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Trump's Advisers Want to Privatize Native Lands for Big Energy: Reuters

Trump's Advisers Want to Privatize Native Lands for Big Energy: Reuters

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's advisers are aiming to privatize Native American reservations that contain about a fifth of the nation's oil and gas, Reuters reports.


Privatization has been a concept that the colonists have been “trying to teach” natives this whole time. Here’s some history: When the Cherokee were rounded up and sent on the Trail of Tears, only the Cherokee who were living communally on communal land were rounded up. The Cherokee who lived on land that they had land deeds with the State Gov’ts weren’t rounded up (on the most part anyway). Also, one of the reasons natives out in the plains were rounded up and put on reservations is because the people couldn’t be taxed living the way they were. The colonial gov’t was afraid that white settlers would go out west and start living like natives and there’d go all that potential tax revenue. No, the colonial gov’t figured it was better to force people to stop living communally and anchor them down on “private property” that way they can be taxed. If you really want to reduce your taxes, return to a communal way of life. (I might be poking fun with that last bit or I might not be) So, Trump wants to continue this long drive to privatize native land? What’s new?


“We should take tribal land away from public treatment. As long as we can do it without unintended consequences.” !?

OMG! How does one take away native sovereign land for fossil fuel extraction WITHOUT unintended consequences?! These guys must be smoking something if they expect us to actually believe that!


Up here in Canada when Stephen Harper was PM , Mr Harper proposed all Reservations be privatized .

He claimed if title transferred to the individual rather than held in Common by the tribe, poverty would be eliminated,

This was an attempt to gain control of said lands by those with deeper pockets and nothing more and was the way the US Government broke up lands held by the First Nations peoples in the USA.

In a letter to a friend Thomas Jefferson boasted as to how this would work. The newly made private landowner would be encouraged to seek bank loans so as to improve his land with that land used as Collateral. The bank could then seize that land if a payment late.

It would also make it easier to sieze lands under eminent domain in order to build pipelines across them.

It a form of theft, nothing more.


Wall Street trembles in fear of the Trump! Remember that one?


Their intents are Bannonesque, are an inherent declaration of war. They are reacting to the Corps’ decision, playing to their nutcase base.


This A-s actually owns millions of dollars in shares of this company- conflict of interest-hello?

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Thank you, and it’s been going on for over one hundred years.

Public or “private” it belongs to nature. Mr. Tiny Hands wouldn’t know nature if he stepped in dirt.


What a great way for those predatory monsters to start a civil war. They would be violating the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings, in order to line their pockets. From nativeamericancaucus.org: Constitutional Law and Legal Precedent
Over the last two centuries, a unique relationship has been maintained between Indian tribes and the federal government. This relationship was defined in an 1832 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. In Worcester v. Georgia, the court ruled that Indian tribes are “distinct political communities, retaining their original rights as the undisputed possessors of the soil from time immemorial…the very term nation, so generally applied to them, means a people distinct from others, having territorial boundaries, within which their authority is exclusive, and having a right to all the lands within those boundaries, which is not only acknowledged but guaranteed by the United States.”

In fact, the U.S. Constitution specifically recognizes Indian tribes as distinct governments, along with foreign nations and the several states. Since the early 1800’s, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the principle that tribes did not lose their sovereign powers by becoming subject to the power of the federal government.


Unfortunately trampling on the rights and agreements of the Native Americans is just par for the course of American history.


I’m sorry. I don’t know what your statements mean.

No laws, no government coming to save us from complete control by the corporations. People power is the answer to all of their maniacal musings, and we will be there. They should take a hard look at DAPL and understand there are millions to deal with when you start deconstructing the constitution.
When they come to steal they may find a different response than they did in the 1800’s.


It looks like time to show them the power of the Native Americans has spread to million across this country. We will not let them sell all of America. The pigs know the price of everything and the value of nothing.


You left out the “forced marches” that were intended to decimate the Native American populations one painful step at a time, Cherokee included. Many of the Cherokee that managed to stay on their “deeded” land were attacked and killed by white settlers who also stole their livestock and burned down their houses and barns, knocked down their fences and otherwise did all they could to rid the area of the Cherokee. The Seminole also were herded/killed and their lands usurped. The Nez Perce also suffered under the boot of the cavalry in the NW and the Apache in the SW.

It was not only about taxes…that was only ancillary at best.


Might I suggest a reading of “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” by Dee Brown for a more accurate understanding of Native American history?

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Will not happen!

How i hope you’re right. This land confiscation mentality has nearly wiped out the indigenous. It’s almost unbelievable on how the evil bastards cant2 be sated.

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Unfrelling believable! The hideous evil, corruption and contempt for nearly everything and everyone from this POS, his Cabinet from Hell, and corporate “advisers” just keeps getting worse - and the MoFo hasn’t even been inaugurated yet…there have always been those willing to betray their own people for personal gain…

In the latest documentary, Before the Flood, it was stated that politicians must serve the consensus of the population or risk expulsion and/or revolution.

One of the few ‘lawful’ things that can be done at this precipitous moment in time–because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater–is to flood @realDonaldTrump with your voices.

Spread the word to all your contacts in your social media, and don’t ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe. At any rate, it could be more effective than ranting at each other in these commentaries.

Latest suggested sample sent today:

@realDonaldTrump Pres. Elect. Trump. Please don’t deregulate drilling on tribal lands! Solar & wind are better for energy, jobs, and economy

Please join in, and we will be heard. Better to try than sit idly by.