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Trump's America and the Dismal Tide


Trump's America and the Dismal Tide

Nick Turse

“So is he going to win?”

The question washed over me as I slumped in my hard plastic chair. I had passed the day walking through a town where most homes lay in ruins and human remains were strewn across a field, a day spent looking over my shoulder for soldiers and melting in the 110-degree heat. My mind was as spent as my body.


Thank you Nick, for your coverage, in-person, of the lands our military and its leaders, with our taxes, have ravaged and broken. I wondered when someone would say that Ms. Clinton’s war -making might have been checked with this election; but then, of course, one must state that the winner is a dangerous choice to lead us. Lots of chickens are coming home to roost just now, and the future is so dark and unknown. I’m glad though, that you communicated this necessary perspective.


Wonderful piece. We have a big project. It’s nice to see some perspective.


Great article! We await…


The rise of Militarism in the Western world continues unabated. The Military is to permeate all of our lives and is working to shape our perceptions as to what occurs at home and abroad from birth,

This speaks to a CURRENT conference sponosred by the Thales group and attended by the representatives of a number of Countries across the Western World. They discuss strategies that can be used by said nations to “Militarize” Social media itself with forums such as this seen as national Security threats.


"…The high-water mark of the American experiment may well have already been reached. Looking out from this city on a hill, it may soon be possible to glimpse the spot where the wave crested, before it ebbed and headed back out to sea. So much that was fought for with such bravery may be swept away in the dismal tide and drowned in the depths.

Or perhaps not.

What was dragged under may struggle to the surface. Castaways clinging to a lifeboat in the tempest may, one day, find themselves aboard a sea-splitting ship – its sails full, its many-hued flags flying, its decks teeming; its crew poised to thunder ashore, securing a new American beachhead.

We simply cannot know…"

… Man, that’s just beautiful writing… Thanks…

… Let the struggle to the surface begin…


Outstanding writing by Nick Turse. Vivid and spell-binding. Can’t wait for the book or a film !


I share Nick’s attitude, which I hope is reflected in my short comments here on CD these last few days. It’s just too soon to know what will happen, and it’s only fair that we wait and see where Trump is taking the country. All this anti-Trump propaganda, started after Sanders gave up his candidacy, has been so one-sided that I’ve no choice but to tune out the din. Trump is dangerous partly because we simply don’t know what he’s going to do. But, given this nation’s imperialistic history …