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Trump's Anti-Climate Budget Would Be Disaster for Combating Future Disasters


Trump's Anti-Climate Budget Would Be Disaster for Combating Future Disasters

Julia Conley, staff writer

With much of the Caribbean devastated by Hurricane Irma's 185 mile-per-hour winds and 20-foot storm surges, South Florida anticipating similar destruction as the Category 4 storm approaches for a direct hit, and the Houston area beginning a recovery from Hurricane Harvey which is expected


Perhaps he will have a change of ??? (he has no heart and no mind) when his precious Mal-y-Loco is leveled and washed out to sea…one can only hope.


Great. Now every storm in the future will be like Katrina with little to no response from FEMA. You’re on you’re own folks.
“long term recovery could suffer under Trump as well”
There will be almost no recovery without FEMA. What the rest of the country doesn’t understand is when we have a catastrophic event like this storm, the insurance company’s bail on you. It’s happened twice that I know about, they refuse to pay on their policies, knowing that when you take them to court their lawyers will beat up you’re lawyer.


Dear Florida and Texas evangelicals:

Why are you making me do this? For a generation, I’ve been using the brains of virtually every scientist on my planet to wake you up to your total disregard for my creation. Why haven’t you listened? Mainstream churches have? The Catholics and the Jews have? Rational human beings have? Why have you listened to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones and Donald Trump – people I gave you to show how ridiculous “leaders” can be – instead of all the data I provided for almost 30 years? I couldn’t have made them more cartoonish if I tried – and I did.

How could you take those clowns literally? Satan is laughing at me, overjoyed that my plan backfired.

After the Offender-of-the-Facts Trump had done almost everything I (and I thought you) could stand, I even had him tell you that Second Corinthians was “Two Corinthians.” Should I have had him mispronounce Corinthians, too?

How are you missing my communications?.

It’s been forever since I used a great flood. But last week, and this, are my final hints. Please, please, don’t make me do the total again. Noah refuses to return because he’s terrified he’ll haunt Joel Osteen for not letting the scared, the hungry and the thirsty onto his gold carpet. Noah indeed refers to Joel “The Good Scamarian” Osteen which gives me such a chuckle I couldn’t bear forcing him your way.

By the way, pass this note on for me, would you? To South and North Carolina evangelicals, and to those on the West Coast and in Montana and Utah where I’m trying an alternative approach and giving them a taste of their futures if they don’t stop destroying my creation.

The bottom line: Judgment Day is here. Stand up for my good green Earth. I will not have any more of your climate change and I’ll do what I must.



It is a very ironic situation that our first openly climate change denier president has so many expensive properties in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Trump’s real estate right in the path of Hurricane Irma


I with our Fake President had chosen to ride out Hurricane Irma at Mar-a-Lago - preferably with his head in the sand, where he has had it all these years. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL IN IT IS DESTROYING CITIES AND KILLING AMERICANS. Wake up, you idiot!


Climate deniers should probably stock up on flotation devices. The tragedy is that we are all in this mess together. Why can’t old mother nature just punish the guilty? I didn’t vote for Trump, why should I drown?


Translation …

“We don’t give a fig – and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Saw a poll today on whether Trump should be impeached and I’m wondering if
Mother Nature might actually do the job for us.


Trump is the dumbest person in history to reside in our Whitehouse. If we want to survive just into the next century he must be removed along with all our elected and appointed officials who have their heads up their asses about climate change. Clean house NOW.