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Trump's America Now Ranks Among Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries for Women in the World


Trump's America Now Ranks Among Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries for Women in the World

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the #MeToo movement continues to expose the sexually abusive, exploitative, and violent behavior of men in positions of political and corporate power in America, a new report published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Tuesday found that the United States is among


After the age of 7 I was raised by a single parent, my mother. Every male should be raised this way. You learn respect from the get-go.


(meant as general comment)

Was this question even posed under Obama or Bush?

We are to believe things were so drastically different then? would be nice to this backed by actual data instead of just Liberal opinion.

Most of South America and the Middle East is much worse than the U.S. in terms of sexual violence. My parents are Bolivian. They think this is quite an exaggeration.

I don’t like Trump but come.


“Unsurprising in a country that elected an alleged sexual abuser to its highest office” quoted Twitter

I wish people would stop calling Trump elected. The election was freakin’ stolen AGAIN – is that now normal for us so it’s not worth mentioning all the election fraud that occurred?! He wasn’t elected, he was appointed by the old white billionaires.


It is always best to go to the source before drinking from the stream. I suggest you go here for further information.

The report…


This rather surprising summary by Reuters is just indicative of how women are treated here in the USA. I know that many rapes go unreported because of the shame involved in going public and low incidence of convictions by trial. Universities and the military keep this dirty secret from getting out in public discourse. Neither organization will publish rape statistics. They keep it buried. A lot of schools will expel a female that accuses a star athlete of sexual misconduct. They protect their star at all costs. Which just makes it OK for these predators to continue their evil ways. I’m sure there are other states worse than the US, besides the ones in the report but by no means lets the US off the hook. There are 800,000 unprocessed rape kits here in the US with no funding to get them processed in an expedient fashion. There is however plenty of funding to launch missiles and bombs daily to the tune of aprox $100 million. Go figure. The govt spends money murdering women and children elsewhere but won’t spend money to protect them here.


Hate to break it to you but Reuters is as mainstream as you can get. And they are citing the same survey.

Need to better. I’d love to wish away all our problems by “Trump did it”, but that doesn’t help anybody.


Third world here we come. If things continue in this country the way they have been going for the past 40 yrs, we’re gonna look like Chile or Guatemala in 10 yrs. Look at our roads, airports, rail transport (infrastructure), our education system, our measly social welfare programs, anti-union laws etc etc, And now it looks like we will get another reactionary Supreme court justice on top of all that. You know that 1933 Germany had courts and Judges as does Russia, so much for the “rule of law”.


I can imagine how all those women “asylum seekers” will feel when they find out. They left Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua and whatever and ended up in the US, one of the worst places to be for a woman.


Hate to say it but women here in the US are too divided on issues. Further, because of so much competitiveness in an overly capitalistic work environment, women here do not stick together…but instead backstab and try to one up one another. Then there’s abortion. In most other westernized countries abortion is legal, and NOT debated like it is here, and that divides women. Also, their lifestyle choices…many women have children and criticize and judge those who don’t or who take a different path.

So we reached this point in time because we allowed to happen. I will blame all of us if Roe v Wade is overturned by a mostly old white male Supreme Court…we allowed this to happen by being divided ourselves. We should have known better.

And until we end patriarchy and misogyny, …then the old attitudes men who abuse have towards women who they perceive to be inferior will continue to on. This country is so backwards…and it needs to change…we need to move into the 21st Century with the rest of the westernized world…or we are toast.


If Trump is allowed to place yet another anti-Roe SCOTUS shill, this is what we will see in Amerika: