet another gargantuan lie by the megalomaniac, which he used to prey on the ignorant masses that are his supporters. T-dump “promises” (better termed “prevarications”) will create an apocalypse that the “disaffected” (and those of us deeply opposed to T-dump, sad to say) will suffer. Meanwhile, the robber barons, thieves, and diabolical band of T-dump loyalists laugh all the way to the bank, Bahamas, St. Barth’s and Davos, Switzerland without looking back.

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Looks like that swamp is turning into a playbox for billionaires and soon to be billionaires.


Plutocrats working to enrich all the people? I’m not sure that’s possible. However, Nader wrote “Only the Superrich Can Help Us”. Hope springs eternal…

Thanks much, lindaann, I’ll buy it and read it ASAP. I will be very interested for the points you raise, and also to see if Bormann had any ‘organizational input’ on the Nazi Empire’s setting-up of the Vichy facade government in France.

DAA, I love your referenced name to Morris Berman’s works. BTW, I also love Berman’s very accurate and pointed subtitle of DAA, “The Final Phase of Empire”.

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oldgoat, accurate assessment and great advice for the American people to engage/confront only ‘peacefully’ and to “Imagine” a better alternative.

BTW, this is my comment to the NYT’s story on the same subject of Trump’s deceit regarding his phony populism and “the establishment”:

"Trump has assembled the most entrenched, elitist, sociopathic, cabinet of crony capitalist looters in the history of American presidencies — and all this from the supposedly anti-establishment populist, who was going to “Drain the Swamp” (which, BTW was a phrase, according to Andrew Bacevich, used by the two decade long greater Middle East war-starter, imperialist, and massive liar of WMDs, Paul Wolfowitz).

Yes, Trump (like Clinton, also would have been) is a fitting faux-Emperor/president of this glittering disco “Monster’s Ball” of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire merely ‘posing’ as our former country."

Times’ article in full:

You might find this interesting: The Hands of Donald Trump

An anthropological assessment of the theater and semiotics of Trump phenomenon - an absolute hoot to be able to stand back with finger exercises that pull back some of the veils draped over the gestures of the oligarch’s oligarch

Like your post. Maintain integrity of course and also support the real values not consummersim